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IMG Medical Group Presentation


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IMG corporate overview and the medical divisions capabilities.

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IMG Medical Group Presentation

  1. 1. I-Tooling Manufacturing Group Shenzhen · China Medical Group
  2. 2. Mission IMG Medical Division is devoted to building world-class medical device components by delivering the values of Time, Quality and Cost for global manufacturing customers through integrating manufacturing resources of rich engineering knowledge and manufacturing management experience powered by proprietary information technology.
  3. 3. Rapid Growth USD 25 x1.000.000 TURNOVER 20 15 10 5 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 Sales 0.8 8 12 23
  4. 4. Group Profile IMG is a tooling-based manufacturing group with comprehensive manufacturing, engineering and R&D capabilities. We provide products and services in tooling, prototyping, molding, casting, stamping, coating, OEM/ODM services and engineering services. We are devoted to build strategic partnerships with global customers in medical, automotive, 3C, OA and industrial segments. From Design to Delivery, we offer end-to-end total manufacturing solutions to global OEM/ODM customers. IMG has built up world-class medical device manufacturing capabilities based on rich engineering knowledge, project management experiences, supplier chain management and manufacturing facilities management experiences. All team leaders have more than 20 years of related experience in the industry and fully recognized in device manufacturing industries in China.
  5. 5. Group Profile IMG has developed proprietary information technologies for device manufacturing including Enterprise Resources Planning, Engineering Collaboration System and Data Exchange Center. The entire IMG operations are powered by those advanced information technologies. We real-time control all processes in projects from design to delivery and seamless collaboration with customers and business partners.
  6. 6. Market Sector We focus on 4 market sectors Medical Automotive 3C Office Automation
  7. 7. Medical Monitor Intelligent Infusion Pump Cable Customer Mounting Solution
  8. 8. Automotive GM Pontiac 2007 G6 Ford Flex 2009 Lincoln MKS Ford Edge 2008 Lincoln MKS 2010 Ford Taurus SGM REGAL Lincoln MKT Crossover SUV Customer
  9. 9. 3C Products Notebook Connector Sports Others Customer
  10. 10. Office Automation Copier Fax Printer Others Customer
  11. 11. Why we can ? • Structured Business Model • Values and Functional Teams • Manufacturing Resources • Standards & Work Flow Processes • Information Technology Power Our value: Made in China with ZERO risk.
  12. 12. Why we can ? Business Model Capital + Market + Engineering + Management + I.T.
  13. 13. Why we can ? Core Values CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and PROJECT MANAGEMENT are the core of our business ENGINEERING is the brain for manufacturing QUALITY is the life of the company
  14. 14. Why we can ? Functional Teams Project Team Engineering Team Quality Team
  15. 15. Project Management Team Program Team (48 employees): 12 Program Managers--- more than 15 years tool making experience 24 Program Engineers---more than 6 years tool making experience 12Program Assistants ---excellent communication in English Timing T-FMEA Open Issues
  16. 16. 2 Tool Design Dep. Engineering Team 2 Product Design Dep. 40 Tool Designers CAD/ Mold design Tool Design Standards CAE/ Mold flow Tool Design Dept. Tool Design Approval Part Design Dept.
  17. 17. ISO 9001 ISO13485 Certified Quality Control Team Quality Dep.: Mold: 10 QA/QC: Assure tool making Quality Documents: Steel Certification; 3 Process Engineers: Assure tool Run-rate Quality CMM Reports; Process Reports; Tool Approval… Product: 16 QA/QC, 25 QC operators: Assure part Production quality. Mold Tryout Center: 80T to 660T CMM Projector
  18. 18. Why we can ? Manufacturing Resources
  19. 19. Various manufacturing sourcing Tooling Molding Coating Stamping Casting ) Hungry Wolves Contractual Contractual Joint Joint Joint Sole 1 Sole 2 Sole 1 Contractual ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) 6 5 3 ( ( ( ) 22 ) 8 1 49 facilities will get involved in your project.
  20. 20. APQP ISO 9001, TS16949, ISO 13485 Quality Certifications 8D FMEA Report Open Issue SPC Control Plan 1 2 3 •ISO-9001, TS16949, ISO- 13485 Quality Management •High Efficiency •Quality Products Systems •On-Time Delivery •Professional •10% of All Employees •Flexibility Accredited Internal Auditing •High Standard Service Licenses •Quality Products •Continuous Improvements Quality System Quality Policy Objectives
  21. 21. Why we can ? • Information Technology Power 1. E-commerce 2. Project Tracking System 3. Engineering Collaboration System 4. ERP : IM3, IM2 5. Customer Relationship Management 6. Product Data Management 7. Video Control System
  22. 22. IT Support IT System North America E. Europe E. Asia Plant ERP I-M2 I-M3 W. Europe IMG OC Operation Center Customer DEC Data Exchange Center S.E. Asia Africa Oceania Customers receive real time data of their project via the internet.
  23. 23. Why can we save money for you? Save on audit costs: Only audit IMG, we guarantee the quality and delivery time for every customer. Save on communication & travel costs: “One Stop Service”; you deal only with IMG. Save on purchasing/manufacturing costs: We are never concerned about low volume or difficult projects. Centralized purchasing & Logistics 15-20% Savings! + Zero Risk! = IMG Medical Group
  24. 24. Contacts Thank you. William Schaal Director, New Business Development I-Medical Office: +1.866.533.5636 International: +1.303.777.7502 China Mobile: +86 1347 255 9200 Cell: +1.303.717.8841