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Brand-dishing weapons


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A short presentation on visual branding.

Published in: Design
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Brand-dishing weapons

  1. 1. brand- dishing weapons Prof.Wm Pitzer • IMC 693H •WestVirginia University
  2. 2. Visually­based society !"#$%&'("(')*&'*+"$%",-&,$'( Visuals are the most vital part of a brand. They are in everything, from advertising, banking, shipping, retail, products, packaging. Companies that capture visual aspects of branding will outperform competitors: VISUAL BRANDING
  3. 3. figure: positive shapes ground: negative shapes
  4. 4. People = Personality Brand = Personality !"#$%&'()"*)$+,-'.%(/ thoughts, feelings, fantasies, ambitions, talent !"#01.%2"*)$+,-'.%(/ how you want others to see you !"3(($%10()4"*)$+,-'.%(/ how others see you VISUAL BRANDING
  5. 5. ideas for social media branding Company branding Focus on the company or corporate visual brand ahead of any individuals or key personalities. Individuals can enhance their personal brands by association with a successful company brand. VISUAL BRANDING 3!
  6. 6. ideas for social media branding Mutual branding Employees with an existing social­media presence can help advance their company’s efforts. Mutual visual branding can promote both the firm and the individual. VISUAL BRANDING 3!!
  7. 7. ideas for social media branding Personal branding Strong visual branding by individuals via social media can focus attention and reinforce efforts to create your own identity or message. VISUAL BRANDING 3!!!
  8. 8. brand- dishing weapons Prof.Wm Pitzer • IMC 693H •WestVirginia University