Html for desktop applications


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HTML for desktop apps from SW Fox 2009

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Html for desktop applications

  1. 1. HTML for the Desktop
  2. 2. About Me President/Founder F1 Technologies since 1990 Co-author Visual FoxExpress Speaker Consultant Xbase Developer since dBase III/FoxBase 1987 Web Developer since 1994
  3. 3. Contact Me
  4. 4. Agenda Why Use HTML in Desktop Applications? How to Display Web Content in Desktop Applications HTML Interface Uses HTML vs. OLE Automation
  5. 5. Why Use HTML in Desktop Applications Create Interfaces not easily created with standard VFP controls Leverage Pre-existing Web Interfaces Interact with Websites in Desktop Apps Minimize Need For Automation
  6. 6. HTML In the Interface – Getting Started Requires use of ActiveX Control  Most use MS Web Browser Control which is based on IE.  Mozilla Control Also Available (
  7. 7. IE vs. MozillaIE Mozilla Commercial, made by MS  Open Source & inactive Does not conform to  Conforms to HTML HTML standards standards Supports Design Mode  Does not support design 10 MB+ Download mode Intellisense  4MB Download  No Intellisense
  8. 8. Using the Web Browser Controls Subclass or insert directly into container Navigate to blank page in init: This.navigate([About:Blank]) Creates Document Object See Rick Strahl’s Article:
  9. 9. HTML in the Desktop FanList.SCX  FanList.SCX is a sample data entry form. It’s primary purpose is to illustrate how HTML can provide a more user-friendly substitute for grids when pictures and edit regions need to be part of the grid.
  10. 10. HTML in the Desktop HTMLPreview.SCX  Did you ever want to jump straight into data from a report preview or drill down into more detail from a report preview? That’s what this form is all about.
  11. 11. HTML in the Desktop HTMLPreview2.SCX  Email, Website and Image Links in report preview
  12. 12. HTML in the Desktop Customer.SCX & ShowMap.SCX  Integrate Google Maps with Desktop App
  13. 13. HTML in the Desktop HTMLEditor.SCX  Basic HTML Editor  Makes use of DesignMode
  14. 14. HTML in the Desktop MailMerge.SCX  Reduce versionitis and API difference issues between word processors.  Use standards based language vs. proprietary format.  Enjoy the performance and simplicity of text vs. automation.  Get HTML Email as a bonus.
  15. 15. HTML in the Desktop WebDev.SCX  The WebDev form is the form that was used in my “HTML and Visual FoxPro” session. This form makes use of the web browser control and provides a great example of performing local file based operations on HTML and displaying them in the desktop.
  16. 16. HTML in the Desktop WebDevGecko.SCX  This form is a Gecko (Mozilla based) implementation of the WebDev form.
  17. 17. Conclusion Visual FoxPro is a rockin’ host for HTML interfaces VFP’s DML, ActiveX support and text handling abilities make it possible to do things with HTML that you might not do on the web itself. Fox Rocks!