Christmas would you_rather


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Christmas would you_rather

  1. 1. Share a Christmas moment from this yearTell us what you like most about the Christmas seasonTell us about a Christmas activity you did, or participated in this yearHow did you celebrate Christmas as a young child?Tell is about a favorite Christmas memory.If you were traveling somewhere for the Christmas holiday, where would you choose to go?What is your favorite Christmas tradition?If money was of no concern, what gift would you most like to receive?If money was of no concern, what gift would you most like to give?What helps you to get in the Christmas mood?What does a perfect Christmas day look like?Would you rather: loudly sing the chorus of Jingle Bells every time you walk into a room for a week or have to wear a Santa suit to school/work every day for a weekWould you rather: make presents for your family instead of buying them or make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying themWould you rather: not celebrate Christmas this year or not celebrate your birthday this yearWould you rather: have Frosty the Snowman for a friend or Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a friendWould you rather: have Christmas tree tinsel for hair or have fingernails that light up like Christmas lightsWould you rather: be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents or go to Disney World for Christmas but not get any presents Would you rather: eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk or eat a candy cane sandwichWould you rather: only eat fruitcake for two days only eat candy canes for two daysWould you rather: have a nose that glows red like Rudolf's or have pointy ears like an elfWould you rather: visit the north pole or visit BethlehemWould you rather: receive socks for Christmas or receive a dictionary for ChristmasWould you rather: be given $1000 for Christmas to buy things for yourself or be given $1000 to buy gifts for other peopleWould you rather: get many small presents for Christmas or get one big present for ChristmasWould you rather: have a job wrapping presents at the mall or have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa's lap at the mallWould you rather: be one of Santa's elves or be one of Santa's reindeerWould you rather: see the Nutcracker or dance in the NutcrackerWould you rather see snow on Christmas or the beach?Would you rather ride in a one horse sleigh or a bobsled?Would you rather open your presents up on Christmas morning at Disney World or in Hawaii?Would you rather have apple pie or cherry pie on Christmas?Would you rather be a wise man or a shepherd?Would you rather open presents one by one or all at once?Would you rather have a snowy Christmas or a warm Christmas?Would you rather open your presents Christmas morning, or Midnight of Christmas EveWould you rather meet the ghost of Christmas past, present or future?Would you rather spend Christmas at a penthouse in the city or at a cottage in the country?If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?If someone wanted to give you a $100 gift certificate for Christmas, what store would you want it to be from?Given the choice, would you rather host people at your place for Christmas or spend the holiday at someone else's home?Do you prefer blinking or non-blinking lights on a Christmas tree?Gloves or mittens?It's a wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol?Sledding, skiing, or snowboarding?What is your favorite Christmas movie moment?What famous person would you most like to encounter under the mistletoe?Would you rather be a partridge in a pear tree or a lord a-leaping.<br />