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Louis sockalexis

  1. 1. Louis Sockalexis “ Native American Baseball Pioneer”
  2. 2. Timeline of Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis was born in 1872 in the Penobscot Reservation. When he was 12 he saw white boys playing baseball and went over to take a look. He played all day long. When he was in high school he played on their baseball team. This act was courageous because he didn’t know if the boys would be nice to him. This was a sign of courage because he was just being exposed to racism. He then went to Holy Cross College and joined a baseball team there. Courage is showed there because like in High School he heard a lot of racist comments about him but kept on playing. When he went off to play pro ball his dad was giving him grief but he was not ready for his dad to spoil his dreams. This is courageous because his dad could shun him and ignore him. On his first game of pro ball he was third in order, he got up to bat and then saw his folks. This was courageous because he didn’t want his dad to think that he wasted his life for baseball. SLAM!! The ball hit the bat… HOME RUN he finally won the fans respect. This act was courageous because he had no respect and in one simple hit all of their respect. Unfortunately he died of tuberculosis and heart disease when he was 41. When he was 23 he was drunk and he broke his ankle because he jumped off of a two story building. He showed courage when he bounced back after his injury. He then went off to become a baseball coach because he was forced to retire from pro ball. This was courageous because he went back to teach the sport he loved.
  3. 3. Red Red stands for determined. Louis Sockalexis showed determination by following his dream to become a major league baseball player even when his father said that he was not allowed to play. This act is courageous in two ways. One of the ways it is courageous is because his father might not let him leave the tribe and shun him for disobeying. Another way that this act showed courage is because he is leaving to go to Ohio with nothing but a few clothes. He showed courage in a lot of other areas too.
  4. 4. Orange Orange stands for ambitious. Louis shows ambition in the baseball game he plays. He shows ambition by winning the fans respect. He won the fans respect by not just hitting the ball but hitting it six-hundred feet into the crowd. It was a new record for the stadium!! Orange can mean a lot even though it is just a plain color.
  5. 5. Yellow Yellow stands for intelligent. Louis showed intelligence when he coached little league baseball so he didn’t give the game of baseball up altogether. Another way he showed intelligence is going to good schools. That helps because if baseball didn’t work out for him then he would have a good degree to fall back on. Yellow symbolizes intelligence along with many more ideas.
  6. 6. Green Green stands for adaptable. Louis showed that he is adaptable when he moved from his tribe in the Penobscot Reservation to New York. This shows adaptability because NY is a lot different in terms of clothes, buildings, landscape, and most important their NY talk (accent). These are all things that vary but he was able to adapt and handle it all at once.
  7. 7. Hero Button This button represents the social being of two cultures the base ball fans and the old native American way of living. This is heroic because he was the first Native American baseball player and led a path for many others.
  8. 8. R O O M D E S I G N ! ! This room would suit Louis because he is a sort of plain person and he dose not have extraordinary possessions. I think the mood is outdoorsy so he would like the room I made for him.
  9. 9. 207 - 547 - 6728 Penobscot Reservation Eoin’s Extravagant Native American Cuisine
  10. 10. Pine Tree Soda Tee-Pee Punch Ball Park Beverages
  11. 11. Delicious baseball sized popcorn balls drizzled with maple syrup. Cackling Coyote Crumpets Crumpets with a mouth popping punch Pumpkin Mash with Assorted Roots A fantastic frenzy of flavors with some out of the park mango First Base Starters and Veggies Fly Ball Bread… A delectable bread that is very sweet and crunchy. Maple Syrup Popcorn Balls
  12. 12. Octopus platter with a balsamic drizzle. Turkey Trout Trot A blend of turkey and trout to make a delicious trot to second base. Walk Off Whelks A buttery start to first base. Second Base Seafood's Cod Mitt Cod filled with tangy cranberry. Out of the Park Octopus
  13. 13. The old-fashion hot dogs you always love. Third Base chicken. The hardest place to be hoping praying to get home. Third Base Meat Meals Baseballs Meat Balls hit with a bread baguette bats. Hot dogs from Penobscot
  14. 14. The home made fruit salad that you always want Hot Fudge Fusion. Gooey awesomeness that never leaves your mouth. Home Run Deserts Take me out to the Ball Game ice-cream Best ice-cream you’ll ever get. Chief Sockalexis Blueberry Bomb's.