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Friends Radio For Qccc 1


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Proposal for an online interactive multimedia outreach platform for the Religious Society of Friends in London UK

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Friends Radio For Qccc 1

  1. 1. Friends' Radio Ministry on the Internet
  2. 2. Friends' Radio • What does it do? • Who is behind it? • Who is the audience? • What sort of programming? • Project timeline • Finance
  3. 3. What is Friends' Radio? Branded multimedia channel which: • engages with deep issues of human dignity and equality • covers current affairs and culture • listens with respect to "other" voices • practises measured, constructive self-expression • sensitive listening to people's inner meaning • discernment over difficult issues • revels in world culture and the unfolding will of the spirit
  4. 4. What is Friends' Radio like? • Open to insights of all faiths of those of no faith • Broadly non-conformist, respectfully questions authority and established dogma • Always suggests constructive alternatives • Egalitarian • Faithful to Quaker insights on peace, equality and the environment • It is simple - radical - contempory
  5. 5. Who is behind Friends' Radio? • Inspired and informed by QCCC • Initiated by Quakers (but NOT an official voice of BYM) • Draws on material and insights from other faith and culture groups • Requires brilliant, energetic, media-savvy part-time project manager • Production & distribution based on Leicester "EasyChannel" project
  6. 6. Friends' Radio is for people of discernment • Frustrated R4 Today/W@1 listeners • BBC World Service fans who want non-conformism, not Establishment Britain • Religious groups seeking voice and dialogue • Lovers of alternate culture eg world music, spiritual music, global avantgarde art • Pacifists, activists and supporters of human-rights NGOs
  7. 7. How do we promote Friends' Radio? • Friends' channels: The Friend, via Meetings • With Easychannel • PR campaign ("silence") • No serious ad budget. At most leaflets or stickers • Needs logo and a web site with programming details, "contact us" and a blog for narrative and feedback. • Virally using email and blogs
  8. 8. What programming will Friends' Radio carry? • 1. Live feed, eg • - platforms for NGOs • - live reports from peace camps, envt protest • - interfaith practice, worship, Akbhar's Hour • - music: village voices, Fes, St Patrick's, elections from di ferent faith groups f • 2. Audio archive eg • Core programming: A&Q; F&P; training resources, clerking, prison visiting, bereavement • Peace work, circles of support, examples of living witness
  9. 9. Friends' Radio: possible timeline • July 2008 - QCCC agrees outline in principle • Aug – plan with prog policy, distribution plan, finance • Dec 08 - Secure accommodation, some finance • Dec finalise distribution basis ("EasyChannel" or other) • Any grant application in (JRRT? other?) • from Jan 2009 - Appoint initial six-month project manager • Feb 09 Soft launch (ie beta, unannounced, but we're going for real) • March 09 - Invite other content providers • Formal Launch: Quaker Week 09 • From Dec 09 - Confirm longer-term project manager
  10. 10. Friends' Radio finance i): costs • new tech; partnerships keep costs down • edit, record, transmit with free/reused IT • - part-time project manager • - some equipment: microphones? • - create/design: logo, web site • - T&E for guests, travel to record eg live events
  11. 11. Finance: how is it funded (apart from WH) 1. Grant application to JRRT,on basis it's a voice for NGOs it supports? 2. Friends House cash, staff time? 3. Does it support any budgetted work (eg outreach, training)? 4. Other ideas?
  12. 12. Friends' Radio: what it needs from QCCC • Support, test, challenge, guide, suggest • Engage (eg via online planning group) • We're the QCCC: let's communicate in an exemplary manner!
  13. 13. Let your life speak on Friends' Radio