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Robinson courage project8

  1. 1. Presentation by: Scotty Johnson MLK
  2. 2. Pepper St: When Jackie was 3 years old, his mother moved the whole family into an all white neighborhood. They were not welcomed by their white neighbors at all. Kids threw rocks at Jackie and a cross was burned on their front lawn. However, Jackie and his family weren’t intimidated. They were not going to move. Soon the neighborhood became racially mixed because of the Robinsons courage. Teenager : Jackie avoided serious trouble by not taking drugs and remembering his values. This is courageous because when your friends are all doing something, its hard to say no. He stood up to peer pressure. Jackie stayed true to what he believed in, sports!
  3. 3. Army Days : Jackie served in the army from 1942 to 1945. He was a morale officer. In those days blacks were forced to sit in the back of the bus (Jim Crow Law). However, because he was an officer/soldier this rule should not apply. One day, Jackie was taking a bus ride from the army base into town. The driver ordered him to sit in the back. Jackie didn’t respond. He was then arrested, but the charges were later dismissed. Jackie was courageous because he stood up against the Jim Crow Law. He was standing up for racial equality.
  4. 4. August 28, 1945 : Jackie took Branch Rickey’s offer to play for the MLB. Jackie was the first black person to ever do this. This is courageous because many white people didn’t like black people and thought they should be separate. Jackie got death threats against him and his family. However, he stood up to these threats and still played baseball. 1946 Season Opener : Jackie plays his first MLB game of his life. This is courageous because many white fans andd players didn’t know how to act because this had never happened before. Also, Jackie could get hit by pitches or get kicked with cleats when he slid from base to base. Jackie also put up with opposing players who would spit in his face. Jackie was risking his life for black equality.
  5. 5. 1947 Season : Late in the season, Jackie faced the Cincinnati Reds. The players on the other team kicked Jackie with their cleats and pitched a ball right at his head. They were hoping to start a fight. Jackie was courageous and held his anger. He never let people get under his skin. He used his skills on the field by hitting a home run or getting a double. 1957 Retierment : Jackie retired in the winter of 1957. However, he never stopped trying to fight racial inequality. He courageously gave speeches and joined marches against racism. He also participated in voter registration drives. These acts were courageous because Jackie was trying to change what many white people had not wanted for a long time.
  6. 6. NAACP - Jackie agreed to chair the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He raised over $1,000,000 the first year joining. This shows courage because Jackie is standing up for equality. Civil Rights Leader: In addition to chairing the NAACP, Jackie got directly involved with Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. This is courageous because many white people were against Martin Luther King Jr. and wanted to hurt him. For Jackie to be around Martin makes Jackie in danger almost all the time. This is why Jackie is courageous for joining the civil rights movement.
  7. 7. Political Activism: Jackie always made himself clear that he wanted equality. After his career in baseball, Jackie got involved in politics. Jackie believed that Nelson Rockefeller should’ve became president in 1964. He spoke his mind to many citizens. This is courageous because Jackie believed in something that many people already hated him for because of how he changed baseball. These people could hate him even more now. Also, people could still send him threats if those people didn’t believe in what Jackie said. That is why Political activism takes courage.
  8. 8. Determined Inspiring Wise
  9. 9. Jackie Robinson’s main goal for playing baseball was to break the color barrier. This would allow blacks and all other races be able to play Major League Baseball. He was determined to meet this goal and showed his efforts in many ways. The first way Jackie showed determination is by signing with Branch Rickey to join the Royals even though Jackie had to have a non-violent approach or attitude. “He met Branch Rickey’s steely gaze with confidence and determination,” said the author. Another way Jackie showed determination is when horrible people would send Jackie and his family awful threats. One would say, “Robinson, we are going to kill you if attempt to enter a ballgame at Crosley Field.” Regardless of the threats, Jackie still stayed with it and never lost hope of breaking the color barrier. This is how Jackie showed determination.
  10. 10. Jackie Robinson was one of the most inspiring sports figures ever. One example of Jackie being inspirational is by earning Rookie of the Year. This is a very big honor. “… led the league in stolen bases and in sacrifice bunts, and second in runs scored,” the author said. Another way Jackie is inspiring is that he brought the Dodgers to the World Series six times in only ten years. “… been playing with the dodgers for 10 years. During this time, he’d helped reach the World Series six times.” Jackie is inspiring to others because he did something that not many people can do and did it with almost no support.
  11. 11. Jackie Robinson was a very wise man for many reasons. The first reason Jackie was wise is because when reporters asked him racist comments, he never retorted back or got mad at them. Jackie always answered with control and ease. “… Newspaper reporters from New York, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Montreal, and Brooklyn fired questions at the two black men. ‘What are you gonna do when a pitcher throws a ball at you?’ said the reporters. ‘Duck’, Jackie joked. ‘Do you think that your good enough to play for the Dodgers?’ asked the reporters. Jackie answered confidently.” Another reason why Jackie is wise is because when people would make fun of him or make rude comments, he would just ignore them. This is wise because its easy to fight back and get in trouble, but to ignore them makes someone wise. This is why Jackie is wise.
  12. 12. Jackie Robinson’s special place is a baseball inspired house. I chose this because when he wasn’t on the field playing, he would be alone to think about new idea’s to breaking the color barrier. Jackie’s goal was to let all races play baseball, regardless of color. At first, Jackie was not succeeding. However, once people started to admire Jackie, more and more races started to play baseball. Jackie died in 1972. Over 100 different people from different races had started to play baseball. Jackie had accomplished his goal, to break the racial barrier.
  13. 13. This is Jackie’s Freedom Glove Medal. He won this award because he showed to America that not only white people can play baseball. The ball in the glove represents the game of baseball. The two hands shaking represent that there is no racism during baseball and society today. Jackie risked his and his family’s safety, for what he believed in.
  14. 14. Ebbets D iner 42 Jackie Drive, Brooklyn 781-110-4242 We Deliver!
  15. 15. Ebbets D iner was established in 1955, the year Jackie Robinson helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series. The items on the menu were Jackie’s favorite. I gave each food or drink item a unique name that represents the great qualities of Jackie Robinson. They symbolize his love of baseball and his devotion to breaking the color barrier.
  16. 16. Drinks Home Run Lemonade: $ 2.99 First Base Fruit Punch: $ 2.99 World Series Water: $ 1.99
  17. 17. ENTREES Equality Cheeseburger: $4.99 Courageous Chicken Tenders: $5.99 Jackie’s Steak: $6.99 Dignity Dog: $ 4.99 Superstar Subs: $ 3.99 Determined Chili Dog: $3.99 Wise macn’ cheese: 3.99 All include Freedom Fries and Steel-Home salad for free if wanted!!!
  18. 18. Desserts Inspiring Ice-Cream: $ 2.99 Brooklyn Brownies: $ 2.99 Champion Chipwiches: $ 2.99 Persistent Pies: $3.99