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Wallace Mack Black Popular Media


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Published in: News & Politics
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Wallace Mack Black Popular Media

  1. 1. Black Popular Media
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. Let’s break it down…1 What the heck is it? 2 Who does it affect? 3 Why should I care 4 Criticism 5 Ratchet???
  4. 4. ‘Black Popular Media’
  5. 5. the totality of ideas perspectives, attitudes, memes, imagesand other phenomena that are preferred by an informalconsensus within the mainstream of a given culture. Heavilyinfluenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeatesthe everyday lives of the society. Popular Media
  6. 6. Thenwhatis
  7. 7. ‘Black Popular Media’
  8. 8. Black Popular Media is all of those things… Just pertaining to the African- American culture, and interests
  9. 9. Who does thiseffect?
  10. 10. EVERYBODY EspeciallyAfrican-Americans
  11. 11. Black Popular Media is essential in highlightingthe best of American …
  12. 12. Why does it matter?
  13. 13. Why????Black Popular Media has an effect on the way that African-American’s view themselves.
  14. 14. I wonder what I will be in the future…Black Popular Media has such a big effect on her personaloutlook, it will help form her opinion on becoming…
  15. 15. Unfortunately, more often than not…She sees the latter.
  16. 16. Black Popular Media has an effect on the wayYOU view and communicate with African-Americans.
  17. 17. The concept of fear of African-Americans isconstantly generated through news and popularmedia.
  18. 18. Which goes to show…While Black Popular Mediadoes a great job athighlighting achievementIt also contains many It is important fornegative portrayals. viewers of Black Popular Media to never stereotype African-Americans based on things they see in the media.
  19. 19. African-Americans as Consumers23.9 million active African-American Internet users Nielson 2011
  20. 20. African-Americans as ConsumersWith a buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually, ifAfrican-Americans were a country, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world. Nielson 2011
  21. 21. African-Americans as ConsumersThe collective buying power of the African-Americanpopulation is projected to be at $1.1 trillion by 2015. Nielson 2011
  22. 22. That definitely makes black popular media important to companies looking to target an African-American audience! Click to video to play
  23. 23. Criticism
  24. 24. Because there is no clear, literal definition of
  25. 25. ‘Black Popular Media’
  26. 26. This has caused Black Popular Mediato be characterized as destructive with a negative connotation.
  27. 27. Black Popular Media also contains the paradox of PHENOMENOLOGY
  28. 28. A paradox that asks
  29. 29. Ratchet:Adj. A word commonly used in Black Popular Mediaand youth African-American vocabulary to describesomething or someone that is nasty or undesirable.
  30. 30. What happens when…An inside joke within the black community is exploited in Black Popular Mediaand goes mainstream?
  31. 31. Click to play video ‘Ratchet Girl Anthem’
  32. 32. Honestly, what were some of your thoughts about Blacks whilewatching this video?
  33. 33. The stereotypes concerning Blackpeople are continuously perpetuatedby entertained African-Americans, as well as people of other cultures, whose entertainment often times appears as mockery.
  34. 34. Result… Click video to playGirl let me tell you what i got my mister mister, (girll what) a baby boy and it came with a sistergirl yes im pregnant but i still hit the club im in the middle of the floor no shoe WESSS UUUPPPi had to get cute today, apple bottom jeans fur boots todayi had to keep it looking good cause my baby daddy just made bailhe a thug hell shoot todaynew baby need new shoes today, child support check get 2 todaygot the track yesterday girl did you get the glue today ( you know it)gone beef it up, move tramp, its the 15 i got my food stampsgot a brand new piercing, brand new tat, i paid 95 dollars for this weave plus tax BOW
  35. 35. Had these girls never met African- Americans before, how do you thinktheir views would have been shaped?Black Popular Media communicated a view to them,regardless of their previously existing view of African-Americans.
  36. 36. Credits Image/ Video Educational Report: The power of the african-american consumer. (2011, September/October). Nielson Wire. Retrieved from report-the-power-of-the-african-american-consumer/ DISCLAIMER: None of the images in this presentation belong to me! Thank you to all Flickr users who granted me permission to use their images! In addition none of the videos used belong to meostream/ either!