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Mother Teresa courage project


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Mother Teresa courage project

  1. 1. Mother Teresa by Maya Gold Presentation by Julia Clapham MOTHER TERESA
  2. 2. Courage Timeline Event one Mother Teresa left home at 18 with little belongings to join a Catholic order in Ireland. Mother Teresa was so young to move all the way from the Republic of Macedonia to Ireland. Event two During a huge riot , Mother Teresa was sent out into the streets to get food for 300 starving people. It was really dangerous, she could have gotten killed. Event three Mother Teresa fell ill but was didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about herself because she was eager to help the poor. She could have died because her illness was serious but focused on helping the poor. Event four Mother Teresa gave up food,water and a shelter to help the poor and unwanted. She would be know as poor. Event five Mother Teresa cared for the sick babies and started a school for the poor. She spent little time on herself and gave up her needs so she could work along side the poor. Event six Mother Teresa touched a dying leper and brought the person to her makeshift home when no one else would go near the leper. Mother Teresa could have gotten sick but cared for the leper anyway. Mother Teresa feeding a baby
  3. 3. Courage Timeline continued Event seven Mother Teresa started hospitals for lepers and cared for them. A lot of healthy people went against her. That put Mother Teresa in danger from those people. Event eight Mother Teresa went to the U.S. for the first time. She didn’t know what to expect but she went anyway. Event nine Mother Teresa still worked to help the poor without taking a break even after she learned her mother and sister had died. It was hard for her to keep working and mourn. Event ten In 1982 Mother Teresa took a Red Cross convoy a cross a bombed out city in Lebanon to rescue 38 disabled children. The city was really dangerous because there were artillery attacks. Event eleven Mother Teresa had a major heart attack but was determined to spend more time on the poor. than herself. That shows she cares about others more than herself. Event twelve Mother Teresa continued to help the poor even when many of her followers went against her. She stood her ground when many of her followers stopped helping her. Mother Teresa Carrying a child
  4. 4. Loyal; Blue Mother Teresa was very loyal to God throughout her life. when she was a young girl she knew her work would be for God. “ At the age of 12, Agnes felt strongly that she had been called to lead a religious life.” Back then Mother Teresa was called her birth name, Agnes. Another example of her dedication to God is when Mother Teresa states “ I want only God in my life” multiple times during her life. Mother Teresa as a child
  5. 5. Courageous; Red Mother Teresa was very brave Throughout her life. Even as a young girl she was very courageous. Mother Teresa left home when she was only 18 years old! She took a train to Ireland with with little belongings to pursue her religious dream. Mother Teresa had never been so far away from her home before and didn’t know what to expect before she got to Ireland. A train similar to the one Mother Teresa rode to Ireland
  6. 6. Generous ; Orange Mother Teresa always spent little to no time on herself. She always thought the dead and dying should be respected and cared for. That is why Mother Teresa made a home for the dying. “We cannot let a child of God die like an animal in a gutter.” Mother Teresa said during the process of making a home for the dying. This is what a home for the dying looked like
  7. 7. Passionate ; Red Mother Teresa was always very Passionate about her work to help the poor. She spent almost sixty years raising money and caring for the sick. “ Now Mother Teresa touched thousands of lives as her work spread around the world.” Mother Teresa couldn’t have done that without being as passionate as she was. Mother Teresa Feeding a sick child.
  8. 8. Mother Teresa’s Free hospital Mother Teresa would love a place where care, food, water and a shelter were free for the needy and sick. Mother Teresa is happiest helping others and serving God. By having the hospital Mother Teresa would help the needy with all the supplies she needed. Since she believed God told her to help the needy, she would be serving God as well.
  9. 9. Mother Teresa’s medal Mother Teresa thought that love and peace were really important. In the quote above, it says that if you love you will find peace. I chose to have a dove as my symbol because doves symbolize peace. “ If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”
  10. 10. Mother Teresa’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Beverages Sparkling Holy water…….FREE This water is so pure it will feel like your in heaven Paradise cocktail…………FREE Made from Adam’s oranges and Eve’s apples Red Wine………………….FREE From the blood of Christ Infinity Cola Better than Coke Zero No Milk-cows are holy St. Peter’s Pita Bread………………… .………100 Rupees Good from top to bottom. Pita bread is common in India. Macedonian Meatloaf (soy)…………………….250 Rupees From Mount Olympus. Mother Teresa was born in Greece. Vatican Vittles……………………………………300 Rupees Blessed by the Pope himself St. Patrick’s Cabbage and Corned Beef…….300 Rupees Made from red cabbage and soy beef Substitute. Mother Teresa lived in Ireland for a while Lamb of God Leftovers…………………………. FREE No food goes to waste in my restaurant . Entrees Peace Peach Pastry………………….……… 100 Rupees Fruit without the fuzz Devilcake……………………..…………………….250 Rupees For sinners - HOT chocolate cake Blessed Berries……………………………………200 Rupees Strawberries and Blueberries make the sign of the cross St. Julia’s Jubilee…………………………..…….300 Rupees Raspberries with whipped cream (soy) . Dessert 8
  11. 11. Mother Teresa’s grand opening What would be played for Mother Teresa’s entrance is a Catholic song, Ave Maria. This is a very pretty song and would show how loyal Mother Teresa is to God.