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Csm 40 and csm-45-technical-data-sheet


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WestMoonint manufactures high-quality Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene, which includes CSM-40 and CSM-45 grades, which are similar with DuPont’s Hypalon-40 and Hypalon-45 grades in terms of physical properties and performance.

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Csm 40 and csm-45-technical-data-sheet

  1. 1. WESTMOONINT (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED1 CSM-40 and CSM-45 Technical Data Sheet General Introduction ASTM D-2000 Classification: CE Chemical Definition: Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Abbreviation: CSM, CSP, CSPE Formula: {[(CH2) n1CHCl (CH2) n2] n3cCHSO2Cl} n Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Properties Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene (CSM) is a 3-5mm, white to light yellow or yellow-brown tasteless chips, which is similar to rubber but has its own features. It dissolves in aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorine, insoluble in ketones, lipids, and cyclic hydrocarbons, water, alcohol and mineral oil, vegetable oil etc. Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene (CSM) is non-toxic, in explosive. It offers excellent properties of ozone resistance, weather ageing resistance, chemical resistance, good physical and mechanical performance, heat ageing resistance and low temperature performance, oil resistance, resistance to flammability, abrasion resistance and electrical insulation, etc. Figure 1 shows the basic structure of the polyethylene chain that the chlorine and sulfur atoms modify to form cross-linked CSPE molecules. Figure 1 WestMoonint provides CSM-40 and CSM-45 grades are separately similar with Hypalon-40 and Hyplaon-45, which were trademarked by DuPont. Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Specification Type Volatile Chlorine % Sulfur Mooney Viscosity ML1+4, Tensile Strength Elongation ≤% content% 100℃ Mpa≥ %≥ 40 1.0 33~37 0.8~1.2 40~60 25.0 450 45 1.0 23~27 0.8~ 1.2 25~40 25.0 450 Important Announcements: The any depictions in this paper can not be regarded as the abduction of infringing patents. Seller has no any responsibilities for the statement clingers about products, the infringed pledges and any losses on any occasions. The data and the results about products come from the controlled or lab works, and buyers must validate those data and results about products according to their own applying conditions. Address: ROOM2112, BLOCK C OF JINSHA WINERA PLAZA, NO.1 SHUJIN RD, CHENGDU, 610091, SICHUAN, CHINA Tel: 86-028-61311272 Fax: 86-028-61311273 Web: E-mail:
  2. 2. WESTMOONINT (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED2 Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Images Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Physical & Mechanical Properties Durometer or Hardness Range 45 – 95 Shore A Tensile Strength Range 1,000 – 3,000 PSI Elongation (Range %) 100 % – 800 % Abrasion Resistance Good to Excellent Adhesion to Metal Excellent Adhesion to Rigid Materials Excellent Compression Set Poor to Good Flex Cracking Resistance Fair to Good Impact Resistance Good to Very Good Resilience / Rebound Fair to Good Tear Resistance Fair to Good Vibration Dampening Fair to Good Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Acids, Dilute Excellent Acids, Concentrated Good to Excellent Acids, Organic (Dilute) Excellent Acids, Organic (Concentrated) Good Acids, Inorganic Good to Excellent Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Alcohols Excellent Aldehydes Poor to Fair Alkalies, Dilute Good to Excellent Alkalies, Concentrated Good to Excellent Amines Poor Animal & Vegetable Oils Good Brake Fluids, Non-Petroleum Based Fair Diester Oils Poor Esters, Alkyl Phosphate Poor Esters, Aryl Pho Fair Address: ROOM2112, BLOCK C OF JINSHA WINERA PLAZA, NO.1 SHUJIN RD, CHENGDU, 610091, SICHUAN, CHINA Tel: 86-028-61311272 Fax: 86-028-61311273 Web: E-mail:
  3. 3. WESTMOONINT (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED3 Fuel, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Poor Fuel, Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fair to Good Fuel, Extended (Oxygenated) Fair Halogenated Solvents Fair Hydrocarbon, Halogenated Poor Ketones Poor Lacquer Solvents Poor LP Gases & Fuel Oils Poor Mineral Oils Good Oil Resistance Good to Very Good Petroleum Aromatic Fair to Good Petroleum Non-Aromatic Poor Refrigerant Ammonia Fair Refrigerant Halofluorocarbons R-11, R-12, R-13 Refrigerant Halofluorocarbons w/ Oil R-11, R-12, R-22 Silicone Oil Excellent Solvent Resistance Fair to Good Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Thermal Properties Low Temperature Range -60º to - 40º F F Minimum for Continuous Use (Static) - 65ºF Brittle Point - 70ºF High Temperature Range + 225º to + 275º F F Maximum for Continuous Use (Static) + 275ºF Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Environmental Performance Colorability Excellent Flame Resistance Good to Excellent Gas Permeability Good to Excellent Odor Good Ozone Resistance Excellent Oxidation Resistance Excellent Radiation Resistance Poor to Good Steam Resistance Poor to Good Sunlight Resistance Excellent Taste Retention Fair to Good Weather Resistance Excellent Water Resistance Good Chlorosulfonated-Polyethylene Application Address: ROOM2112, BLOCK C OF JINSHA WINERA PLAZA, NO.1 SHUJIN RD, CHENGDU, 610091, SICHUAN, CHINA Tel: 86-028-61311272 Fax: 86-028-61311273 Web: E-mail:
  4. 4. WESTMOONINT (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED4 Chlorosulfonated-polyethylene is used in a number of applications. Variety of products are made using Chlorosulfonated-polyethylene. Some of the popular uses and applications of Hypalon or chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM) are as follows: i. Adhesives ii. Insulation iii. Shoe soles iv. Automotive components like high-temperature timing belts, power steering v. Coatings vi. Flexible tubes vii. Seals viii. Flexible magnetic binders ix. Industrial products such as hose, rolls, seals, gaskets, diaphragms and lining for chemical processing equipment x. Jacketing and insulation for wire and cable xi. Liners and covers for portable water reservoirs xii. Variety of protective and decorative coatings Packaging Chlorosulfonated-polyethylene are stored in polyethylene woven bags, and each of them can contain 25 KG in net weight. Storage Chlorosulfonated-polyethylene does not belong to the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. CSM should be stored in a cool, dry place. Storage and work areas should be monitored for carbon tetrachloride to assure that the PEL is not exceeded. Shelf life Minimum 2 year’s shelf life in original packaging Issued by WESTMOONINT (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED in 2010 Version 2.11 Address: ROOM2112, BLOCK C OF JINSHA WINERA PLAZA, NO.1 SHUJIN RD, CHENGDU, 610091, SICHUAN, CHINA Tel: 86-028-61311272 Fax: 86-028-61311273 Web: E-mail: