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World Logistics - Our Company

  1. 1. About us:- World Logistics Management Ltd (WLM) is one of the leading international Logistics company based in the UK. We are recognized as true experts in the market. We are at present covering over 210 countries worldwide. Our company vision is to provide the highest quality range of cost effective and reliable distribution services to our customers. These services include Global Courier, Global Air-Sea-Road Freight, Global Business Mail and Fulfillment services. Today, WLM brings the world of business closer to you, through an efficient, multi-service international shipping network. Hundreds of strategically positioned overseas stations guide your shipments quickly and safely to any foreign destination. WLM links every business market on every continent, capable of delivery to nearly 210 countries, worldwide. The reliability and speed of our service have earned WLM an outstanding reputation and a high level of trust from government offices, trading companies, financial institutions and a variety of corporations around the globe. History:- WLM Express was established in January, 2008. Our first office and head quarters are based in the United Kingdom. Since then WLM has expanded its Worldwide Network to over 210 countries, providing a truly personal service with a global reach. Overseas operations began in Nairobi (Kenya) and quickly expanded all over the world. Since being founded all WLM worldwide stations consistently maintain four basic principles: Speed – Why use a courier service that isn’t punctual? Our streamlined network ensures the fastest possible movement of documents and packages to any location worldwide. Reliability – The WLM system of security checks and emergency backups is absolutely complete thanks to our computerized administration and our staff that is second to none. Economy – All our tariffs are reasonable, for items ranging from small volume and fragile parcels to bulky printed materials, household personnel goods & industrial use goods. Simplicity – One telephone call to our customer service team is all it takes to set the whole process in motion. After that you can leave everything to us, including customs clearance and all last minute details.
  2. 2. Profile:- Jan 2008 = Founded in London (United Kingdom) as a international air courier & cargo company doing both exports and imports of goods to and fro from London. Jan 2008 = Started courier & cargo operations at their Nairobi (Kenya) hub office. This hub office also enables us to service into Tanzania, Southern Sudan and other neighboring African destinations. Feb 2008 = Started courier & cargo operations at their Johannesburg (South Africa) hub office. JNB provides delivery service to Rest of South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana and other neighboring Southern Africa destinations. Also, accepting import collections from the region for forwarding to our UK hub office. Feb 2008 = Started courier & cargo delivery service into Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mauritius, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe. These offices are also accepting import pick-up requests for these regions. Mar 2008 = Started courier & cargo delivery service into various destinations of French Africa via our agents hub located in Paris (France). Mar 2008 = Started direct air courier & cargo export loads into Mumbai (India) via our agent office. WLM provides air courier & cargo services to more than 1500 local destinations in India. We are also accepting imports from our Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata agent offices destined for the UK, Europe & African destinations. Mar 2008 = Started alliance with our agent based in Singapore for distribution of air courier material to Singapore and various South East Asia & Oceania destinations. The main destinations served are Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and various other Asian destinations. Mar 2008 = Started alliance with our agent based in Hong Kong for direct export and import service to and fro from London, United Kingdom. This alliance enabled us to make deliveries to whole of Mainland China destinations including Hong Kong. May 2008 = Opened hub office in Mumbai (India) and started operations for distribution of courier and cargo shipments door – door to almost 1500 destinations in India. We are also serving Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka Bangladesh and Maldives via our India hub office. May 2008 = New Branch office opened in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad & Faridabad (India). The regional headquarter office for the North India operations is New Delhi. Further expansion in North India is expected shortly with numerous branches and agents coming up in the Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan state areas. Jun 2008 = Opened hub office in Hong Kong (PRC) and started operations for distribution of courier and cargo shipments door – door to almost 4500 destinations in China. At the moment we are handling all export/ import activities via our Hong Kong office only. We will be soon
  3. 3. opening branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Jun 2008 = Opened hub office and started forwarding operations in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for distribution of shipments into the whole Middle- Eastern region and specific destinations in the African continent. Jul 2008 = Major alliance in the pipeline to look into distribution of our shipments destined for the USA, Canada & South America. Aug 2008 = WLM starts offering worldwide import services to its vast base of customers to help them to simply find solutions with their preferred service partner. For detailed information on our services and tariff, contact us on 01753687508 or .