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AJAX session from back in the day when it was AJAX

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VFP & Ajax

  1. 1. VFP & AJAX Mike FeltmanF1 Technologies
  2. 2. Agenda• What is AJAX • AJAX in 5 Minutes• AJAX Technologies • Talking AJAX to VFP• Putting it Altogether • AJAX Resources• AJAX vs. Classic Web Apps
  3. 3. What is AJAX• AJAX is not a technology, it’s an acronym for a collection of technologies.• AJAX is a development technique that allows web apps to provide a desktop app like user experience• AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript + XML• Also Referred to as Web 2.0 and RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
  4. 4. AJAX Technologies• HTML & XHTML• CSS• DOM• XML & XSLT• XMLHTTP• JavaScript
  5. 5. HTML• lingua franca of the web• HyperText Markup Language• The “Content Layer” of a well designed website
  6. 6. XHTML• eXtensible HyperText Markup Language• HTML coded as well-formed XML• Emerging, modernized HTML standard supported by most browsers
  7. 7. CSS• Cascading Style Sheets• Mechanism for adding style (fonts, colors, formatting, etc.) to web documents.
  8. 8. DOM• Document Object Model• Object model for documents, not specific to HTML, but rarely used outside of that context• Supported by modern browsers
  9. 9. XML• eXtensible Markup Language• “Standard” data transport format for the web
  10. 10. XSLT• Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations• Stylesheet Language for XML• Formatting Language for XML data/documents
  11. 11. XMLHTTP• Object that allows (asynchronous) communication with the server• Native Object in Mozzila Browsers• COM Object in Internet Exploder
  12. 12. JavaScript• Client Side Scripting Language• Supported by modern browsers• Dynamically Typed• Case Sensitive
  13. 13. Putting it altogether• HTML/XHTML – Content• CSS – Formatting• DOM & JavaScript – Client Side Code• XML – Data
  14. 14. The Missing Links• Server Programming • XML Enabled DBMS Language (SPL) – VFP – AFP, WebConnection, etc. – SQL Server – PHP – MySQL – XUL – Oracle – RUBY – DB2 – Java – Classic ASP – ASP.NET
  15. 15. AJAX Technologies Redux• HTML & XHTML • Server Programming• CSS Language• DOM • DBMS• XML & XSTL• XMLHTTP• JavaScript
  16. 16. Classic Web Application Model
  17. 17. Synchronous Web Application Model
  18. 18. AJAX Web Application Model
  19. 19. Asynchronous Web Application Model
  20. 20. Talking AJAX to VFP• AFP (Active FoxPro Pages), Web Connection or any other VFP server-side scripting technology will suffice• Can use classic ASP or ASP.NET but both go through COM with no benefit
  21. 21. VFP is the Ideal AJAX Server Language• Fast• Great Text Handling• Native DBMS• Great Connectivity• Royalty Free Deployment
  22. 22. AJAX in 5 Minutes1. Attach a JavaScript function call to an event on an HTML object2. Get XMLHttp Request Object3. Start an AJAX request4. Respond to the request on completion5. Update the web page
  23. 23. Talking AJAX to VFP1. Retrieving Data & Updating the page a. From a command button b. From a textbox c. Using XML2. Putting it all together with VFP business objects
  24. 24. Real World Ajax• Glfc.net• Airset.com• http://script.aculo.us/• http://openrico.org/• http://dojotoolkit.org/• http://prototype.conio.net/
  25. 25. Conclusion• AJAX can be used to provide desktop like user experiences• AJAX is actually old technology, but its uses and usability are evolving rapidly• VFP is well-suited for use in AJAX development
  26. 26. Resources• Blogs/Websites • Frameworks & Toolkits – adaptivepath.com – maxkiesler.com – blogs.pathf.com/agileajax – dojotoolkit.org – ajax.phpmagazine.net – prototype.conio.net – ajaxpatterns.com – script.aculo.us• Books – zk1.sourceforge.net – The JavaScript Anthology – rubyonrails.org – Pragmatic AJAX
  27. 27. Thank You• Please remember to fill out your evals