Why W&M: The Class of 2015


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The Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 shares why they chose the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary to continue their business education. http://mason.wm.edu

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Why W&M: The Class of 2015

  1. 1. As the second oldest school in the US, William and Mary educated some of the country's founding fathers. Its long history has distinguished itself from others. Its reputation is world wide. …To be surrounded by such an elite group is a privilege that I can take full advantage of. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Wenjuan Pang China by way of Muscat, Oman
  2. 2. The Mason School's real word approach to teaching business will give me the tools I need to take the next step in my career. The enthusiasm and sense of community that the staff, faculty, students and Executive Partners create make this a truly special program. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Mike Kuchler Alexandria, VA
  3. 3. I chose the William & Mary Mason School of Business MBA Program because of its high caliber professors and unique Executive Partner program as well as its proximity to my family and friends. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Scott Stallings Yorktown, VA
  4. 4. The Mason MBA program has a reputation for offering an excellent program in business. I am also impressed with friendly and helpful faculty and alumni. Moreover, when I attended the MBA fair, I could imagine how the school’s environment and my life would be from them. I am honored to be part of the WM family. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Thippayasukon Peace Lertpulsub Nonthaburi, Thailand
  5. 5. I chose William and Mary because of its beautiful green color, profound historic significance and the enthusiastic people! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Hsiang-Yun Irene Su New Taipei City, Taiwan
  6. 6. Mason has everything that I was looking for: great faculty, reputable program, competitive - yet not cutthroat - friendly staff and genuine support. Mason is clearly an institution that will help me succeed in the future. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Chanet Chatchawalchokchai Thailand by way of Atlanta, GA
  7. 7. I chose the College of William & Mary not only for the fine academics and educational standards but for the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of those great men who helped build our nation. They may have lived long ago, but the morals and standards they embodied live on within these walls and can only inspire those who listen. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Mark Porter Darien, CT
  8. 8. Mason School of Business is the best place for me to pursue my MBA. Its unique programs, abundant resources and good location are a good fit to prepare me to explore my future career. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Man Hsuan Karen Lee Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
  9. 9. I chose William & Mary due to its excellent line of faculties in the field of finance. It is one of the best institutions for MBA in Finance and Consulting. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Amit Mishra Hyderabad, India
  10. 10. Since the very first time I worked with Admissions, especially Amanda, I felt I was already a Mason family member. The practical approach of the program was what drew me in: the CAMs, Executive Partners, the Field Consultancy project. I was also very impressed by the professors at Mason being ranked as 5th best in entire USA by Princeton Review. I am proud to be part of the program and hope I am able to make Mason proud of me. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Ryan Saldhana Mumbai, India
  11. 11. I chose William and Mary because of its historic reputation and the low cost of living (especially compared to NYC!), and Mason for the small, tight-knit community and the resources available to future social entrepreneurs. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Chloe Chapman New York, NY
  12. 12. My reasons for joining W&M include the Executive Partners, Leadership Development Experience, CAMs, Field Consultancy Projects, Juntos, and CareerPrep, but the important deciding factors were world class 'A+' faculty and Amanda for the way the admission process was conducted. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Pallavi Herekar India by way of Ashburn, VA
  13. 13. I chose William & Mary because of its diverse student body and commitment to thought leadership in an increasingly complex global economy. Additionally, William & Mary’s focus on social responsibility in the marketplace matched the well- rounded business school experience I was seeking. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Kyle Engelken Falls Church, VA
  14. 14. I chose W&M for the opportunity to work with a great team of Professors and colleagues to gain leadership and international experience in a community that prizes sustainability! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Melissa Lyden Leesburg, VA
  15. 15. I chose William and Mary and the Mason School of Business for my MBA because of the unique opportunity to engage with the Executive Partners network, and it's vast knowledge base and experience. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Nate Hembroff-Formsma Vail, CO
  16. 16. In order to let students digest various business theories instructed by faculty, Mason school also designs an innovative business instruction model, CAM, under which business partners with hands on experience play a primary part in directing students on how to grasp soft skills, exert business model in pragmatic manner and cultivate sensitiveness toward economic data. Most strikingly the school takes care for students so meticulously that it even carries both field consultancy and one-on-one guidance provided by 100 senior business executives to strengthen the quality of CAM. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Weijun Jin Shanghai, China
  17. 17. W&M's best of the class faculty, diverse class mates and course structure motivated me to select W&M. It's focus on service, student organizations and tradition made my decision even more easy. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Sonali Haldar Bangalore, India
  18. 18. An MBA from W&M is the next logical step towards achieving my professional goals because it builds upon my education and skills to make me truly marketable. My short-term goals are working for an international business in a management position of influence and responsibility. My long-term goals are creating my own company or non-profit organization in the Middle East. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Cameron Nelson Bluffdale, UT
  19. 19. I chose William & Mary because of its long-standing commitment to academic excellence and virtue. From the classroom to a career, I believe the Mason School will enable me with the tools I need to achieve success in all my future endeavors. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Jessica Percic Williamsburg, VA
  20. 20. Life in Williamsburg will lead me to achieve in my career. World-class faculty members, well-versed executive partners, kind admissions members, wonderful students and alumni, and the innovative programs of Mason will enhance my education and allow me to build wide relationships. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Shin Funaki Kobe, Japan
  21. 21. I chose W&M because of its emphasis on quality education. With first-rate faculty, a uniquely designed curriculum, and an incredibly diverse student population, it was not only clear to me that "Mason meant Business," but also that W&M truly does care about each student's personal success. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Laura Ladd Charleston, SC
  22. 22. The caliber of the William & Mary MBA program and the Executive Partners network were definitely major factors in my decision. What truly sold me was the school culture, diversity of students and engagement of the faculty, staff, and graduates of the program. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Mia Hall Chesapeake, VA
  23. 23. I was looking for an MBA program that was more than just a list of classes you need to take in order to graduate. I wanted more than just the classroom experience. I wanted a school that would give me CareerPREP homework in the middle of the summer, even before I begin taking classes. At the Mason School of Business, I will receive an experience that will mold me into more of a business professional than an academic bookworm. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Brad Sill Norfolk, VA
  24. 24. A strong emphasis on case-study based learning, a wide global alumni network, individualized coaching on Leadership and Executive Partners Network are factors that instantly attracted me to W&M! I love the double-advantage of personalized learning experience that Mason in particular promises and the diverse exposure that William & Mary in general offers Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Vivek Patil Bangalore, India
  25. 25. W&M is a prestigious-and-historical school in America for hundreds years. And she is named “the mother of the USA.” In Williamsburg and campus, I can learn more traditional American culture, American thinking method and American spirit that are the most important things I want to learn abroad. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Lin Xu Shen Zhen, China
  26. 26. There are so many great opportunities to learn global leadership skills at Mason through LDE, Executive Partners and the Field Consultancy Program so that I will be able to strengthen my global leadership skills. In addition, I met fabulous admissions team, the professors, and the alumni in person and was definitely convinced that Mason school is an ideal environment for learning. I can’t find the reason why one wouldn’t chose William & Mary! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Yusuke Takahashi Tokyo, Japan
  27. 27. Top Education + Broad Business Perspective + Real Estate Concentration + LEED Gold Certified Miller Hall+ Historic City = A perfect business school called Mason I can find nowhere else! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Xu Vina Li Hong Kong
  28. 28. I initially chose to study at William and Mary because of its unique blend of historical legacy, challenging academics, and campus culture. My decision was finalized after my first campus visit where I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the admissions team and the professionalism of the Mason School of Business. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Caleb Newton Raleigh, NC
  29. 29. I am excited to return to my alma mater to pursue an MBA. I chose W&M due to the program’s emphasis on leadership development, the accessible Executive Partner network and the rigorous curriculum focusing on the complexities of business within the global market. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Kimberly Deal Glen Allen, VA
  30. 30. I chose William and Mary because of the close-knit network, excellent teaching quality and Virginia life in rhythm with distinct seasons. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Satoshi Nagashima Kanagawa, Japan
  31. 31. Mason School of Business has strong professors and students, so I can enhance my ability and grow business and leadership skills. Also, I like this friendly atmosphere and this campus. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Kaisei Umeno Tokyo, Japan
  32. 32. Ever since I first met the Mason School of Business, I knew Williamsburg would be my new home. I am proud to pursue my graduate degree in one of the most prestigious research institution in North America. I feel truly honored in being part of "the Alma Mater of a Nation” Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Mariana Navarrete Mexico City, Mexico
  33. 33. I chose William & Mary for the close-knit community, the warm-hearted Executive Partners and the prestigious faculty. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Chuanru Pan Guangzhou, China
  34. 34. W&M is different, but this is good. It values self-respect and responsibility and other things which I value too. I’m sure I can make great progress after my MBA study. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Vicky Qingqing Li Beijing, China
  35. 35. I chose William and Mary because I wanted to be at a place where the quality of the education was matched by the quality of the community. Also, I love Busch Gardens. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Saleh Karaman Vienna, VA
  36. 36. When I started searching for business schools for my MBA the only major factor that I was looking at was their rankings, but when I read about W&M and I spoke with the admissions team, I realized that this is the college that I want to attend. It was just like home away from home and my decision was made. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Akshit Kapoor New Delhi, India
  37. 37. I came to find William & Mary because of its outstanding academic reputation and its beautiful location. I came to choose William & Mary because of the wonderful people I met here and the freedom the school gave me to explore and pursue my career path. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Chris Capurso Potsdam, NY
  38. 38. I grew up in a town of 2,000 people. The sense of community I felt during my visit to William & Mary made me feel at home, and I knew then that it was the right school for me. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Corey Nolen Richmond, VA
  39. 39. I chose MBA at WM because of top-rated faculty, faculty-to-student ratio and Executive partner program at WM. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Rohit Grover Guangzhou, China
  40. 40. The curriculum of the Mason School of Business is structured around a carefully coordinated, integrated set of choices and experiences that are central to my vision. The diversity in both the faculty and the MBA class provides the much-needed interactive environment that will enable me to adapt and apply my knowledge to work in different countries with different economies. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Godwin Ataman Nigeria by way of Newark, DE
  41. 41. I chose to attend the Mason School of Business because of the unique opportunity to learn directly from the Executive Partners. This asset provided to the students was unlike anything I had encountered during my MBA program search and made The Mason School of Business' MBA my top-desired program. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Jonathan Davis Newport News, VA
  42. 42. Outstanding professors, diverse peers, green campus, EP program, relevant curriculum and the opportunity to learn Operations with US DoD were the reasons I applied to W&M. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Ayon De New Delhi, India
  43. 43. Besides the obvious reasons like the impressive and helpful Executive Partners network and Field Consultancy program, I chose William and Mary because of the personal attention the MBA admissions team gave me even before I joined the Mason family. They gave me a feel of the kind of community I would join; one that is caring, understanding, patient and gets things done! An international student like me cannot ask for more! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Cynthia Kabiite Lutaaya Jinja, Uganda
  44. 44. I chose to study at William and Mary to challenge myself personally, professionally and academically, collaborate with the best and brightest from around the world, and to build a strong regional network with business leaders. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Michael Brooks Poquoson, VA
  45. 45. I chose W&M due to the excellent curriculum, the career coaching, and the executive partners program. Although many schools offer these things, the friendly atmosphere that I experienced when I attended Mason’s winter visit weekend convinced me that this is the place for me. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Dan Andersson Sweden by way of Gaithersburg, MD
  46. 46. I choose William & Mary not only for its focus on making a difference, but also for the invaluable opportunity it will provide to receive seasoned guidance from so many exceptional business executives and the passion and curiosity it will impart to me through the integrated approach to management and leadership. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Yuhan Guo Beijing, China
  47. 47. When I think of advancement in life, I think of opportunity and growth. When I think of the College of William and Mary, I think of diversity, change, knowledge, competence and prestige all rolled up in one synergistic sphere. I chose the College of William and Mary for one main reason, for the opportunity to build all the aforementioned so that I may grow as a person, a business woman and as a leader. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Tameka Rogers Columbia, SC
  48. 48. I chose W&M for the level of personal attention, Executive Partners, Juntos, world-class faculty, CareerPREP, and the William and Mary reputation for excellence - no other school can offer the opportunities and benefits that Mason delivers. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Shane Fuson Chesapeake, VA
  49. 49. Besides all the good points about WM MBA, I have more reasons that I think rarely appear in other MBA programs. The first reason is the very helpful admission team. The second is a friendly community. Its warm welcome makes my transition easier. In my opinion, as an international student, being surrounded by a good school community is quite important in order to be succeessful in my study. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Indri Puspita Sari Jakarta, Indonesia
  50. 50. The Mason School of Business’s strength lies in its unique focus of providing learning experience through a highly practical curriculum…I truly believe that being part of the William and Mary family I can be the best intellectual I would otherwise never have been. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Neha Mahajan New Delhi, India
  51. 51. I chose William & Mary for my MBA because I wanted a small program that focused on leadership development. I also chose the William & Mary because I felt like a part of the William & Mary family when I visited campus. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Veronica McGroarty Oviedo, FL
  52. 52. I was immediately impressed by the intimate and intensive curriculum at the Mason School of Business. The moment I decided I wanted to attend William & Mary was when I stepped into Alan B. Miller Hall and encountered the most welcoming people and the small school feel I had always wanted in a graduate school. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Colleen Thamm Manassas, VA
  53. 53. Entering Miller Hall for the first time was a bit daunting, but I chuckled at the sight of Pierre L'Enfant armed with a samurai sword and sumo wrestler wig. I really like how The Mason School encourages student diversity and unity through celebrations like Japan Night. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Thomas Barrett Clearwater, FL
  54. 54. I chose The College of William & Mary for my graduate studies because I think it gives me the best chance to succeed as a leader in business. I like the positive atmosphere as well as the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration here. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 James Misse Chapel Hill, NC
  55. 55. I chose William and Mary because of the mix of a small incoming class, and top-rated professors. That, along with a brand new business facility, will help me become a top contender in today's job market. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Nick Moshier Buffalo, NY
  56. 56. I've decided to attend William and Mary because of the welcoming atmosphere, the sense of community, the many opportunities for leadership, and the strength of the program. Plus Amanda can be very convincing! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Allison Roeser Newport Coast, CA
  57. 57. I Chose William and Mary to help me learn the skills and information to be as successful as I want to be in the business world. I also chose William and Mary to be able to provide for my family, who are my inspiration. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Jeromy Ivie Ogden, UT
  58. 58. I chose William and Mary in order to remain a part of the Tribe family. I received my undergraduate degree from the College and I want to continue my education at a world class institution. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Drake Kuhn Williamsburg, VA
  59. 59. Aside from the poetic beauty of the campus and the school itself, through my time learning about the school-- its focus on leadership and the dynamic, global interactions of today's business world, its preparation and partnership programs, the incredible community of students, staff and faculty-- I really began to feel the thing that set it apart from everywhere else I had been looking. This was something special but, what was more, this was where I belonged. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Ashley Ames Williamsburg, VA
  60. 60. I will readily admit to being a complete history nerd, and that I first became interested in William and Mary because Thomas Jefferson went there. But once I arrived on campus, I realized I would be among fantastic people and learning from some of the best professors in the country. And it's this unique blend of storied tradition with scholarship and collegiality that makes me so excited to be a part of Mason. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Kevin Meigs Williamsburg, VA
  61. 61. Having completed my undergraduate studies at W&M, it was an easy decision to choose to return to earn my MBA from the Mason School of Business. Being familiar with the small, personal class setting and top-notch faculty, I knew immediately after speaking with the MBA Admissions office that this program would be a terrific fit for me. As well, the Executive Partners Program is a fantastic concept that really stood out to me. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Jason Smith Williamsburg, VA
  62. 62. I chose William & Mary for its strong history, top-notch business program, and its proximity to the hottest colonial fashions. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Marshall Early Charlottesville, VA
  63. 63. The Mason School of Business combines the nationally renowned professors, dedicated, thorough curriculum, and outstanding reputation I was seeking while far outpacing other schools in a return on investment basis. The choice to matriculate into this talented class was practically made for me! Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Patrick Beaudoin Columbus, MS
  64. 64. For the price and quality of education, you can't beat William & Mary Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Brie Way Williamsburg, VA
  65. 65. I chose William & Mary because of the school’s unique ability to combine its rich history and tradition, with a curriculum that is both innovative and ambitious. The state of the art facilities and dedicated faculty made William & Mary the easy choice for pursuing my MBA. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Brendon Sampson Norfolk, VA
  66. 66. College of William & Mary is one of the oldest university with a long history in U.S. She has a very high reputation for its high-quality education and so many prominent schoolmates. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Xiangyu Song Shenzhen, China
  67. 67. I chose the Mason School of Business for its formidable academic reputation, top-ranked faculty and compelling return on investment. Also, the school's applied approach to learning and leadership development prepares graduates to overcome the challenges facing the business community from day one. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 David Fraim Norfolk, VA
  68. 68. William & Mary had all the factors I desired: strong academics, beautiful facilities, wonderful students, and most importantly the devotion to create future business leaders. I wanted a place that could bring the best out of individuals, and promote professional and social growth. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Alex Farrer Beaverton, OR
  69. 69. I chose the Mason School at William and Mary because of the enormous amount of resources it will put at our disposal to help us get the most out of the program. In particular, the advice we can get from our Executive Partners will be a great asset, and it helped sway my decision. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Jim Piller Lawrence, KS
  70. 70. I chose William & Mary because I would like to enhance my professionalism, focusing on corporate finance and entrepreneurship. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Chih-Hsien Chen New Taipei, Taiwan
  71. 71. William and Mary is a highly ranked military friendly school, ranked as one of the best schools for return on investment in the nation. What better place to achieve the goal of obtaining an MBA than from the top 20 percent of all colleges in the United States. William and Mary’s strong history and sound program speaks for itself. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Lamond Lacey Petersburg, VA
  72. 72. I have researched extensively on the net about W&M and read about the course content, school ranking, diverse student body, field consultancy program, EP program and community contributions. I was quite impressed with what I saw and it was perfectly matching with my aspirations, values & ethics. Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 Husain Al Malali A’Ali, Bahrain