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Benjamin franklin


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Benjamin franklin

  1. 1. Benjamin Franklin By Julia Reed Benjamin Franklin Inventor, Writer, and Patriot By Ryan P. Randolph
  2. 2. Timeline of Benjamin Franklin’s Courage 1718 At age 10, Benjamin wrote secret articles to his brother James’ paper. He ended up getting James into jail. After James returned, Benjamin left his town. 1724 When Benjamin moved to Pennsylvania, he wanted to start his own print shop. He went back to Boston to beg his father for money after getting his brother arrested and leaving his family. (He did not get approval from his father.) Benjamin went to London looking for supplies, money and approval. He stayed in London with a different printer while he was still working for Keith in PA. He then went back to PA wanting his job back at Keith’s- but he didn’t get it. 1728 Benjamin was still trying to find a printer to work for when Hugh Meredith offered to own a print shop together. He took the offer knowing that owning a business with her would be challenging. Ben had been working independently. In his print business he created his own paper and created a new character called “ Busy Boy ”. I thought that he should of learned his lesson with creating fake people to write about, since what he did to his brother. 1725
  3. 3. (cont.) 1751 Benjamin was elected into the Pennsylvania assembly. It was his third career aside from printing and science. This made him choose sides between the British and Americans. His family didn’t have to pay taxes on their land because they were British. Benjamin kept on trying to force them to pay the taxes. 1765 Ben went to London to argue against the British Stamp Act. Since he was a printer, he cared very much about this. By arguing against this, it caused riots back at his home in PA where his wife Deborah Reed was trying to hold them off. Ben didn’t get the Stamp Act removed right away though. It did get removed in 1766. 1766 1776 On July 4 th, the Declaration of Independence was adopted. Benjamin was now fully committed to America, after the American Revolution. 1752 This experiment is Benjamin Franklin’s most famous- flying a kite attached with a metal key. Ben conducted this experiment with his son. This was very interesting at the time and no one knew it could kill you. Being the first person to try something can be scary, risky, and fun.
  4. 4. (cont.) He was elected President of PA Society for Promoting Against Slavery. Ben wanted to put an end to slavery and to the slave trade. At that time, people didn’t support an idea like this. However, Ben kept fighting for what was right. 1787 1788 At age 82, Benjamin Franklin decided to retire from the public. He kept working on his science studies, though. After retirement, he felt pressured people might need him back. Although sometime after this, he now felt relaxed and not stressed. 1790
  5. 5. Intelligent – Yellow D uring Benjamin’s time, as in our time, people called him intelligent because of the marvelous things he could do. Back then, no else knew how print as well and no one else was so highly educated. He also invented things such as hospitals, police watch, a fire company, library, safe stove, bifocals, lightning rods, modernized mail delivery- to name a few. All of the experiments he conducted really made a difference in our world- then and today .
  6. 6. H e was curious. He would always be thinking about wacky and bizarre things. For instance, during lightning storms he would only wonder about getting struck by lightning and about finding how electricity works! He didn’t know it could kill you! He would also think about such random things. For example, “How could I make this better?” Or, turn it into a new idea. He was always thinking- which made him curious. Curious – Orange
  7. 7. B enjamin Franklin was always persistent. He would never stop until he got what he wanted. For example, he had always wanted to put an end to slavery and to the slave trade. He kept fighting until he got what he wanted. He didn’t put an end to it, but he did get some rights and laws provided. Also, Benjamin fought for taxes. His family didn’t have to pay taxes on their own land, but Benjamin thought that they should. He got the government to force them to pay their taxes. Throughout all of these situations, Benjamin ended up getting what he wanted. Persistent - Blue
  8. 8. A Special Place For Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was very interested in lightning. His experiments advanced the study of electricity by many years. Benjamin invented the lightning rod which proved that lightning was attracted to metal. This is a metal lightning cage (shown above). Basically the concept of it is to show people when you are in it you won’t get struck by lighting because of the metal rods. From Ben, we have found out a lot about lightning. He would have enjoyed this cage because he could have expanded his knowledge. I think he would be honored to know we have taken his inventions to a whole new level of creativity.
  9. 9. The Copley Medal For Benjamin Franklin This is the Copley Medal. Benjamin Franklin actually won this medal in 1753. These days, it would be like winning the Nobel Prize. The Copley Medal is no longer awarded. It was given out by the Royal Society of London for outstanding achievement in scientific research. It was the most prestigious scientific award in Britain at the time. Benjamin Franklin definitely deserved it because he was so highly educated in the categories such as literature, science, and politics.
  10. 10. Benjamin Franklin’s Menu A ppetizers M ain E ntrees D esserts Bifocals Biscuits These may come with jam and they are super sweet. They represent how Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of bifocals. Pizza from the Benjamin Stove This pizza can come with all different toppings. We cook it in the famous stove that Benjamin Franklin invented! Alphabet Soup This soup is creamy and delicious. Franklin was a professional printer and the letters represent the words he typed. Kite Cookies These cookies are colorful and delicious. They are cookies from the experiment Benjamin conducted about electricity. Fire House Wings These will come with any sauce. They have an amazing flavor just like Benjamin’s amazing invention of the fire house. 100 % Beef This beef can be prepared in anyway. It is 100% meat just like Benjamin on the $100 bill. From the The Franklin Inn
  11. 11. Benjamin Franklin’s Menu (cont.) Appetizers Main Entrees Desserts Key Lime Pie This is a very prestigious pie. It is from the experiment of the metal key and kite Benjamin conducted. Special Delivery “ French” Fries This pasta has been imported from Italy. It has gotten here since Benjamin has invented postal mail. Benjamin brought these fries back from France when he was living there. Lightning Rods Library Layer Cake These Mozzarella sticks were “struck” with a bunch of flavor. These are inspired from the invention of the lightning rod. You can get a book of the cake and they are all divine. This cake is to represent how Benjamin took part in creating a library. The Independence Entree This is a special meal where all the food is red, white, and blue. This is to show how Benjamin Franklin participated in the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  12. 12. If it is inevitable bring it to my doorstep promptly my wristwatch is broken it reads what my past times have cost me deprive me of oxygen slowly I think more like you they will still come to know me I dream of such afternoons valedictorians white-water rafting the rapids of Oregon Revenue generators are thoroughly splashed by the waves of awakening iconoclasts I will not attach strings, I cannot pluck melodically Follow my instincts towards my autonomy Glad I'm not a Kennedy despite the nice amenities I couldn't walk my Pomeranians without security ahead of me Privacy is held in high regard I'm old enough to understand a picket fence around a yard when the main vein softens and the arteries harden I'll own a geodesic dome and a vegetable garden Feel the light….. Feel the light….. Benjamin Franklin Music
  13. 13. Feel the lightning inside... Everyone's got the lightning Do you intend to use it? Feel it inside Daddy don't mind Benjamin Franklin Music Once you unlock the power nothing is going to stop you feel it inside Momma don't mind let the high voltage rock you I've got the lightning inside that kind of power can't hide you know it won’t be tonight this lightning's making me high feel the lightning inside (x3) Everyone's got the lightning Do you intend to use it? Feel it inside Daddy don't mind Benjamin Franklin Music once you unlock the power nothing is going to stop you feel it inside Momma don't mind let the high voltage rock you Feel the light….. Feel the light….. By: Grand Buffet Lyrics benjamin _franklin_music_ lyrics_grand_buffet.html
  14. 14. Feel the light….. I chose this song for Benjamin Franklin because it really describes the little ideas and the main themes of Benjamin’s life. I also feel that this song has so much details. It records things like they are snapshots. They captured things at the exact moment and you felt like you were there! This song was well written by the band, The Grand Buffet Lyrics. Even without the title somewhere in the song, I definitely knew it was about Benjamin Franklin. It also shows his true colors about courage. This song is the perfect song about Benjamin Franklin!