Kitap kurdu midterm presentation


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ENG491 Technology Entrepreneurship

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Kitap kurdu midterm presentation

  1. 1. Kitap Kurdu Midterm PresentationBarış BilgiçMurat SeyhanOnur YavuzVolkan Cirik05.12.2011
  2. 2. Idea Executive Summary• The information that the customer in a bookstore can access is limited to the reviews on the back covers of the books which are subjective.• The platform that we are going to build will provide users to reach objective reviews from all around the world instantly by scanning ISBN number above the barcode using their smartphone.• The bookstore chains will be looking for new ways of promotion since their market share is shrinking as the smartphones and tablets spread around the world. They, thus, will be willing to contract with us and provide privileges to our customers.
  3. 3. Key Partners Key Activities Value Customer Customer Propositions Relationships Segments- bookstore chains -testing minimum product on the field and- websites providing public make a poll among the predefined test groups - Building a mass - A person who is eager to -Turkish reviews ofcomment datasets - defining our priorities according to the books public community read book and has- book reviews and smartphones feedback - customers can not - Affiliationcomments - our most important access book reviews- advertising our mobile customers are bookstore - Reacing a significant number of users, to be instantlyapplication on their stores chains able to have an advantage when making agreements with bookstore chains. Key Resources Channels -An ISBN dataset, a review dataset and an ISBN scanner are required for our value - One-to-one propositions. communication will be - Financial expenses for development and used as a channel at first marketing - Social communication channels will be used actively - We will try to create a powerful word-of- mouth effectCost Structure Revenue Streams-registering to iTunes as a developer - Advertise their company by supporting our application-spending money on advertisement. - Affiliation to the direct sales channels (Pay per sale) - Affiliation to the website (Pay per click)
  4. 4. What we have done so far ?Hypothesis Tests• 2 Surveys o KwikSurveys• Field research – Minimum Product Decision Poll o Research in bookstores• Minimum Viable Product o Android application is written o Only for certain type of ISBN numbers o Sources:,
  5. 5. Survey 1• Bir ayda ortalama ne kadar kitap okuyorsunuz?• Kitap alırken kimlerin yorumlarına ihtiyaç duyarsınız?• Kitapları dijital ortamda okumak hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz?• “Kitap siparişlerimi internet üzerinden yaparım.”• Akıllı telefon kullanıyor musunuz?• İhtiyaç halinde 10 hanelik bir sayı/harf dizisini akıllı telefonuma yazarak kaydederim
  6. 6. Survey 2• Cinsiyetinizi seçiniz.• Yaşınızın bulunduğu aralık nedir?• Tablet bilgisayar kullanıyor musunuz?• Akıllı telefon kullanıyor musunuz?• Tablet bilgisayarınız ya da akıllı telefonunuz için ihtiyacınız dahilinde ne kadar ücret ödemeyi düşünürsünüz?• Bir ayda ortalama ne kadar kitap okuyorsunuz?• Kitap alışverişinizi internet üzerinden yapıyor musunuz?• Bir kitapla ilgili mobil yollarla bilgi edinmek için kitabın barkod bilgisinden yararlanmak istediğinizde, barkod bilgisini hangi yolla ulaştırmayı tercih edersiniz?
  7. 7. Minimum Product Decision Poll• Downloaded a barcode scanning application ,which is currently active in US, to one of our smartphones, then went to popular bookstores in Turkey.• Asked people that “you want to get information about some specific book in the bookstore, there are two different options o Scan the ISBN as you can use this barcode scanning application o Type with your keyboard 10 digit ISBN number
  8. 8. Minimum Viable Product
  9. 9. Minimum Viable Product
  10. 10. Analysis of Hypothesis Tests• People need other reviews of others while choosing a book• Increase of Smart phone / Tablet PC usage accelarating recently• Barcode and QR scanning applications spread among youngsters• 30+ people don’t willing to use scanning technologies• Book choices mostly depends on public opinion but people also need their friends’ preferences
  11. 11. Field Research Insights and Learnings• When we try to contact with general manager of Ereeder company, Uygar Saral, his first reaction to our idea was not enthusiastic as we expected.• He claimed that this kind of applications( barcode readers etc) are already available in Turkish book market.• We made a market research on ISBN reader applications but we could not find any active applications at all. Then we kindly asked him to inform us about the applications he was talking about but we could not get any response.• His attitude was a bit discouraging and his reaction to our new idea was not satisfactory. He did not even leave the door open for us.•
  12. 12. Positioning in TALC• As a result, we think that he is not even close to Early Adaptor in TALC graph. He might be close to Late Majority or Laggards.
  13. 13. What will we do next ?• Meeting with ebook distributers in Turkey• Meeting with marketing managers of popular bookstores in Turkey• Testing our «Minimum Viable Product» in bookstores o Short introduction to people looking for books o Give them the Tablet PC to use the our application• Analysis of outcomes of meetings and determining the business model
  14. 14. What will we do next ?• Modify «MVP» by customer needs o Link to the web sites o Link to the ebook stores o Display prices/discounts of the book in different websites/ebook stores o Search by scaning ISBN o Search by keyword o Develop for Android 4.0/ IOS and other mobile frameworks
  15. 15. Thank You For Your Attention! ANY QUESTIONS??