Courage progect 23 Lou Gehrig


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Courage progect 23 Lou Gehrig

  1. 1. LOU GEHRIGNorman L. Macht 1903-1941 POWER POINT BY: ETHAN MURPHY
  2. 2. A TIME LINE SHOWING MIAN & COURAGES EVENTS IN LOU GEHRIGS LIFE On June 3, 1925 Lou got the start at When Lou was in High School first base because the other first he had to work hard to make baseman got bench where he would money for his family while he play for the next 14 years. The fear played baseball at Commerce of the first game didn’t scare Lou. High in NY. Lou went to ColumbiaLou was born on June 19 1903 University in NY. There heto a lower class family to the also had to work to makeparents of Heinrich and Christina money for his family.Gehrig. With other siblings who all Then he got his first died. All the hope and contract with the Yankees. dreams were on Lou’s Thought-out this time his mothershoulders was. He didn’t mind that became very ill. But that didn’tHe over came that. effect him when he was playing. He overcame that.
  3. 3. TIME LINE (CONTINED)Throughout his career Lou would Once again Lous mother got very ill.never miss a game even if he had This was very bad timing! Lou andbroken bones, charily horses, or his Yankees were in the world Sires.torn muscles he would still be in the Lou wanted to stay with his mother andgame. For example when his team was felt that he had to. But his familyon a road trip they stop for a game and mother incised that he who playagainst a collage team. Lou got hit in the world series. Lou did that. He right in the head and got K.O. But didn’t let that problem about his motherLou showed so much courage by Effect him on the field. To me that isovercoming his fear of that happening courageous.again and keep on playing. Lou began to get back pains and was not moving well and wasn’t felling so On September 29, 1933 Lou got Married health . This is the begin of the Lou to Eleanor Twitchell. His parents didnt like Gehrig decease or ALS. Even though her but Lou did. So despite others thinking His nerve system was breaking down Lou married her and he didn’t care about Lou still swung the bat as hard as he others thinking. That shows courage could. He still was playing in ball because he over came others pressure and games. He over came the fears that marry her. he was going to pass and kept on living with his family and friends.
  4. 4. HUMBLE-Blue Lou Gehrig was humble for many reasons. One reason is he new that he was a great baseball player but he never took that for granted. He was never boastful. I could argue that he might be the best ball player of all time says the another of this book (Norman L. Macht) could to. Lou was also a player that was selected into the baseball hale of fame with out a vote in 1939 or a thought. Lou was also the first Yankee play to have his number retired. Lou was a humble player and man.4
  5. 5. DEDICATED-RedLou played games when he was hurt and never complained.Lou also hustled like no other player in his time. Lou wouldalways be at batting practice hitting away and stayed late toplay. Even when Lou was effected by the ALS disease he stillwould hit and swing the bat as hard as God would let him.(Which was very fast and strong). Lou was also dedicated offthe field he loved his family a lot. When his mother and fatherwere ill. He would be right by there side. Lou was a great man!
  6. 6. LOYAL-Blue Lou was very loyal. One way Lou was loyal was whenhe wasn’t helping his club win. He took himself out of thenext game. Also when players got caught up in bad thingslike gamboling and getting money if they blow the game Louwas not into that kind of stuff he was loyal to his family. Henever did something that would get his baseball careerthrown away. He loved baseball and his family.
  7. 7. Lous favorite hobby was to deep sea fish. As you see theirs fish on the wall anda out door theme to it. Lou was always out fashion and this room it a little like thata common picture that you will see is of Lou and Babe Ruth fish on a boat. This roomis good for Lou.
  8. 8. To Lou Gehrig one of the best baseball players of all times. He was a great man who unforchenally died of ALS disease. RIP!The plaque that I would give Lou would be thisone. This shows that Lou loved baseball and wasa great man. My symbol is the baseball things thatis the glove and bat. Another one is the fight todefeat ALS. This is what I would give to Lou.
  9. 9. LOU’S PLACES MENU German & America CuisineAPPATIZERSPRE-GAME FASTBALLBEER SOUPA German soup that SALADwas one of Lou’s A salad that hasfavorite. vegetables, fresh cut lettuces with five different chooses ofNY NIBLERS German styleA American white coated withLous favorite spicesin a bite size shape.
  10. 10. MENU CONTINUDMAIN DISHESSINKIN SLIDERS HR STEAKA American style A American steak GEHRIGSsirloin beef with that is just Lous GUTSLou’s secret sauce. Homers. A deeply A goulash dish that is drenched steak in A1 as courageous as steak sauce,CHICKEN Lous guts. Make your own dish. Choose fromSCHNITZEL PITCHERS German style meat andA German chicken vegetables. Ordish with stemmed PLATE American style meatvegetable that Lou A vegetarian plate and vegetables.enjoyed when his with tofu, vegetables,mother made it. and German style dip.
  11. 11. DESSERTS AT LOUS PLACESDESERTSHUMDLE PIE COURAGEOSA soft angle crust CAKEfilled with fruit and It takes courage to eatwhipped cream. all theses layers ofJust like Lou, humble. cake. Im sure that Lou could haveGRAN SLAM because Lou was very courageous.SUNDAEThe name says it alla great ice creamsundae. Which Lou hit.