Ernest shackleton courage project


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Ernest shackleton courage project

  1. 1. Ernest Shackleton<br />Shipwreck At the Bottom of the World the Extraordinary True Story of Shackleton and the Endurance<br />By Jennifer Armstrong<br />Dylan Lindquist<br />
  2. 2. Life Timeline<br />Shackleton went on the He leaves Georgia Island and<br />Discovery to the South Pole. heads for the pole. There<br />The ship has to go through the is no turning back now.<br />Southern Ocean the most December 5, 1914<br />treacherous ocean anywhere.<br />1908<br />August 1, 1914 December 6-31, 1914<br />Shackleton leaves on Endurance The Endurance starts <br />heading to the South Pole. through the ice. The icebergs <br />The trip will be at least one make navigation very <br />and a half years . dangerous.<br />
  3. 3. Life timeline<br />He decides to stay on the ship The crew leaves He launches the three life<br />that is stuck in the ice. The ice the safety and boats into the cold<br />can crush the ship and warmth of the Southern Ocean. If they <br />the South Pole has Endurance. miss Elephant Island they <br />bad weather in the winter. October 27, 1915 have very little chance of surviving.<br />January 19, 1915April 8, 1916<br />March 16 1915October 30,1915<br />Shackleton turns off the Shackleton starts dragging two<br />engines of the Endurance. lifeboats across the ice. They<br />This means the crew will have to drag them 346 miles <br />stay on the ship until the ice across the cold Antarctic.<br />breaks in the spring. <br />
  4. 4. Life Timeline<br />Shackleton and the six man crew <br />leave Elephant Island to go <br />800 hundred miles to Georgia<br />Island. If the navigation is wrong<br />the six man crew will most likely die.<br />April 24, 1916<br />May 18, 1916<br /> Shackleton, Worsley and Creen<br /> start hiking across the mountains<br /> on Georgia Island. They don’t have<br /> a map to show where they were going. <br />
  5. 5. Patient-Blue<br />Ernest Shackleton is a very patient man. One example of his patience is on page 26. “But by March 16, winter on the ice seemed inevitable. Shackleton ordered the fires to be burned down. The men all knew what that meant: they were stuck until the ice broke in the spring.” Another example is when “he announced they would stay where they were and let the drifting pack carry them Northward. From there they would be in better position to make for Paulet Island.” They pitched camp where they were on the ice. The new camp was called Patience Camp. <br />
  6. 6. Adventurous-Purple<br /> Shackleton is also a very adventurous man. He once said, “I am good as an explorer and nothing else.”“As a child he had been something of a loner reading adventure stories in the day.” The author Armstrong wrote” the forty year old Shackleton was a showman with a polar Glory.” She also said “he had been bitten hard by an exploration bug.” Shackleton had gone to the South Pole twice before the journey of the Endurance.<br />
  7. 7. Leader-Red<br /> Shackleton’s leadership was very important to his journey. “Shackleton was a master at keeping his crew working together.” He never let the crew forget that their strength lay in unity.”“Under Shackletons leadership fighting never broke out among the men even though they weren’t exactly cut out to be buddies.”“Shackleton made sure the ship’s routine was always followed.” Even when hiking across the mountains of Georgia Island Shackleton lead the way. He brought all the men home through the hard times. <br />
  8. 8. Shackleton’s Special Place<br />A special place for Shackleton would be at the end of the South Pole where there is no more ice. Shackleton’s goal was to cross the South Pole end to end but he got stopped by the ice. It would be very special for him to make it across. On each of the three journeys he took to the South Pole his goal was ruined by Mother Nature. His polar glory was his life.<br /> He set out on another journey after the Endurance in 1922 even though he was very sick. On his journey when he was close to dying Macklin the Doctor said to him ”you’ll have to change your way of life boss.” He said back to him “that I can’t do.” He died soon after.<br />End of South Pole ice<br />
  9. 9. Confidence Button<br />Once Shackleton got home from the South Pole I would give him a Confidence Button. His motto was “by endurance we conquer”. A man in his crew named Bakewell said” he was always cheerful and gave everyone confidence that we would get out of” the Antarctic. Shackleton said “he was confident that the Norwegian built ship with the thick skull could get them through the winter. He only had one concern that the ship would drift off course.” He didn’t even worry about them all surviving. Shackleton was confident the men could march 346 miles across the frozen sea with three lifeboats. <br />by endurance we conquer<br />This button represents Shackleton’s confidence that they would get to land.<br />
  10. 10. Shackleton’s Café Menu<br /> Appetizers<br />Leader Lobster $11.25<br />This lasagna is <br />Entrees <br />Leader Lobster $11.25<br />This lobster is a crowd pleaser. It is a Maine lobster <br />smothered in lemon sauce. Shackleton was a <br />master at keeping his crew together. You will have a tight <br />crew if you let your family buy this lobster.<br />Boat Trip Special $8.95<br />This was a special treat for the crew and it can be for <br />you too. The buffet consists of anchovies in oil, baked beans <br />and hare for appetizers. The entrees are ham and sausage.<br />Boat Block Soup $8.75<br />The boat block is a block of food “composed of lard, oatmeal,<br />beef protein, vegetable protein, salt and sugar. The block is<br />boiled and is turned into a soup. <br />
  11. 11. Shackleton’s Café Menu<br /> Entrees<br />Surf & Turf Buffet $12.55<br />This buffet consists of turtle soup, jugged <br />hare and whitebait fish as the main course. For dessert <br />there is mince pies, figs and plum pudding. This meal <br />can feed your whole crew (family).<br />Light Endurance Lunch $8.75<br />The Light Endurance Lunch is <br />an everyday meal that the crew <br />would eat. It consists of jam, bread <br />and soup. It is served with a nice<br />hot cocoa.<br />
  12. 12. Shackleton’s Café Menu<br />Desserts<br />South Pole Chills $2.50<br />This white vanilla ice cream is just like the <br />South Pole. It is chilled at -72 <br />Degrees (average temp. of South Pole)<br /> and is white just like the color of<br /> the Pole. You might even <br />get a few chunks of frost with it.<br />Hot drinks all around $6.25<br />Just what Shackleton would have<br />loved a round of hot cocoa.<br /> He would always give out <br />hot drinks to cheer everyone up.<br />By the end of the journey the crew<br />was limited to one hot drink a day <br />each. This round of drinks would<br />have kept the crew warm.<br />
  13. 13. Shackleton’s song<br /> I think Shackleton would really enjoy Eureka’s song Going Home. The song is about him and his crew’s journey on the Endurance. Eureka’s Going Home talks about Shackleton’s confidence that they will all get home alive. An example of this is the lines “Our ship is gone but our will is strong. We’ll survive”. This is like when Bakewell said” he was always cheerful and gave everyone confidence that we would get out of” the Antarctic. The song is a brief summary of the key events. The words “no mission’s won but hope is not gone” have an important meaning. Shackleton’s goal was to go across the South Pole end to end but he was stopped by the ice. He never gave up hope though that they would get out of the ice and get back to land. The part about are stores are gone is about how all their food was gone. They had to eat seal to survive. I think this song nicely summarizes Shackleton’s journey.<br />Lyrics for Going Home: “We lost our ship in a wasteland of ice. No time to look back if we want to survive. We missed our aim, but what still can be done is to save everyone. No glorious fame, ship and stores are gone, we’re left on our own – we’re going home! We’re going home now – Our ship is gone but our will is strong. We’ll survive – We’re coming home. We’re going home now – No mission’s won but our hope is not gone. We’ll return – we’re coming home. We drag our boats through impassable heights. No time to waste – we just fight for our lives. We missed our aim – we just fight for our lives. We missed our aim, but what still must be done is to save everyone. No glorious fame, ship and stores are gone, we’re left on our own – we’re going home.” <br />