West Midlands climate change action plan


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Becky Gill from Government Office West Midlands provides an overview of the West Midlands climate change action plan. The presentation was delivered as part of the State of the Region climate change dialogue event, hosted by West Midlands Regional Observatory, on 20 April 2009.

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  • Communications:For regional policymakers, public sector organisations and businesses:Increase awareness of the implications of Climate Change.Improve understanding of appropriate actions.Organisations should lead by example by:Significantly reducing carbon emissions from their own premises, activities and services.Ensuring that their assets and services are resilient to likely climate change impacts.Communication Informing you about progress, what is going on and what is coming next<number>
  • Ownership Each a 30 actions assigned to one of the panel partners to oversee delivery and report on progressYear ahead looking to build on 1st year.CCAP not a perfect document but right enough for now to direct and focus activity for the next year.Increase and deepen region’s understanding of the challenge and interventions neededEngage more thoroughly with regional stakeholdersAccelerate pace of delivery<number>
  • Initiatives what does and doesn’t work:Leadership – how you have done it and made a differenceWhat you need to deliver change. More events like today, more resource more information. Whatever would helpYou are all leaders in your organisations, sub-regions and communities. You can help to change behaviours by challenging and inspiring others. By consistently asking simple questions like ’how will this plan, project or programme affect out carbon footprint’ in Warwick or West Bromwich or Woodside, do that and you will be one of the willfull individuals that are making change happen for the better.<number><number>
  • West Midlands climate change action plan

    1. 1. West Midlands Climate Change Action Plan Rebecca Gill Government Office for the West Midlands A presentation given at State of the Region: Implications of Climate Change event, 20 April 2009. This presentation forms part of the Observatory’s ongoing State of the Region dialogue between policy makers and researchers on the theme of climate change.
    2. 2. West Midlands Regional Climate Change Action Plan West Midlands Regional Climate 2 Change Action Plan
    3. 3. “Our Vision” Our Vision is of a sustainable, low carbon West Midlands, well adapted to the impacts of climate change and supported by a low carbon economy. West Midlands Regional Climate 3 Change Action Plan
    4. 4. The Climate Change Act Targets Cut emissions by at least 80% by 2050 and at least 26% by 2020 Budgets and accountability Five-year budgets set three years ahead Annual progress reports to Parliament Committee on Climate Change Advises Government on meeting carbon targets Measures to reduce emissions Carbon Reduction Commitment West Midlands Regional Climate 4 Change Action Plan
    5. 5. Regional Climate Change Action Plan • Regional in scale • Regionally appropriate • Establishment of Climate Change Panel & Office • 6 Priorities and 30 Actions • Reports on progress to Regional Minister West Midlands Regional Climate 5 Change Action Plan
    6. 6. Climate Change Office & Panel Formed from 6 key Regional partners: - • Advantage West Midlands • Government Office for the West Midlands • Environment Agency • West Midlands Regional Assembly • Natural England • West Midlands Local Government Association West Midlands Regional Climate 6 Change Action Plan
    7. 7. Governance of Regional Climate Change Action Plan
    8. 8. Six Priorities for Action • Planning & Environment • Economy • Implementation • Leadership • Communication • Targets & Monitoring West Midlands Regional Climate 8 Change Action Plan
    9. 9. Key Regional Successes • Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) adaptation report • AWM’s “Evidence of Success” • WM Regional Assembly’s Carbon Trajectory Study • Defra’s Regional Climate Change Partnership funding – key projects agreed and underway West Midlands Regional Climate 9 Change Action Plan
    10. 10. What We Need From You • Consider implications of climate change whatever you’re working on – embed in corporate processes • Enthuse your staff to take actions to reduce energy use in their homes • Reduce overall energy use through increased energy efficiency and reduced consumption • Take a managed response to unavoidable impact of climate change • Ensure design and planning process takes into account predicted changes in climate (PPS1) West Midlands Regional Climate 10 Change Action Plan
    11. 11. Contact details Rebecca Gill Head of Sustainable Development, Government Office for the West Midlands E rebecca.gill@gowm.gsi.gov.uk T +44 (0)121 352 5438 Web http://www.gos.gov.uk/gowm/ John Walker Senior Research Analyst West Midlands Regional Observatory E john.walker@wmro.org T +44 (0)121 202 3246 Web www.wmro.org Blog http://wmro.wordpress.com