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Week four introduction to online writing copy


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Week four introduction to online writing copy

  1. 1. 001110110110110110110110110011 Online Journalism Wayne MacPhail
  2. 2. n owO ur ve News ry of the World
  3. 3. Writing for Online Online
  4. 4. Overview• A History Lesson• Inverted Pyramid Revisited• MicroContent• What Eye Scans Teach Us• Writing for Navigation• Writing Links
  5. 5. A History Lesson Or, why you shouldnever draw a pig in clay.
  6. 6. From Oral to Written
  7. 7. Token Gestures
  8. 8. Early Egyptian Writing
  9. 9. Early Media
  10. 10. Inverted Pyramid Most Important Least Important
  11. 11. Write TightSay what you want to say. Cut it in half. Cut it in half again. Write it. Cut it in half, twice. Write. Cut. Twice.
  12. 12. Microcontent• Heads• Subheads• Marginalia• Grabber Quotes• Captions
  13. 13. Structure
  14. 14. Writing Microcontent
  15. 15. Heads and Blurbs
  16. 16. RSS Feeds on cellphones
  17. 17. Writing for Twitter Active, concise, condensed
  18. 18. Writing for Twitter Active, concise, condensed
  19. 19. Writing for Twitter News, action, brand
  20. 20. I hate my Presto card. The tap on tap offsystem is inconsistent, and I get constantcard errors. Plus, there are no Presto boxesat some TTC stations. I’m going back tousing tickets.Hate my Presto card. Tap on, tap off?Sometimes. Card errors. No Presto boxesin some TTC stations. Back to tickets.Hate Presto card. Tap on, tap off? Really?Card errors. Presto boxes in TTC stations?Maybe. Tickets FTW.
  21. 21. Writing for Twitter 140 Characters - Doing the mathOkay, I officially am in hate myPresto card. Tap on, tap off, TTCstation with no interfaces, Card 124 characterserrors. Back to tickets. + @hamont 131RT wmacphail - 10 characters 13 charactersRT wmacphail Okay, I officially amin hate my Presto card. Tap on,tap off, TTC station with nointerfaces, Card errors. Back totickets.
  22. 22. Questions?Questions?
  23. 23. Wayne wmacphail wmacphail wmacphail