Edmund Hillary


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Edmund Hillary

  1. 1. Sr. Edmund Hillary “ Edmund Hillary” Book by, Dan Elish Presentation by, Ellen Tierney
  2. 2. Edmunds life Edmunds childhood was very rough and it must of took a lot of courage to get through it. He got teased. He got teased from his class mates and his teachers. He never had any friends growing up. He was small and skinny at the time so the gym teacher teased him. He had too take a 2 hr. train ride just to get to school. He was the youngest person at his school and he was small for his age. People always teased him. When Edmund was a young adult but not a teen he did courageous things but he did not have to do these things. He became a member of the air force because of world war 2. Once he was on a boat that caught on flames, he had two jump and swim 500 yards! It must have been hard, that is 5 football fields! And from a burning boat! Then he climbed Mt. Olivier. That must have been hard and courageous to do both of those things. This chapter was kind of courageous. This did not show lots of courage though. To get to Mt. Everest .He had to get there by....train, canoe and foot. It had to take courage to leave your family for a while just to climb a mountain. Then a Blizzard came up and they had to wait. That shows courage there.
  3. 3. Edmunds Life Edmund also shows courage in this chapter. Edmund starts climbing Mt. Everest. So many people have died from climbing it. Edmund almost fell but then his friend saved him. That must have taken a lot of courage. He also had to sleep in a tent that could get blown off a cliff. That is how he shows courage. In this chapter Hillary also displays courage. All alone Edmund climbed ahead to give air to climbers who needed it. He also had to sleep in the dangerous tent again, but this time it was on a small ice shelf. And this was very slanted so they had to be extra carful that it was secure that it could not move. In this chapter Edmund Hillary also has courage. Hillary has been chosen to go to the summit with an other person. The summit is the highest point and very steep and windy. There is not lots of air so they need air tanks. It is so hard to survive. Some drops were 10,000 ft. down it is so courageous to do this! He made it to the top!
  4. 4. Edmunds life It had to take courage during this chapter. Edmund got married. He must have been very nerves getting married. It had to take courage to leave your wife for a while to go to Antarctica. Edmund showed lots of courage here. It had to take courage to go to the freezing south pole, where people have died. It must have been the hardest challenge finding out that his daughter and his wife were killed in a plane crash. He must of been so sad for him. There was lots of courage there. He showed courage right here. His friend who climbed Mt. Everest died. He was invited to tea with the queen but turned that down to see the Sherpa's. That must of taken courage.
  5. 5. Color Collage I chose this this background with mountains because Edmund loves mountains and he is famous because he was the first person to climb Mt. Everest the tallest mountain in the world! <ul><li>I chose red as pat of the color design, because red can mean courageous. Edmund Hillary was a very courageous person. He has climbed Mt. Everest the tallest mountain in the world! It is also the tallest peek/point in the world! Mt. Everest has very steep parts and if you fall you may die. Many people tried to climb it, they either turned back or did not make it. Edmund has done so many courageous things in his life! That is why the back round is red. </li></ul>R E D
  6. 6. Y E L L O W <ul><ul><li>I chose yellow for the title of each slide and the color behind the mountains because yellow can mean intelligent. Edmund was very intelligent growing up and later in life. When he was growing up he was always ahead in the class. With the fact that his mom was a teacher. Edmund skipped a few grades. He was very smart. Edmund went to a school, and he was the youngest person there. When he was an adult he always made smart moves. He had smart clever intelligent ideas to climb up the mountain, or at the south pole and the north pole. That is why Edmund is, yellow, intelligent. </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. PURPLE <ul><li>Purple means dignified. Edmund Hillary is very dignified. Dignified means important, respected, high ranked. Edmund Hillary is all those things. He is very important being one of the first person to the top of Mt. Everest, and the first known person to reach all 2 poles in the world. He is also respected because of what he has done and he is Sir Edmund Hillary. He is high ranked because he was knighted by the queen so now he has a Sir in front of his name. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Edmunds Dream House! This house would be a great house for Edmund! It’s big house and he has a wife and 3 kids. Edmund loved the out doors! In the background there are mountains, hills, trees, fields and much more. It’s a perfect location! This is a log house witch makes this house look more out doors.
  9. 9. Hillary's Courage Metal Edmund Hillary really deserves this metal for courage. When he was growing up, he was bullied. Not just by kids but also by his gym teacher. He never had any friends growing up. It had to take lots of courage to go through that. Once he was on a boat that caught on fire and he had to jump off and swim 500 yards! That is 5 football fields! An other thing that was courageous was climbing Mount Everest! There has been many people who have tried to climb it either turned back or died along the way. But not Hillary, he had two climb all those glaciers and if he made one mistake he could fall and die, or get very, very, injured. An other courageous thing he did was go to the south pole and the north pole. But one of the most courageous thing he did was having his wife and daughter die. They died in a plane crash. That is why Sir Edmund Hillary is so courageous.
  10. 10. Hillary Cafe Chicken Tikka Masala $7.00 This food that the Sherpa people eat. Hillary ham $7.00 Breakfast lunch and Dinner Drinks Everest Egg’s $4.00 Mountain cookies $1.00 each Dessert Mountain Dew $1.00 North Pole, South pole, Pasta $4.00
  11. 11. The End ta-da