Sony qriocity by anand, neha, urvi and samantha


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Sony qriocity by anand, neha, urvi and samantha

  1. 1. Sony By Anand, Neha, Samantha and Urvi
  2. 2. Contents Basic Information What is Sony Qriocity and what does it offer? Who is the target audience for Sony Qriocity? Who, What, When Who owns Sony Qriocity? When was it established? What kinds of music does Qriocity offer to thier audience? Pros and Cons of Sony Qriocity What advantages do the audience of Sony Qriocity have? What disadvantages do their audience have to face? Marketing Techniques What kind of marketing techiniques do Sony Qriocity use and what kind of effect does it have on the music industry?
  3. 3. Basic Information Sony Qriocity is a music and video streaming service. It is subscription based and is to work only on Sony devices like the Playstation 3, the Vaio laptops and Sony Ericcson mobile phones. Sony aim to provide thier customers downloadable high-def movies and music. The devices should have an internet connection available to enjoy the full experience of thier services. Sony are aiming this service to as many people as they can, trying to beat the most popular music/video streaming service available today: iTunes. They already expect the 54 million registered Playstation 3 users to sign up to this service giving Sony a sizable target audience for its new service. Sony have already abandoned earlier music streaming site, Connect Music. This, too, offered a wide selection of songs for downloading, but users were restricted to using Sony hardware and software to listen.
  4. 4. Who, When, What? Sony Qriocity is owned by Fujio Nishida, the president of Sony in Europe. Sony Qriocity was announced by Sony in April of this year but has not yet been released. Sony aim to start the service in the UK towards the end of this year. They have already offered the US the ’video on-demand’ service which means that the service users can watch high-def movies and music videos whenever they want. They want to release as many songs as possible: they estimate in millions. They haven’t disclosed information on what record labels are going to be featured.
  5. 5. Pros and Cons of Sony Qriocity Sony promise to provide services that already exist from websites like Last.FM but want their customers to enjoy more than music and videos. They are also going to offer e-books (books in the digital format that can be easily transfered and portablised, making them available to read on e-book readers, phones and media players) and games. The service can be accessed from Sony Blu-Ray players, Bravia flat screens, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Sony Vaio laptops and their gaming systems(Playstation 3 and PSP Go!). Films that will be available will come from several big-shot studios:20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. However Sony Qriocity will have problems competing with iTunes. Sony’s expectations will be high if they want to beat iTunes. The question is: Will Sony be able to keep up with Apple’s service? They will also have to fight off Amazon, who are also planning to start their own service providing old films and TV shows. Sony have not mentioned the cost of the subscription and it will take time to spread through Sony’s convergence technology. They have also restricted the service to Sony customers, practically ushering away non-Sony customers. Users cannot download music but can only stream it.
  6. 6. Marketing Techniques
  7. 7. Thanks For Listening  !