Marie Curie


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Marie Curie

  1. 1. Marie Curie The Women Who Changed The Course Of Science By Philip Steele Marie Curie By Grace Ronchetti
  2. 2. Maria’s mother and sister die, Maria has to distract herself with school. Maria is the top of her class and moves up a grade even though she is lonely. Maria must now switch schools because her father believes she is not being challenged. A Time Line Showing Courageous Events in Marie Curie Life Maria lets her sister go to Paris when she has to work to pay for her sister. Maria falls in love with the son of the family who she works for but can not marry him because the parents are horrified. Marie Curie 1867
  3. 3. Marie goes to Paris once her sister graduated and buys her own apartment “cold and thread bare”. Maria has amazing accomplishments in her exams determined to prove men wrong that girls can do well also. Marie falls in love and marries Pierre and have a baby they have a hard time studying and taking care of the baby. Marie goes to college and there are only 22 women out of 2000 students, some men are not polite to the women. World war one happens Marie uses her precious Radium to help the injured. The element Radium
  4. 4. Determined red Maraia is very determined throughout the book for many reasons. One reason is that Maria wants to go to college and study about science but her father does not have the money to pay for her. That does not stop Maria she makes a plan. Maria’s sister goes to Paris and gets her education first while Maria pays for it then once her sister graduated her sister will pay for Maria to go to school. Once Maria goes to college then maria is determined to prove the men there that she can do well even if she is a girl. Those are some of the ways in the book that show how Maria is determined. Maria was determined to do her best in school.
  5. 5. Inteligent=yellow Maria is a extremely intelligent person. A example that shows how intelligent Maria is, is that in high school she got a certificate saying she was “the star pupil”. Also Marie finishes first in all her tests. Maria was awarded gold metals. All her teachers also thought Maria was extremely intelligent.. Those are the reasons why I believe Maria is intelligent. A award Marie Curie received
  6. 6. Serious=blue Maria was almost always serious. Maria focused her life on learning. For example Maria in lots of her pictures is very serious looking I noticed also the author mentions how serious Marie looks also. Marie rarely played Marie spent most of her time learning. Those are the reasons why I know Maria is a serious person. Marie Curies usual serious face.
  7. 7. Independent=Purple Maria has always been a very independent person. Maria never really had that many friends, Maria would prefer to learn by herself. Maria got her own job on her own, lived with out her family. Once Maria moved to Paris to go to College she had the option of living her sister and her sisters husband. Marie chose not to and would rather have a thread bare apartment tiny and cold to be able to study with out distractions. Those are the reason why I believe Marie Curie is a independent person. Marie Curie and some family.
  8. 8. A Special Place <ul><li>Maria would love to spend her days using a lab table like this.Maria would prefer to be sitting at a lab table then playing outside. Maria would love to sit here for hours and use this modern lab table and all its features. Maria would spend hours experimenting every day this would be a perfect lab table for Maria, she would fit right in. </li></ul>
  9. 9. A Medal for Maria <ul><li>I chose to put a medal with science across the middle. Maria loves science and made many new discoveries. Maria did not have money but tried hard and succeeded, Maria tried hard and studied a lot and seceded. Those are the reasons why I thought this medal and saying fit perfectly for Maria. </li></ul>Try hard and you will seceed!
  10. 10. Maria’s bakery <ul><li>Radium Cakes </li></ul><ul><li>(A delicious cake very rare specialty item almost as rare as Maria Curries’s radium!) </li></ul><ul><li>Currie Cupcakes </li></ul><ul><li>(These tasty cupcakes will give you tons of energy these would have been very helpful for Maria Curries when she stayed up all night studying!) </li></ul><ul><li>Determined doughnuts </li></ul><ul><li>(These sweet doughnuts will give all the determination Marie Currie had and more!) </li></ul>