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Where do you want to go today

  1. 1. Where Do You Want to Go Today? Mike Feltman
  2. 2. About me President F1 Technologies Working in Xbase Languages for the last 19 years
  3. 3. Not a Hater Work in Microsoft products all day, every day Use all MS operating systems Love VFP, Frontpage, SQL Server Many friends & contacts at Microsoft
  4. 4. Agenda VFP’s Future Is Limited Extending Opportunities for VFP Pros & Cons of Various Other Languages The Job Market for Developers Other IT Jobs
  5. 5. VFP’s Future Is Limited Microsoft is not making significant investment in development Microsoft is not making any investment in marketing A product not marketed by its own manufacturer cannot succeed long term Job Opportunities are limited
  6. 6. Extending Opportunities for VFP Keep your current customers happy Vertical market software Get into web development Participate in VFPX Increase your exposure Sell business solutions, not technology Be willing to do maintenance work
  7. 7. A Language is a Language Most business needs can be met in any programming language “Religious” wars are silly and a waste of time “Advocates” have ulterior motives Many (maybe most) features often go unused
  8. 8. Where do YOU want to go today? .NET C# & VB (Microsoft.com) Java (Sun.COM) C/C++ (microsoft.com, borland.com) PHP (php.net) PERL (perl.org) JavaScript (http://www.mozilla.org/js/) Python (python.org) Ruby (ruby-lang.org)
  9. 9. .NET Pros Definitely where Microsoft wants you to go today Like buying IBM in the 80s Big Job Market Lots of Opportunity Cross Platform (Linux workalikes?, .NET compact framework) Highly capable, tons of features Lots of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. available Can Interop with VFP Desktop & Web
  10. 10. .NET Cons Steep Learning Curve Constantly Changing Little Regard for Backward Compatibility Steep Competition for Jobs Geared towards teams, not individuals Not as productive as VFP Immature 3rd Party Market Shrinking Job Market?
  11. 11. Java Pros Backed by Big Companies such as SUN, IBM & Oracle By Far the Largest Developer Job Market Growing Job Market Lots of Opportunity Cross Platform (Linux, Unix, Phones, PDAs) Lots of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. available Highly capable Mature 3rd Party Market Backward Compatibility Desktop & Web
  12. 12. Java Cons Steep Learning Curve Most development is not on Windows (Unix, Linux) Steep Competition for Jobs Geared towards teams, not individuals Not as productive as VFP Desktop apps are generally slow, Java is primarily geared for the web.
  13. 13. C, C++ Pros Makes learning anything else easy No limits Lots of opportunity Cross Platform Cross Vendor Lots of add-ons, frameworks, toolkits, etc. Desktop & Web Not going away
  14. 14. C, C++ Cons Steep Learning Curve Low Productivity Not really for business apps Makes your brain hurt
  15. 15. PHP Pros Open Source Cross Platform Backed by large vendors such as IBM & Oracle Tons of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. Widely Supported Cross Platform Rapidly Growing Job Market Easy to Learn Backward Compatible Commercial Compiler available
  16. 16. PHP Cons Open Source Smaller Job Market Most development is not on Windows (Linux) Not as robust as .NET or Java Low Priced Competition for work Web Only (at present)
  17. 17. PERL Pros Open Source Large, Growing Job Market Cross Platform (Windows, UNIX, Mac, Linux) Tons of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. Easy to Learn?
  18. 18. PERL Cons Open Source Older Technology (around since 1987) Not as robust as .NET or Java
  19. 19. JavaScript Pros Hot! Rapidly expanding job market Cross Platform Lots of tools, frameworks, resources, tools, etc. Cross-Platform Standards based Needed for most web application development Will probably “never” go away Backward compatible Generally needed for any web project
  20. 20. JavaScript Cons Limited OOP Support Quirky Web Only Client-side only, runs in browser Not for enterprise applications No major vendors pushing it forward directly, up to browser implementations
  21. 21. Python Pros Open Source Easy to learn Growing Job Market DABO (dabodev.com) Cross Platform Desktop & Internet Fair # of Tools, Frameworks, etc.
  22. 22. Python Cons Small Job Market Limited Opportunity Not widely used for business applications Fewer Tools, Frameworks, etc. than many others No major corporate backing
  23. 23. Ruby Pros Growing Job Market Exciting Possibilities VFP Like (& Beyond) Productivity Cross Platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) Ruby on Rails is rapidly emerging Easy to learn Totally free Open Source Internet & Desktop
  24. 24. Ruby Cons Open Source No large corporate backing (although it’s used heavily by Google) Seems that most developers are on Macs Very new Job Market is very small No real IDE & Limited Tools (although that’s part of the appeal) In its infancy for desktop apps
  25. 25. The Job Market Studied available positions for the last 6 months in various technologies Programming Languages: C#, VB, Java, PHP, Delphi, Coldfusion, Ruby, C++, Javascript, PERL, FoxPro, Python Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 Based on Dice.com, CareerBuilder.com and hotjobs.com
  26. 26. The Programmer Job Market Language Jobs Share Growth % Growth C# 10,109 9% (866) -9% VB 7,223 7% (3,958) -55% Java 39,546 37% 4,927 12% PHP 4,166 4% 1,001 24% Delphi 546 1% 49 9% AJAX 2,654 2% 1,502 57% Cold Fusion 1,465 1% (299) -20% RUBY 666 1% 203 30% C++ 16,605 15% (2,787) -17% JavaScript 10,295 10% 931 9% PERL 11,659 11% 1,154 10% FoxPro 305 0% (16) -5% Python 1,965 2% 103 5% Total 107,204 100% 1,944 2% .NET 17,332 16% (4,824) -28%
  27. 27. Database Jobs Database Jobs Share Growth % GrowthSQL Server 23,127 34% (1,384) -6% Oracle 41,425 61% 3,264 8% MySQL 3,253 5% 649 20% Sybase 3,870 6% (333) -9% DB2 7,365 11% 706 10% Total 67,805 100% 2,529 4%
  28. 28. Other IT Jobs Project Manager Network Engineer Systems Architect CIO/CTO
  29. 29. What am I doing Working like crazy in VFP – really no end in sight to my VFP work Doing JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, CSS work in conjunction with VFP Learning more and more SQL Server all the time Keeping my eyes on PHP, Ruby & .NET
  30. 30. What You Should Do Make a business decision  Where will you get the most ROI?  How can you deliver the most value to your clients? Start to learn other technologies now Read Get Tools, especially frameworks
  31. 31. Don’t Be a Hater! You’ll Go Hungry Employers & Customers like optimism Make Informed Business Decisions
  32. 32. Summary It’s possible to be gainfully employed in VFP for a long time There are opportunities in a lot of other technologies .NET should be given very strong consideration, but it’s not the only thing out there. Make decisions that are right for you
  33. 33. Thank you!Remember to fill out your sessionevaluation.Session slides, white paper, and codesamples will be updated.