Regional Projects: Working Together


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Regional Projects Working Together

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  • Good MorningTime Slot
  • 8 years agoWhat’s harder then getting 16 counties to work together?16 Corp Councils to agree on a IGA
  • Common Goal
  • Ask Someone??
  • Build Knowledge Base
  • We do not need 72 RFPsDo we need 72 county online mapping sites?
  • Creating 72 RFPsOne person dealing with the consulant
  • See this all the time in NEWCOM
  • Important but should not be the only driverSaving comes from:Time SavingPreventing duplication of effortNot making mistakes
  • Involve the right people
  • Do not get frustrated by everyone not doing their fair shareOK to vent
  • Ask question
  • Economy and budget in the tank…control is given up.
  • Why not design that gives incentives for giving up control and working together
  • We did this with WROC so we know it can be done
  • WLIA Statewide GIS apps Take away – Ideas working with your department or multi departments
  • Done enough talking
  • Regional Projects: Working Together

    1. 1.  Andy Faust, GISP  Senior GIS Analyst – RPC  IT Director – RPC  Northeast SICP Implementation Coordinator  Northeast Public Safety Communications (NEWCOM)  Co-Founder of Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium (WROC)  WLIA Board Member  Hold the WLIA Social Night High Bowling Score
    2. 2.  Background of RPCs Regional Projects What works What does not work How to make it all come together
    3. 3.  9 RPC’s Created in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Created as a cost-effective way to provide planning assistance Provide intergovernmental planning and coordination for the physical, social, and economic development of the Region
    4. 4. 1. Bay Lake2. Capital Area3. East Central4. Mississippi River5. North Central6. Northwest7. Southeast8. Southwest9. West Central
    5. 5. Created by state statute to: They may conduct all types of research studies; collect and analyze data; prepare maps, charts and tables; and conduct necessary studies. They may make and adopt plans for the physical, social and economic development of the Region. They may publish and advertise their purposes, objectives and findings, and may distribute reports thereon. They may provide advisory services on planning problems to the local governmental units within the Region and to other public and private agencies in matters relative to its functions and objectives.
    6. 6.  Economic Development Geographic Information Systems Land Use Planning Transportation Planning Intergovernmental Coordination
    7. 7.  WROC 2005 and 2010 North East Public Safety Communications (NEWCOM)
    8. 8.  56,000+ sq. mi. imagery First ever statewide leaf-off in a single year Over 100 participants
    9. 9. North East Wisconsin Public Safety COMmunications• Formed 2004• 16 counties• 14,500 sq. mi.• 600,000+ people• 500+ PSA
    10. 10. The mission of NEWCOM is to provide theparticipating counties with a reliable and responsivecommunications link between all emergency servicesand public safety agencies.
    11. 11. YES WE CAN!
    12. 12. Andy Faust, GISP North Central WisconsinRegional Planning Commission