A Journey Through Mobile Application Development - Brian Fischer


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Mobile applications are a hot topic these days. This presentation will take you through a journey of a mobile application development project from a project manager’s eyes. The presentation will discuss different phases of the project from definition to design to development. A couple different mobile applications will be demonstrated during the presentation. One application is a North Dakota road conditions app and the other a park and recreation app. Finally, the presentation will discuss the technology used and lessons learned through the journey.

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A Journey Through Mobile Application Development - Brian Fischer

  1. 1. A JOURNEY THRU MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT “A Project Managers Perspective” Presented by: Brian Fischer Houston Engineering, Inc. WLIA Conference, 02/14/2013
  2. 2. BACKGROUND• Native Platforms • Apple iOS • Windows Mobile • Android OS • RIM Blackberry• Mobile Web • HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3• Bridging Technologies • Adobe Flash Builder • PhoneGap • Appcelerator
  3. 3. TYPES OF MOBILE APPLICATION Public Information Dissemination Collaborative Field Data Other Types Collection Games AdvertisingUtilities/Productivity Communications Multimedia
  4. 4. CONSIDERATIONSHow will application be What’s the Fiscal used? Resources? Disseminate content Existing personnel skills Collect data Return of investment Mobile Picture/video/voice Solution Targeted users/devices Geospatial Deployment Offline access What devices?
  5. 5. MOBILE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS• Project Discovery• Project Definition• Design• Development• QA / Revisions• Deployment / Maintenance
  6. 6. ND ROADS: PROJECT OVERVIEW• Goals for North Dakota Dept. of Transportation • Provide a service to the public for road conditions • “safely move people around in the State” • Create a mobile application for existing Travel Map • http://www.dot.nd.gov/travel-info-v2/ • Create a class leading mobile application
  8. 8. PROJECT DISCOVERY• Gain a general understanding of the needs• Stakeholder education• Evaluate “Mobile Web” versus “Native” app • Device component access • Functionality • Deployment • Maintenance
  9. 9. PROJECT DEFINITION• Target audience• Stakeholder interviews • External and Internal• Understand data services• Choose technology• Design considerations• Cost estimating Project Definition phase is the foundation of providing a great mobile solution
  10. 10. DESIGN / VISUALIZATION• Sitemap
  11. 11. UX DESIGN / VISUALIZATION• Wireframing Outline functionality and allows for feedback before graphic design and coding
  12. 12. UX DESIGN / VISUALIZATION• Moodboards Provides design feedback for graphic designers, partnered with The Nerdery
  13. 13. DESIGN / VISUALIZATION• Visual Composites Establishes final design before any coding is done, partnered with The Nerdery
  14. 14. DEVELOPMENT• Technology • Backend • ArcGIS Server / SDE • Cached map services • Custom JSON feeds for text views and messages • Frontend • Jquery Mobile • ESRI JS API 3.2 (compact) • HEI’s wq library • Heavy use of HTML 5 (local storage, geolocation)
  15. 15. QA / REVISIONS• Test on as many devices as possible• Use of ticket collaboration environment Great for communication and making testers document bugs
  17. 17. NDROADS APP LESSONS LEARNED• No build system for ESRI JS API = challenging loading issues• Mobile device settings (private browsing)• Resolution of devices (iPhone 5 retina display)• Touch friendly icons• Refreshing data / local storage• Older mobile devices / browsers • Android 2.x, IE 8
  18. 18. GO RAMSEY MOBILE: OVERVIEW• Goals for Ramsey County Mobile App • Discover and explore recreation opportunities in the County • Provide a mobile alternative to the Silverlight application • http://goramsey.org • Low cost solution
  19. 19. DEVELOPMENT• Technology • Backend • ArcGIS Server / SDE • ESRI map services • Frontend • Jquery Mobile • ESRI JS API 3.2 (compact) • HEI’s wq library • Heavy use of HTML 5 (geolocation)
  20. 20. GO RAMSEY MOBILE• https://maps.co.ramsey.mn.us/goramseymobile/
  21. 21. GORAMSEY: LESSONS LEARNED• Geolocation• Map Service scales• ESRI popups• Loading too many features in Jquery Mobile view
  22. 22. DATA COLLECTION APPS• Whole other talk!• Audience is different• Focus is on efficient data entry• Streamline workflows• Backend integration
  23. 23. RIVERWATCH• Collect Monitoring Data • Water Quality • Snow • Precipitation• Single sign-on• Data validation• Backend integration• Public portal
  24. 24. DEVELOPMENT• Technology • Backend • PostGreSQL + PostGIS • Python / Django • Wq.db REST services • Frontend • Jquery Mobile • Leaflet • HEI’s wq library
  25. 25. DATA COLLECTION APPS: LESSONSLEARNED• Data entry with few clicks• Big data• Offline editing• Photos• Data validation
  26. 26. SOME FUN!• http://wqdemo.houstoneng.net/ QUESTIONS? Presented by: Brian Fischer bfischer@houstoneng.com