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Wynning Intro Pres Apr 2012


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Company Presentation

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Wynning Intro Pres Apr 2012

  1. 1. Delivering Your Objectives byDeveloping Your People
  2. 2. Contents• Introducing Wynning• Leading change to deliver value• Who we’ve been helping• Our recommended approach: - Before, During and After• Examples of the work we do• What our Clients say• Examples of true R.o.I.• Next steps 2
  3. 3. Wynning Coaching & Training Ltd.• UK Based Management Training & Coaching Company• Team of Certified Transformative Coaches and World-Class Training Facilitators• Established in 2005• FMCG specialists with experience in many industries and business types• Team language capabilities – English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German• Trained in over 40 countries, every continent• Capabilities in Sales, Marketing, Buying, Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance and HR Functions• Before, During and After approach 3
  4. 4. Management Training Evolution: Wynning Leading Change Used to be... Has become...• “Company Academies” • Client bespoke solutions• Logo Changes / low tailoring • Future-led• “Happy Sheets” (Workshop • Holistic: all the levers to feedback form) measurement develop performance • True Client R.o.I. 4
  5. 5. Who We’ve Been Helping 5
  6. 6. Wynning Solves Both Challenges The 2 Ways of Improving People’s Performance 1) Capability 2. State of Mind• Skills• Process • Quality of Thinking• Knowledge • Motivation• Tools High Impact Transformative Bespoke Training Coaching 6
  7. 7. The Wynning Framework Review behavioural Review Assess First hand observation changes and business and understanding of results based upon current working practices objectives at the start compared with business objectives and needs Implement Design Develop specific solutions: Implementation of the workshops, coaching, learnings in role and processes, tools measure impact of Deliverbehavioural changes. LineManagement support along Run high-impact the way development interventions (training & coaching) 7
  8. 8. The 3 main parts to the approachWorking with you at each step in order to:1. Understand where your people are today – Current Skills, Processes & Tools – Assess current support structure (incl. line managers) – Current Best Practice with stakeholders2. Your Vision – What your organisation of 2013-2016 looks like – Desired Skills, Processed & Tools – Desired support structure3. How we’ll get there – Training workshops – Transformative Coaching – Reviews & Assessments – Embedding structure for R.o.I. and genuine step-change 8
  9. 9. Benefits of this Approach1. All training and development totally tailored so that each team understands how it relates to their role and challenges2. Future objective led so that you can measure the effect of the programme in line with your own business targets3. Activities are action oriented and motivational – helping your team hit their own KPIs4. Training and coaching is high-impact by understanding how people learn (‘linking the known to the un-known’)5. Skills, knowledge, processes and tools are all developed to help make the changes ‘stick’, delivering excellent R.o.I. very quickly 9
  10. 10. Some Examples of the Work We Do 10
  11. 11. What Client Stakeholders Say “I have had three separate sessions of training over a 9 year period with Wyn, including commissioning some ground breaking best in class training with the Field Sales Force. Wyns brand of coaching, encouragement, focus and challenge is highly effective and impactful. His personality is engaging and Jenks colleagues got tremendous results directly from Wyn’s training and I would highly recommend him to any customer facing business.” A.M. Director of Sales – Consumer Goods “Wyn is a first class trainer who has a wealth of knowledge and has a fantastic way of bringing training materials to life with his wealth of knowledge and“Wyn is an expert in the field of sales business experience truly outstanding. His training hastraining and knows how to get the very had a real impact on me and my site management teambest our of sales people and sales and I would fully recommend his services and lookmanagers. He is thoroughly professional forward to working with Wyn in the future.”and a pleasure to work with bringing A.K. Manufacturing Manager – Food & Beveragesboundless enthusiasm to any task.” “Wyn is an excellent facilitator and has helped to driveS.H. Sales Director – change through our organisation in the manner that weHome Entertainment sell to customers. His training style is engaging with a positive response from all he has trained.” K.P. CEO – Food & Beverages 11
  12. 12. 9 x R.o.I. from only 4 people Results from 4 participants, 11 weeks following a Negotiation Workshop “What I said I’d work on at the end of theName “What I’m Doing Differently” “The Business Results from doing them” course” 1. Do more prep- my own ODEs The training opened my eyes- the details we need to consider. Clothing Retailer A - £16k project, would have been £10k – got the extra Doing lots more prep – their personality, their needs, their £6k directly by using ODEs ODEs. Client B – didn’t give an additional 10% discount, incremental £1,300 to us 2. Get quicker sign-off from clients by Am using high value / low cost to help with quicker sign-off and Additional potential £20k saving, but not yet confirmed Liz using high value/low cost to overcome any disputes. Am finding different things to offer that are high value to them, low cost to us. Total = £7,300 Using ‘If you, then I’ more formally 3. Use ‘If you, then I’ 1. Be more prepared I’ve been using this a lot, not that many proposals until now, so Manufacturer A: Usage 2. Do ODEs fro client’s point of view only now finding out how it works They wanted a piece of work at £10k, I proposed £16k, ended at £14k byHannah 3. Be more creative being more firm, being prepared and using If you , then I 4. Use ‘If you, then I’ Total = £4,000 1. Questioning before and during to Now asking ‘why’ they need the data, documenting their needs Manufacturer A’s contract – now £51k p.a.; and incremental £16k by get their real need for the and why they need the work at the start of the discussion, listening, asking, really understanding their variables. It would have been proposal / piece of work before proposal stage. I’m therefore being specific on what £35k pa if I hadn’t done things differently from the course. they need. By being less aggressive with another client, found out what the maximum was they were willing to spend (£10k) – would have previously said £13k or I’m finding out what their essentials are nothing; and would have got nothing with this – so incremental £10kAdrian 2. Use ODE An original £14k proposal was added to by £2.5k by asking and using If you Using a lot of ‘If you, then I’ and it’s working really well then I Feeling less stressed by being more organized and prepared 3. Conditional Bargaining: “If you, Saved time on Frozen Food A – took 2.5 days, would have been 2 weeks then I” Total = £28,500 1. Preparation and finding out their I’m now thinking through the process: what’s key to them and Food Producer A: 2 proposals £8k project. Sold in Demographics as well as indicators (of flexibility and key to us, plus the USP we provide for them base project by asking questions on what they really needed, and by inflexibility) Not had the need to use this much to date structuring the proposal differently: £2.5k incremental When able to prepare this works really well. When a phone call Client B: was a £5k package, sold in switching and loyalty propensity on topAlister 2. Conditional Bargaining comes in, I need to be quicker to offer alternatives during an by finding out what they wanted and why – an extra £4.5k to the base informal discussion proposal 3. Negotiation Limits Total = £7,0009 x R.o.I. in 1st 3 months directly attributable to implementing workshop learnings (£46,800) 12
  13. 13. Typical example of 10 x R.o.I. in only 5 people Results from 5 (of 11) participants, 10 weeks following an ‘Advanced Selling’ workshop Name What you said you would do What you have done Revenue / Profit benefitA 1. Buyer’s Targets They change targets monthly – focus on money From using Upside-down preparation, 2. Upside-down preparation Now do better preparation sell-out data, last year vs this year, gap 3. Good questions Doing more questioning analysis vs market: Brand X extra 4. Brand X space in Retailer A outlets: move from 40% Now 45% space. Deeper distribution of Brand X £5,000 per month to 50% in smaller storesB 1. Clear objectives Using Upside-down prep and finding 2. Upside-down preparation Very clear presentation using process with needs: directly resulted in the pallet 3. Never assume Retailer D – Pallet Zones zones and free extra run-off displays to 4. Find buyer’s needs Needs: profit, and cash from promotions and clear stock. N.R. £12,000 5. Brand C in Retailer D stores: reduce out of stocks permanent displaysC 1. Deliver the objective which I’ve presented (Brand A: • Retailer H: found out KPIs are Net Sales and G. achieve 80% share of promo in Retailer H) Margin – both % and absolute, but buyer not Share of promo would have happened 2. Use more analytical approach in preparation and bonused on this anyway ( £35k) presentation • Now have 78% share of promo Brand C £15k to year end directly as a 3. Use upside-down preparation and deliver strong • Listed Brand C NPD from using more analytical result of preparing differently customer presentations approach in preparation: Upside-down prep and needsD 1. Brand C shelf hangers in Retailer J (as presented) 42 hangers placed in 24 stores, form using IMS from 8k per month to 18k pm. 2. Move Brand F to correct category in Retailer J testimonials learnt on training course Seasonal and volume fill spike equals 3. Extend shelf share on Brand A from 50% to 75% in Not achieved yet – planogram will change about 5k pm, so increase long term = Retailer W 1 more facing gained, space now 53% £5k per mthE 1. Execute loyalty program in Retailer L • Loyalty program being done with another Promo will be additional 200k Euro – 2. Brand A: increase share of shelf from 67% to 75% supplier would have happened anyway • Can’t get free data anymore on competitors Used KAM D’s upside-down prep and presentation: Brand B – all 6 NPD listed, £100k incremental £247,000 incremental revenue 1st 3 months directly attributable to implementing workshop learnings 13
  14. 14. Next Steps1. Arrange to meet2. Discuss your needs, opportunities and challenges3. Begin your path to improved results by developing your people’s potential 14
  15. 15. Non-disclosure ObligationsThis presentation and document is proprietary to Wynning Ltd. and has been furnishedon a confidential and restricted basis to assist in the evaluation of Wynning Ltd as asupplier of coaching, training and consulting services.Wynning Ltd hereby expressly reserve all rights, without waiver, election or otherlimitation to the full extent permitted by law, in and to this material and the informationcontained therein.Any reproduction, use or display or other disclosure or dissemination, by any methodnow known or later developed, of this material or the information contained herein, inwhole or in part, without the prior written consent of Wynning Ltd is strictly prohibited. All Rights Reserved © Wynning Ltd. 2012 15