From Addressographs to GIS: The Adaptation of Real Property Listing and Property Valuation to Technology


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From Addressographs to GIS: The Adaptation of Real Property Listing and Property Valuation to Technology

  1. 1. Wisconsin RealProperty ListersAssociation From Addressographs to GIS: The Adaptation of Real Property Listing and Property Valuation to Technology
  2. 2. Acknowledgements• James Wallen, Brown Co. • Pam Hollnagel, La Crosse Co.• Roxanne Moore, Burnett Co., • Krista Paulson, Lafayette Co. Retired • Marge Johnson, Lincoln Co.• Cheryl Zellmer, Dane Co • Ruth Winter, Menominee Co.• David Addison, Dodge Co. • Jeremy Erickson, Monroe Co.• Holly Hansen, Door Co • Cindy Wisinski, Portage Co. • Pat Harmann, Racine co• Lauree Kratcha, Jackson Co. • Ann Burton Sauk Co.• Al Brokmeier, Kenosha Co. • Nick Gamroth, Trempealeau Co.
  3. 3. Origins Elected Local Assessors Elected Local Assessors with County Boards Appointed Perform Equalization State Board of Equalization 1868 County Boards Given Responsibility for Assessments
  4. 4. Statewide Commission 1899 Appointed. TaxAdministration must be Performed by Non-electedProfessionals Three Person Commission Appointed to Direct Assessments Equalization Added Commission Eventually Becomes the Department of Revenue
  5. 5. Origins • A parcel of land located in Government Lot One(1) of Section Twenty-four(24) Township Thirty-nine(39) North, of Range fourteen (14) West, described as follows: Beginning at the point which is 710 feet East and 33 feet South of the Northwest corner of said Section 24, being the northeast corner of a parcel of land described in Volume 91 of Deeds, page 112, as recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, thence running East and parallel with the North line of said Section a distance of 647 feet, thence South parallel with the West line of said Section 24, a distance of 850 feet, thence West parallel with the North line of said Section 300 feet, more or less to the shore of Bass Lake, thence Northerly and Northwesterly along the shore of Bass Lake to a point South of the Point of beginning, being the Southeast corner of above referenced Volume 91 page 112, thence North parallel with the West line of said section 24 to the point of the beginning.
  6. 6. OriginsThe Assessor The Town Clerk The Treasurer •Enter each parcel on • Created Tax Roll •Billed and collected the assessment roll in •Applied mil rate to taxes using the hand regular order by each parcel written tax roll. government •Total tax roll and •Wrote certificates on subdivisions with deliver to local delinquencies “such certainty as Treasurer •Tax Deeds on would be sufficient •Shortened legal delinquent land between grantor and descriptions. became impossible grantee in a no one knew what conveyance of land was being taxed property.” •Elected •Not certified •Shortened legal description
  7. 7. Origins•WorksProgressAdministration•WisconsinStateLegislature
  8. 8. Valuation ListingDiscovery
  9. 9. Co. Treasurer GIS Maintains parcel Generates tax bills, maps supplies addresses County GIS RPL DOR Assessor Combines legalProperty values descriptions, Manufacturing values ownership and values Register of Deeds Deeds, CSMs, subdivisions and condominiums
  10. 10. Discovery & Listing
  11. 11. One record in theparcel attributedatabase consistsof…
  12. 12. Document Types used in DiscoveryWarranty DeedQuit Claim DeedPersonal Representative DeedTrustee DeedHT-110 (Termination of Decedent’s Property)Land ContractSheriff’s DeedCondominium DeedTax DeedTransfer on Death DeedParcel splits usually involve some kind of map or plat such as CSM’s, plat of surveys, condo plats,subdivision plats, right of way plats, or transportation project platsReal Estate Transfer Returns are used to discover the tax bill mailing addresses
  13. 13. The best way to summarize the work that a Real Property Lister does isas follows:A property lister is not a lawyer, but they have to know real estate law.A property lister is not a land surveyor, but they have to know how tomeasure land.A property lister is not a cartographer, but they have to know how tomake a map.A property lister is not a title examiner, but they have to know how toexamine title.A property lister is not a clerk, but they have to know how to develop andapply mill rates for taxation.A property lister is not a register of deeds, but they have to be able toread and interpret deeds.A property lister is not an assessor, but they have to be well versed inassessment practices.A property lister is not a zoning administrator, but they have tounderstand zoning ordinances.A property lister is not a planner, but they have to understand planningand land division ordinances.A property lister is not a conservationist, but they have to understandconservation programs.A property lister is not a GIS analyst, but they have to be able to analyzegeographic information.etc.
  14. 14. Real PropertyListers andPropertyValues Discovery Taxation and Listing Board of Valuation Review Open Book
  15. 15. Successes andChanges
  16. 16. Assessors Successes – Electronic records – Electronic transfer
  17. 17. Register of Deedsand CountyTreasurer • Successes – Document imaging – Computerized tracts – Growing interaction with ROD/Co. Treasurer/RPL software – Cooperative development of eRETR
  18. 18. GeographicInformationSystems • Successes – Cost savings – Significantly improved parcel mapping – Greater data access – Greater time for research
  19. 19. GeographicInformationSystems • Also Brought Past Unknown Title Issues to Light – Bad legals in old deeds showed up as gaps and overlaps on digital parcel map – Potential building and property boundary encroachments suddenly became visibly apparent when accurate parcel mapping was laid over the top of orthophotography – Poor quality of our old floodplain mapping became obvious
  20. 20. DepartmentofRevenue • Successes – Tighter integration with DOR – eRETR – SOA submittal – Work and Final Roll submittal
  21. 21. Challenges
  22. 22. Challenges • Software
  23. 23. Challenges • Assessment practices – Industry consolidation – Low bidding • Typical Cost: Approximately – $15.00 per parcel – $5.00 or less per parcel – Public looks to county RPL – By passing county
  24. 24. Challenges • Title/Legal – Decline of abstracting – Error Corrections – Recording Locations • Lis Pendens/ Foreclosures
  25. 25. Challenges • Relocation RPL Locations 1960 RPL 2% Clerk ROD 12% 4% Treasurer 80%
  26. 26. RPL Locations 1998 RPL Locations 2012 Zoning Assessor Clerk Assessor Admin 1.36% Zoning 7% 1.36% 5.47% 1% Land Info 1% Clerk 9.58% 3% Treasurer 36.98% Planning Treasurer Land Info 10.95% 42% 22% RPL ROD ROD RPL 23.28% 9.58% 8% 7% Planning 9%Surveyor 1.36%
  27. 27. Challenges • Electronic data – Greater links to DOR • Access to – County website – Split information – Permits • Custodianship of data – Public record requests
  28. 28. In addition to listing title information and assessed valueinformation, property listers have to distribute theirdatabases at different intervals throughout the year.Work RollAssessment RollTax Roll
  29. 29. Challenges • Input regarding direction of Land Records – 59.72(3m)(a) Creates a County Land Council • Provides for broad community input
  30. 30. Challenges • 88 % have a RPL on the Council • Meeting frequency
  31. 31. Kewaunee CountyLand Council • Meets once a year in January • Reviews the county’s land records modernization plan • LIO director gets input regarding what projects should be done in the next year • Day to day decisions are made by LIO Director in consultation with County Administrator and Finance Committee
  32. 32. WashingtonCounty Land • Meets multiple times a year, atCouncil least quarterly • Reviews the county’s land records modernization plan • LIO director gets input regarding what projects should be done in the next year • Make recommendation regarding expenditures of retained fees
  33. 33. PossibleSolutions – Download pages • Assessment Rolls • GIS data • Other commonly requested reports – Access records • Assist RPL – County Land Information Council • RPL should be on Council per 59.72(3m)(a) – 70.09 update – Web based services?
  34. 34. Questions or Comments