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Mahatma Gandhi


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Mahatma Gandhi

  1. 1. Mahatma Gandhi By: Mahatma Gandhi Presentation by Haik Shougarian
  2. 2. Gandhi went to Britain too study law but He had to leave everything behind. Gandhi organized a meeting for Indians to fight racism Gandhi gives his first speech as politician Even though he is very shy Gandhi held a meeting against the law because it was very racist.
  3. 3. Gandhi gets out of jail but still continues his campaign Gandhi lets untouchables come into his land even though they don’t have the same rights and its against the law. Gandhi went to Transvaal illegally to protest against the violation of Indian rights but he had risk of arrest
  4. 4. Appreciative. Gandhi says he “appreciats what nature gives him like fruits or vegetables”. Serious. Gandhi says he is serious about his campaign against racism
  5. 5. Inspiring. Gandhi puts himself In danger to fight racism and to inspire other people to do the same thing. Knowledgeable Gandhi goes to Britain to study law leaving everything behind Determined Gandhi says “when I get out I will not stop my campaign”.
  6. 6. Respectful. Gandhi says. I respect all religions and think they all have something true to them. Courageus. Gandhi makes a campaign against racism with the risk of arrest.
  7. 7. This would be the perfect place for Gandhi because he likes peaceful places such as oceans. This is also in India and he was born there.
  8. 8. Congratulations For bringing peace to the world. To Mahatma Gandhi Thank you! MEDAL OF HONOR
  9. 9. Restaurant of peace Gandhi would love this food because he is a vegetarian and he promised his mom he wouldn’t eat meat.
  10. 10. This is the perfect food for Gandhi because he only eats vegetables and fruit. He drinks goat milk and water. He is also a vegetarian.
  11. 11. This is the perfect desert for Gandhi because he always eats fruit.