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Week One Course Overview


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Introductory Class to University of Western Ontario Online Journalism course. Wayne MacPhail

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Week One Course Overview

  1. 1. Welcome Online Journalism JOU-732 A video/audio version of this class is available at:
  2. 2. Online Journalism JOU-732 Wayne MacPhail
  3. 3. Overview • What’s this course about? • The Adoption Curve • Rundown on course • Intro to ning • Intro to Twitter • Brainstorm for rabble features • Looking ahead
  4. 4. Great stories, new ways. Focussing on making use of the attributes of the Web to do good journalism. That includes Web 2.0 tools, social media tools, collaborative content creation, conversation and community building.
  5. 5. Great stories, new ways • Researching • Sources • Feedback • Writing • Promoting • Sharing • Archiving