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Courage pro

  1. 1. Out of Darkness Louis Braille By Sarah Manse
  2. 2. Louis’s Courageous Moments In 1812 Louis went to his father’s work bench and was using his fathers tools when his father has told him not to. Braille thinks he’s old enough even though he’s not. Since his father is right outside the door, Louis can get in trouble. Braille stayed up late trying to make sonography easier. He planned to sleep in class the next day even though the director would NOT like it. It took courage to displease the director to work on the zoography project instead. In 1819 Braille left his home and family to go to a school for the blind. He will only be able to meet his family for holidays and for vacation. He’s so young so it will be hard for him at first. School was challenging. There were strict rules at the school for behaver. Teachers were mean and strict. There was a lot of metal around and that can hurt the students at school because they’re all blind. If students break a rule they’ll have to be on a diet and they don’t get much food anyway.
  3. 3. More Courageous Moments When Braille met Hauy, he promised himself to go on with his experiments with sonography. Hauy is a man who organized schools for blind students. Braille will not give up even though it will be lots of hard work. One why that Louis thought of was having 1 dot stand for A and 2 dots to stand for B and so on but there would be a lot of dots for Z, so that didn’t work. In 1824 Louis made sonography easier and he was really nervous to show the director but the director loved it. Braille design used letters which was easier than Dr. Pignier’s model which used sounds. In 1834 Louis showed courage when he presented his raised dot alphabet at the Exposition of Industry in Paris. He was nervous and he wasn’t sure if they would like it because people had rejected it before. Louis was courageous from the beginning to end of his life and he helped so many people through out his life. He helped all the blind be able to read and Louis made gifts and loans to needy students.
  4. 4. Yellow-intelligent In 1828 Louis graduated. Dr. Pignier asked him to be an instructor of grammar. “ Louis won prizes in music and arithmetic.” He also made sonography easier and better.
  5. 5. Orange-popular When Louis was young he sat on a bench in Coupuray because other boys wouldn’t play with because he was blind. This area now is called Braille square. “From the beginning, Louis was extremely popular among the students in is class,” when he left to go to the school for the blind. When he got older after making sonography easier he was featured in many popular magazines.
  6. 6. Blue-confident Louis was confident that sonography would become easier and more helpful for the blind. He was confident when he went to show his design to Dr. Pignier because “he had been working on it for 3 days.”
  7. 7. Louis’s special place Louis’s special place is a classroom for the blind. He loves teaching blind students the Braille system!
  8. 8. Louis won this coin for being the first in the United States to include readable words for the blind so they can visually read and write. It’s called the Braille system, the system is made up of dots that makes up an alphabet. Louis’s coin In god we trust
  9. 9. The Braille Restaurant! Braille cake Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and black frosting dots. We can make it what ever you would like it to say in Braille $3.50 Intelligent spaghetti Plain spaghetti with butter. In the book he was very intelligent and this spaghetti makes you intelligent. $4.00 Yummy, fresh chicken nuggets. In the book he was very popular among the students and many kids love this meal. $3.25 Braille alphabet soup Tomato soup with little pasta dots. Instead of alphabet soup which is with letters it is the Braille alphabet so its made up of small dots of pasta. $2.50 Popular Nuggets Confident blue lagoon Blue curacao liqueur and 7 up. Louis was very confident that he was going to make the sonography easier and he would like you to have a buy this confident drink. $9.50 Awl chocolate ice cream popsicle Vanilla ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate. This dessert represents when Louis cut his eye with an awl in his father’s work house. $1.25 Determined temple Shirley temple which is made out of 7 up and red edible die. Louis was determined that he was going to make sonography easier and he did in the end. $1.25 In honor of the blind this menu also comes in the Braille alphabet :) In honor of the blind this menu also comes in the Braille Alphabet. :)