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Gandhi was awsom


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Gandhi was awsom

  1. 1. Gandhi Great soul By John B. severance Presentation By Baird Feeney
  2. 2. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Pornamdar India When Gandhi was 29 years old he said good by to his family and went to England by boat to study law. When he got on the boat some of his people said that he would be an out cast if he got on the boat. But Gandhi got on the boat anyway. When Gandhi came back from London he went to Pretoria, India to be a lawyer. On the train he was riding first class when the conductor said that Gandhi had to get out of the first class compartment because he was Indian but Gandhi didn’t so a cop came and forcefully threw him out. Gandhi started the first Indian congress to make Indians more independent and to protect their rights in British territory. This was courageous because it had never been done before and Indians didn't stand up for their rights a lot. The birth place of Gandhi .
  3. 3. When Gandhi went to court for protesting and braking British law He asked to be sentenced to the maximum punishment. He wanted to show people that he was responsible and that is was his fault. This is courageous because Gandhi was not afraid of jail or what his sentence would be. To make peace between the Muslims and Hindus Gandhi fasted for 21 days when he was old and weak. He barely made it 21 days and many people came to see him. When it over he drank a glass of OJ to break the fast. This was courageous because he was old and could have died. When England went to war with Boer Gandhi started a medic team to help England. He was in one of the bloodiest battles and he saved many peoples lives. He was awarded a British metal of honor. This was courageous because he risked his life to save other people.
  4. 4. When Gandhi was 61 years old he walked 125 miles to the ocean. Many people joined him in his walk. After many months he got to the ocean and he took salt which was againts British law. The British law was that it was illegal to make salt that is not made by the government or with the premition of the government. After Gandhi took the salt millions of people started to make salt and they all where arrested. So many people where in jail that the jails overflowed. When he was ???? Years old Gandhi Was doing his morning prayers in a garden a man named Nathuram Godse approached Gandhi, bowed to him and then shot him three times. Gandhi's last words where “Hai Rama” witch is the name of the Hindu god. All good Hindus wish to die with gods name on his lips. This is courageous because even when facing death Gandhi is still loyal to his god. Gandhi leading his famos salt march.
  5. 5. RED Determined Gandhi is determined. Gandhi is determined because even when he was in jail and Being arrested by the government he never gave up. On page 93 a caption states that when Gandhi went to jail he was still writing pamphlets and mailing the British government and using the jail address as his mailing address.
  6. 6. Humble Blue Gandhi was undoubtedly Humble. He felt responsible for everything. If there was a riot he would ask be punished or he would punish himself by fasting. If he had he would give and he only wore a white loin cloth made from fabric he wove and cotton he picked.
  7. 7. Religious Purple Gandhi was religious. He always was trying to be a good Hindu. He would pray most mornings. He didn't put down other religions and he was always respect full to them. Evan at his last moments when he was shot he was praying and he died with the Hindus gods name on his lips.
  8. 8. Gandhi’s badge <ul><li>The badge I made for Gandhi is symbolic in several ways. The first thing is the writing : PACIS , DILIGO , QUOD PARILITAS PRO TOTUS is Latin for peace, love, and equality for all. Gandhi always was trying to get people to treat each other as equals and to love each other. Also he wanted nonviolence all over the world because without violence the world would be a better place. The second symbol Is the olive branch. The olive branch Is a ancient symbol for peace and love. The last symbol is the color red The color red is the color of determination, leadership, and courage all of which Gandhi showed toughout his life. </li></ul>PACIS , DILIGO , QUOD PARILITAS PRO TOTUS
  9. 9. Gandhi’s room I Chose this place for Gandhi's Special place because he likes to be outside. Also Gandhi likes simple natural things and he was always trying to get people to accept each other and to not exclude based on someone's class of religion.
  10. 10. Gandhi Café vegetarian food for all Lunch One with everything burger The perfect vegetarian delight to fill you stomach and connect you to the world around as a equal. Diner All from home curry Delicious curry made from 100% home grown ingredients. Gandhi always said that people should be self sufficient and make their own things, so why not start with food? Dessert Ying-Yang cookie There is always balance between everything that needs to be kept. All things should be balanced like hate and love or vanilla and chocolate in this case. Drinks Be the change that you want to la SEE This Build-your –own Lassie Can come in all different flavors and in all sizes, like everything in the world around us..
  11. 11. Gandhi’s Song I chose the song One Day By Matisyahu Because it is about waiting for the day when all people will stop fighting and will except each other a equals and that is what Gandhi was doing until the moment he died.