Mandela Courage Project


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Mandela Courage Project

  1. 1. Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela by Patrick CatelPresentation by Taylor Beckett
  2. 2. Courage TimelineIn college, even afterwarned he would be Becomesexpelled, Nelson ANCYLrefused to participate (ANC Youthin the student council. League) Defiance Campaign A new law leader said that despite that purposeful it made him law breaking Mandela a target for could be 3 organized authorities. years in jail ANC (African and National whipping, Congress) but Mandela office in continued to Johannesburg protest and even though fight he could get Mandela was arrested and apartheid. arrested. saw how horrible jail was, but he still marched on even with the risk of going back to jail.
  3. 3. Courage TimelineThere was a new deathpenalty for high treason, In prison,but Mandela still went Mandelaahead with his plans to protested forchange the government. better conditions even though After Nelson the guards Mandela was were brutal electedMandela was still and beatings president heworking with the were didn’t look backANC even though common. and punish During theit was illegal and people who had Rivonia Trial,he knew the hurt him and Mandelagovernment was others. He accepted thatruthless. looked forward he was going to be punished and tried to and he fought Mandela decides to make peace. against negotiate with the apartheid government despite the rather than for fact he knew his ANC himself. friends would be furious.
  4. 4. Unselfish Mandela is released from prisonIn 1989, F.W. de Klerk became president, and Mandela nowfelt he had a large influence on the government. However, hedid not ask to be set free. The first thing that he did was askfor other political prisoners to be set free including his friendsSisulu and Kathrada. The government did give freedom to theprisoners. Even when de Klerk informed Mandela that hewould be released the very next day, Mandela did not think ofhimself and his new freedom. Instead, he was distressed thathe didn’t have a chance to say good-bye to the staff at hisprison.
  5. 5. Persuasive/CommunicatorIn prison, he talked young activists out of using violence to fightapartheid. Mandela used his charm and reason to help the youngactivists move over to his view of non-violence. His skills of persuasiondidn’t just affect the prisoners, it also affected the guards. WhenMandela first got to the prison he demanded to speak with the prisonhead on the issue of short pants given to black prisoners. Mandelaargued his case for two weeks and only he was given long pants.However, he wanted all black prisoners to have long pants and continuednegoiating until everyone had them. Another place where Mandela usedhis communication skills was when he spoke before 10,000 people beforethe Defiance Campaign. Mandela got a standing ovation.
  6. 6. Patient Mandela and F.W. de KlerkOne example of Mandela’s patience was when he was in prison.Trying to change the minds of the young activists was a longprocess. He had to charm them and then slowly change theirminds. These experiences taught him to be more patient. Thiswould help him in his long negotiations with the government.Mandela started his secret talks with the government in 1985. Thegovernment and Mandela did not get a deal done until around1993. So Mandela patiently negotiated with the government forabout 8 years in order to get a deal done. One other place thatMandela displayed he was patient was his whole life. NelsonMandela waited nearly 50 for apartheid to end!
  7. 7. AmbitiousAlmost all his life, Mandela was ambitious. It wasn’t for himself, butfor everyone. His life ambition was to destroy apartheid. He fought itfor almost 50 years. Another place Mandela showed his hope ofdefeating apartheid was when he created the African NationalCongress Youth League or the ANCYL. He created the Youth League inhope of turning the ANC (African National Congress) into a party ofmass protest against apartheid. A third example of Mandela beingambitious was after apartheid was over and Mandela was electedpresident. At that time his ambition was to unite all of South Africa.One way he did this was rooting for the Springboks, a South AfricaRugby team that was disliked by most black people.
  8. 8. Hero If I had to award Nelson Mandela with a medal and a slogan, I wouldButton choose the Nobel Peace Prize. Mandela actually won this award in 1993 in part with F.W. de Klerk. I think this prize suits Mandela because he fought apartheid for so long peacefully. He only resorted to violence when he thought there was no other choice. Also, after his presidency, he worked for peace in other nations. He traveled to other countries in war and spoke to leaders about peace. I chose the slogan “all men are created equal” because nearly all his life, Mandela has been fighting for all people to have equal rights in South Africa. During negotiations with the government, the idea of group rights came up. Mandela rejected this idea and said that all people should have the same rights no matter their skin color.
  9. 9. RoomThe outdoor scene is Qunu, whereNelson Mandela was born. I choseQunu as Mandela’s perfect placebecause it was a fondly rememberedpart of Mandela’s life. In his 27 yearsin prison, he looked back andremembered happily his time in DesignQunu with his family. Also, when heretired in 1999, he returned toQunu. I also chose to put a gatewaysaying “All are welcome”. To me itrepresents that all people arewelcome no matter what the race orskin color. I think this represents alot of Mandela’s work. He fought forall people to have the same rights.When he was fighting apartheid heworked with people of other racesunlike some other activists. Alsowhen he was president, he tried tounite the white and black Africans. Ithink Mandela would have loved aplace where everyone is welcome.
  10. 10. Freedom Cafe Appetizers Mandela Non-Violence ANC Cheese Fries Mozzarella Sticks NachosEnjoy these Almost all his life, ANC was thedelicious Mandela believed in non- foundation thatmozzarella sticks violence. He only went to Mandelanamed after South violence as a last resort. represented. You’llAfrica’s courageous Enjoy these great nachos love these fries ashero, Nelson piled high that aren’t much as MandelaMandela . violent at all. loved the ANC.
  11. 11. Freedom Cafe Entrees Robben Island Peace Pizza Bravery Burgers RigatoniMandela spent about During his life, Mandela Countless times in24 years on Robben urged peace again and his life, Mandela wasIsland in prison. It again. After he was brave. He riskedplayed a very big president, he promoted going to jail or evenpart in Mandela’s peace throughout the dying. That’s why welife. And this great world. Enjoy this delicious named this yummydish is named after pizza to celebrate burger, the Braverythat infamous Mandela’s peace efforts. Burger.island.
  12. 12. Freedom Cafe Desserts Anti-Apartheid Rolihlahla Rhubarb Courage Cake Apple Pie PieFor nearly half his life, Rolihlahla is Throughout his life, NelsonMandela fought Mandela’s birth Mandela displayed personalapartheid. It was a name. Rolihlahla courage many, many times.long struggle he means tree shaker The picture on the left isfinally won. Finish off or troublemaker. Mandela’s actual 90thyour meal with delight You’ll love this pie birthday cake. This cake is athat honors Mandelas that goes back to great way to finish yourfight against apartheid Mandela’s childhood. meal and celebrate personal courage.