Infrastruttura Efficiente Di Sun E Amd -Virtualise with Confidence


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Virtualise with Confidence
Nuovo processore AMD Instambul sei core
Nuovi Sistemi x86 di Sun Microsystems

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Infrastruttura Efficiente Di Sun E Amd -Virtualise with Confidence

  1. 1. Virtualise with Confidence Efficient Infrastructure by Sun and AMD - What six cores mean for you 1
  2. 2. Virtualise with Confidence • Efficient Infrastructure by Sun and AMD • Virtualise with Confidence - from desktop to disk • Scalable infrastructure for Agenda business applications • Next Steps Sun Confidential: Internal Only 2
  3. 3. Our Agenda today: x86 infrastructure for... Infrastructure Virtualisation Databases
  4. 4. Sun Open Network Systems SIMPLICITY Cut out network SPEED cost and complexity SAVINGS Eliminate system Reduce power storage bottlenecks management costs
  5. 5. SPEED Sun Redefines The Server I/O Hierarchies And Eliminates System Storage Bottlenecks
  6. 6. Powerful and efficient Server Systems Eliminate IO Bottlenecks Server I/O 6-core AMD Opteron Processors Hierarchy CPU Near linear scaling with integrated Memory Controller and HT Assist Memory → 3.000.000 IOPS (4P) A factor of 10000! HDD 15k SAS disks → 300 IOPS
  7. 7. Powerful and efficient Server Systems Eliminate IO Bottlenecks Server I/O 6-core AMD Opteron Processors Hierarchy CPU Near linear scaling with integrated Memory Controller and HT Assist Memory → 3.000.000 IOPS (4P) Flashfire technology directly connected to PCI-bus Flash DIMMs → 120.000 IOPS SSD Cost-efficient SSDs as HDD replacement → 30.000 IOPS HDD 15k SAS disks → 300 IOPS
  8. 8. SIMPLICITY Sun's Advanced Blades Architecture Take Out Cost and Complexity From IT Infrastructure
  9. 9. Sun’s Open Network Systems Simplicity • Network complexity and cost out of the data center Sun Blade 6000 with Cable • Integrated cable aggregation Aggregation with no bottlenecks to the 10 Solution (Hydra) GbEthernet core switch • Two or four uplinks to the core switch (10GbEth) • No switch management Unified Storage • Open, industry standards based System storage
  10. 10. SAVINGS Sun Delivers Unmatched Operational Efficiencies
  11. 11. Free Choice of OS and Virtualisation Partnerships with: ● Microsoft ● VMware ● Red Hat ● Novell ● Oracle
  12. 12. Effective Systems Management IBM Tivoli CA Unicenter Network and IBM Director Systems Management MS Operations HP OpenView Manager 2005 Operations for Unix System Center HP OpenView Operations Operations for Manager 2007 Windows HP Systems Insight Manager BMC Patrol Enterprise Manager Altiris Deployment Solution Nagios Download software and documentation from
  13. 13. AMD OpteronTM Processor Update The Six-Core „Istanbul“ Roberto Dognini, October 2009
  14. 14. Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor (“Istanbul”) Industry’s only Six-Core processor with Direct Connect Architecture for 2P, 4P, 8P x86 Servers  Six true cores  New HyperTransport™ technology HT Assist  Increased HyperTransport™ 3 technology (HT3) bandwidth  Higher performing Integrated Memory Controller  Same power/thermal envelopes as Quad- Core AMD Opteron™ processor Up to a 30% performance increase over Quad- Core AMD Opteron™ processor codenamed “Shanghai”* *Based on internal testing at AMD performance labs as of 3/27/09.
  15. 15. Innovation: HT Assist Improves Throughput Reduces probe Increases Significant filter traffic STREAM memory improvements between bandwidth by as in 4P and 8P, DB processors much as 60%* & virtualization workloads Without HT Assist With HT Assist CPU 1 CPU 2 CPU 1 CPU 2 L3 L3 L3 1 L3 CPU 3 CPU 4 CPU 3 CPU 4 L3 L3 L3 L3 10 transactions 2 transactions Based on measurements at AMD performance labs as of May 8, 2009. Please see backup slides 21-22 for configuration information. 8 = Data request = Probe request = L3 Directory = Data Response = Probe Response = Directory Read
  16. 16. Energy Efficiency for the Datacenter AMD Opteron™ Processor: Balanced Approach to Energy Efficiency 33W 4W increase increase Competition now ~2% utilization energy IT managers budget efficiency reduction focused on idle (servers are rarely completely idle) for peak power (Energy Star, SPECpower®) (low peak power is critical) SOURCE: Idle & Peak power data taken from 2% utilization data taken in AMD labs.
  17. 17. AMD OpteronTM Processor Key Workloads Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor Virtualization Web / Cloud IT Infrastructure Driving virtualization Large, dense Cost and energy for demanding deployments, power efficient platform for applications for utmost sensitive utility virtualization, flexibility file & print, network services Database HPC Email Performance to Varied needs by I/O and CPU power to manage and analyze workload, memory reliably handle growing your most data bandwidth and numbers of intensive applications compute or power and messages density
  18. 18. AMD HPC Processor Portfolio – CY’09 1H’09 – “Shanghai” 2H’09 – “Istanbul” 185.6GFlops & ~25GB/s* 249.6GFlops & ~42GB/s* Capacity platform = large memory Maximum performance = leading footprint, reduced node count and compute density, high memory lots of floating-point throughput and floating point throughput Targets: EDA, Life Sciences & Top500 (HPL) Targets: All HPC workloads 92.8GFlops & ~21GB/s* 124.8GFlops & ~22GB/s* Balanced scalability = Scalable performance = outstanding price/performance outstanding compute density and and performance-per-watt performance-per-watt Targets: CAE, Weather, O&G, Targets: EDA, Life Sciences, Financial Services & Top500 Financial Services & Top500 (HPL) (HPL) * Data for highest speed standard power (75W ACP) processors within the timeframe shown – Gflops are peak values, GB/s are measured STREAM values
  19. 19. Flexibility to add new hardware 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010* Rev E Rev E Rev F Barcelona “Shanghai” “Istanbul” “Magny-Cours” Wolfdale Clovertown Gainestown Irwindale Harpertown Dempsey Woodcrest Paxville DP 2 Socket Servers Sossaman VMware Enhance VMotion support for Intel CPUs with FlexMigration Cranford 4 and 4+ Socket Potomic Servers Paxville MP Tigerton Dunnington Beckton Tulsa Source: * Planned product launch dates and features. Timeline is an approximation. *Roadmap subject to change without notice
  20. 20. Future Outlook 30 Future 25 20 Performance 15 FP INT 10 5 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Single Core Dual Core Quad Core “Istanbul” “Magny-Cours” 6 core 12 core Biggest absolute performance-per-watt uplift in 2010
  21. 21. AMD OpteronTM processor at a glance ● Price/Performance ● Solid performance without a price premium makes the X4140 / X4240 a superior choice for tight budgets ● Efficiency ● Help maximize IT resources in tough times ● Full product line ● Architectural consistency from 2P to 8P Sun servers to help reduce software management costs ● No compromises ● Full set of features throughout the entire “Shanghai” and “Istanbul” product lines, no compromises to hit power or price targets
  22. 22. Sun Growing x64 Server Portfolio Enhanced AMD Based Products Sun Fire X4640 Sun Blade X6240 Sun Blade X6440 4RU Coming Blade 6-Core Soon! CPU's! Eight-Socket (Scalability) Sun Fire X4240 6-Core Sun Fire X4440 CPU's! 2RU Sun Fire X4540 Sun Fire X4140 6-Core CPU's! 1RU Dual-Socket Quad-Socket (Capacity-Optimized) (Performance-Optimized) Sun Confidential: Internal Only 22
  23. 23. Install Once, Scale for the Future Solid Long-Term Investment Protection 6-Cores 12-Cores 24-Cores 48-Cores 1152-Cores Sun Blade 6048 Modular System Sun Fire X4440 Sun Fire X4440 Sun Fire X4640 48x Blades 2U – 2x 6-Core 2U - 4x 6-Core 4U - 8x 6-Core 4x 6-Core Improve business agility and growth Sun Fire X4240 Sun Fire X4640 2U - 2x 6-Core 4U - 4x 6-Core Simply add or upgrade CPU modules Sun Fire X4140 Sun Fire X4140 1U - 1x 6-Core 1U - 2x 6-Core Designed to Sun Blade 6440 4x 6-Core maximize server density Sun Blade 6240 2x 6-Core and minimize transitions
  24. 24. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Redefines storage economics > Gain up to 75% cost savings > No added license fees > 4x less power consumed Inovation with real return > State of the art high performance AMD X86 systems > Solaris scales > ZFS hybrid storage pool > Real Time Analytics with dtrace We Make it Industry Benchmark in $/GB, $/IO Easy and Watt/IOPS Unified file / block data protocols and a robust suite of data services 24
  25. 25. Sun Storage 7000 System Family Unified Storage from 4 up to 288 TB Sun Storage 7110 4 TB - 8 GB RAM – 6 CPU Cores Sun Storage 7210 142 TB - 64 GB RAM – 12 CPU Cores 2 x 18 GB SSD Write Cache Sun Storage 7310 96 TB - 64 GB RAM – 12 CPU Cores 16 x 18 GB SSD Write Cache 6 x 100 GB SSD Read Cache Sun Storage 7410 288 TB - 128 GB RAM – 24 CPU Cores 16 x 18 GB SSD Write Cache 6 x 100 GB SSD Read Cache
  26. 26. Fast Storage needs AMD CPUs S7410 Quad-Core / HT1 Six-Core / HT3 185.6GFlops & ~25GB/s* 249.6GFlops & ~42GB/s* NFSv3 streaming cached read NFSv3 streaming cached read 2.15 Gbytes/sec 2.68 Gbytes/sec (+25%) NFSv3 8k read ops/sec NFSv3 8k read ops/sec 127,143 223,969 (+75%) More:
  27. 27. Questions and Answers 27