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Bernstein Law Marketing - Law Firm Marketing


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The Sam Bernstein Law Firm engaged Kaleidico to re-engineer their Google AdWords PPC strategy and execution, as well as jumpstart their social media channels.

One of the things that Kaleidico prides itself in is our ability to energize clients in-house marketing programs with new ideas, tactics, and strategy. This was precisely the role we filled for The Sam Bernstein Law Firm.

// Google AdWords/PPC Campaign Strategy & Management

During this engagement we re-engineered a very large Google AdWords PPC account. Kaleidico restructured several existing campaigns and created new optimized Ad Groups and campaigns, creating a more manageable and scalable AdWords PPC campaign architecture.

Our engagement was successful in pruning thousands of underperforming keywords, ad text, and campaigns. As a result, this law firm immediately experienced increased profitability and improvement in the quality of their overall PPC lead generation campaigns.

// Social Media Strategy & Design

In addition, our engagement included a social media marketing program. As a part of this engagement Kaleidico focused on crafting an overall social media strategy, building the editorial calendar manage its consistent execution, and design assets to deliver engagement.

A portion of this social media strategy was to create an engaging safety tips image posting campaign on Facebook.

This, in addition, to several other like editorial strategies quickly gave the Call Sam Facebook Fan Page 6x growth in a short 30 days.

// Sam Bernstein Law Infographics

Finally, Kaleidico created a full inventory of educational infographics for The Sam Bernstein Law Firm to reinforce their philosophy of producing valuable educational content into the market, hoping to reduce personal injury.

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Bernstein Law Marketing - Law Firm Marketing

  1. 1. KALEIDICASE STUDY The Bernstein Law Firm NO. 03 Kaleidico Digital Marketing
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGES • Humanize and improve the client’s image with branding and content • Enhance the client’s social media presence • Improve performance of the client’s paid search engine marketing The Challenges | 1
  3. 3. The Background Numerous stereotypes persist for trial lawyers, most of which aren’tparticularly kind. This client approached us looking to soften their brand’s image while still portraying their firm as aggressive enough to fight for their own clients. Further, this client was experiencing increased pressure from competitors in their marketplace, and our expertise was sought to improve the performance of their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts. The Background | 2
  4. 4. THE SOLUTION Social Media, Messaging Strategy, Blog and Custom Content, Paid Search (PPC) The Solution | 3
  5. 5. The Solution To help convey the client’s self-styled portrayal as a civic-minded, containing shareable public safety tips, timed to coincide with family-oriented personal injury law firm, Kaleidico first began a an increase in summer usage of automobiles and personal social media campaign aimed at educating the public on how to watercraft. These were then syndicated across social channels, avoid injury in the first place. These came in the form of several and supported with select, low-dollar, paid promotions. content series’, featuring tailored branding elements on Facebook The Solution | 4
  6. 6. THE RESULTS The Results | 5
  7. 7. The Results Through branded educational posts to Facebook and Twitter, This was another case where one of Kaleidico’s maxims--that inspired by both new and repurposed content, positive engagement customers don’t always talk about your brand the same way that on social media channels increased, as did the frequency of you do--proved accurate. These previously neglected search terms shareable, branded materials. opened new PPC opportunities that continue to yield quality leads and cases to this day. On the paid search front, Kaleidico discovered several important keyword opportunities that were previously absent from the firm’s campaigns. We had isolated specific search language used by customers (the firm’s clients) that the firm wasn’t aware of. The Results | 6