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Couage project.ppt

  1. 1. Book: To the top of Everest By: Sunny Li
  2. 2. One time his friend raced him Helping otheron the cable. Almost on the people who needstop he looked for his friend but help.found on the ground. Then a Ex: snow coveringperson from the crowd wanted people. This isLaurie to fall down. This shows courageous becausethat he is courageous because he is helpful to other Laurie neverHe is not letting the person people and not letting gives up andmake him mad. someone down. won’t take no as a answer. This is Courageous He practice climbing He is going to climb the highest Because he is By himself with no Mountain in the world.He is Not letting his one around. This is Not scared and they might be Goal and courageous because Great dangers during the climb himself he might fall easily Down. and get hurt.
  3. 3. Helping other There were trash every People where And the storm blew getting to the top the climbing Gear but they of mountain. He is are still going. Courageous Helpful to the is other people Who Shown here because there is going up the might have not the right mountain tools And they are still climbing. Even after climbing Mt. Everest He is stillThere was bad weather climbing every where in the world by himself.The other day and they He is still climbing mountains all over byAre still going to the top. This Himself and he has to carry a lot of things.Is courageous because thereMight be great dangers afterThat day.
  4. 4. The book “To the Top of Everest “ was so good that it has gotten twoawards,the children Choice award and the Canadian Book of the Year.
  5. 5. Color : RedOne of the character trait is determined. He is determined because hisFriend challenge him to race to the top of the cable but while Laurie isAlmost at the top his friend change his mind. He started to get tired and heDoesn’t know if he could make it. When he looked down he saw a crowdAt the bottom of the cable. One of them said,”Stupid boy. I hope he falls.”That made him very mad and he is very determined to get to the top. Quic kT ime™ a nd a dec o p es sor m r are needed to see t his pict ur e.
  6. 6. Color : BlueAnother character trait is confident because he is very sure he will make toThe top of the mountain and he is climbing with his friends. There are lots ofWeather on Mt. Everest so it is very hard to get to the top. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this pictur e.
  7. 7. Color: blueMy second to last character trait is protective because Laurie and his friendsHelp people who are in danger. One example is during the climb one friendGot buried by snow but only his leg was out so the team can pull him out.During the climb there were a lot of other examples that support this trait. QuickTime™ and a decompress or are needed to see this picture.
  8. 8. Color:?The last trait is cautious because the team is always cautious during the climbBecause there are always danger during the climb. Saying “ one mistake isThe last mistake u will ever make. I think it mean that if u make a mistake it isThe last time u will make that mistake ever again. Qui ckTi me™ and a decompresso r are ne ede d to see thi s pi cture.
  9. 9. I think the best room for Laurie is things that has a mountain theme inthem.That will be a good room for Laurie because he has climb many mountainall over the world.Ex: a chair that has some kind of mountain on the chair/sofa, the stove thatMountain all on the wall near the stove, ect.
  10. 10. Adult: 12.00 Lauries dessert Children5-12: 5.00 restaurant Under: 1.00 The careful tree The vegetable cake Ice cream mountain QuickTime™ and a decompressor QuickTime™ and a are needed to see this picture. QuickTime™ and a decompressor decompress or are neede d to se e this picture. are needed to see this pictur e.This is related to thebook because Laurie Vegetable isAnd the team has Laurie has climb many one of the food thathelped Other people Mountains in the world people bring to Everestwho needs help By himself or with friends to eat because it Is.On Everest. very easy to bring.