Tim Martin on OS OpenSpace


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Tim Martin on Ordnance Survey's OS OpenSpace. This presentation was given at the Geographical Information Day in Birmingham, 18th November 2009, hosted by the West Midlands Regional Observatory.

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Tim Martin on OS OpenSpace

  1. 1. OS OpenSpace Tim Martin Geotechnologist
  2. 2. Breaking News • The Prime Minister has today announced that the public and others will have greater access to a range Ordnance Survey data from next year, as part of a Government drive to open up data to improve efficiency and transparency. • The detail of this is still being worked through and a formal consultation period will begin in December to look at how these changes will be implemented. Ordnance Survey is committed to working with colleagues across government on developing these proposals. In the meantime we are focused on continuing to collect and maintain the most accurate mapping data of Great Britain as well as delivering an excellent service to our customers and partners.
  3. 3. More details • Data relating to electoral and local authority boundaries as well as postcode areas would be released for free re-use, including commercially. Mid-scale digital mapping information would also be released in the same way. ... The highest-specification Ordnance Survey products and services – such as those used by property developers or the utility companies – would be charged for on a cost-reflective basis.
  4. 4. New and enhanced version • May 2009 • Version 0.8 includes • Increase to the tile limit • Postcode lookups • New boundary data • Wider use rights • Some advertising & sponsorship now allowed
  5. 5. Expanding the reach of OS OpenSpace
  6. 6. OS OpenSpace Pro • Growth path for successful applications • Available October 2009 • Service Level Agreement • Commercial Licences • Beta sign up available today
  7. 7. Enabling thematic applications
  8. 8. OS OpenSpace – core terms & conditions • Charities, non-profit making organisations, volunteer led groups, other social and community groups, entrepreneurs and commercial organisations may all use OS OpenSpace. • Web based applications with a wide range of functionality may be created using OS OpenSpace. Not internal administration of a business. They must be publicly accessible. • Advertising on OS OpenSpace web applications is permitted. No charge can be made for access to, or use of, applications. • OS OpenSpace applications may access Ordnance Survey data until defined daily Usage Limits are reached. i.e. 40 000 map tiles. 1000 look-ups for each of gazetteer, postcode and boundaries. • OS OpenSpace applications must not permit Ordnance Survey data to be downloaded, stored or archived. Automatic, immediate and temporary storing (caching) is permitted, however.
  9. 9. Available data • OS Street View • 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster • 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster • Mini Scale (1:1 000 000) • Overview of Great Britain • Outline of Great Britain • 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer • Postcode lookup • Boundaries
  10. 10. Technical overview • JavaScript API • Built on OpenLayers • Double Click Zoom • Keyboard controls • Zoom Box • Added OS OpenSpace specific features • OS OpenSpace MapPoint • BNG support • Simple Marker Coding • Momentum
  11. 11. Registration – www.osopenspace.co.uk
  12. 12. OSGB Web Map Tools v2.0 http://sourceforge.net/projects/osgbwebmaptools/
  13. 13. Get building……..
  14. 14. Questions? Tim.Martin@ordnancesurvey.co.uk