An update on national orthoimagery programs


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An update on national orthoimagery programs

  1. 1. An Update on NationalOrthoimagery Programs Jim Lacy Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office University of Wisconsin-Madison February 18, 2011
  2. 2. Bottom Line Up Front• More planes in the air than you thought!• More consumer options than ever before• Future funding for NAIP is uncertain• Microsoft is quickly becoming a significant player in imagery acquisition
  3. 3. Who is collecting WI imagery?• Cities, Counties • USDA Farm Service• RPCs Agency• Wisconsin DOT • USDA-NRCS• DNR Wetlands • USGS• DNR Forestry • US Forest Service• DOA Facilities • US Park Service• DMA Facilities • National Geospatial-• University of WI System Intelligence Agency• NOAA • US Army Corps of Engineers• Every satellite imagery • Microsoft vendor on the planet … and probably a bunch of others I’ve forgotten to list, or don’t know about!
  4. 4. Advanced Ortho Aerial Program• Microsoft and Digital Globe• Nationwide 30cm imagery by mid-2012• “Off the shelf” only• Govt pricing is $30 or $50/sq mile “depending on the type of license”• Specs vary by tile type (high value, standard value, remote value)
  5. 5. Advanced Ortho Aerial Program
  6. 6. Bing Maps for Enterprise: The Michigan Experience• State of Michigan wanted to use BME to develop apps• $400k was tacked onto existing MI enterprise software licensing agreement• Provides unlimited access to BME tools and services for state and local government
  7. 7. Michigan and BME• The deal included 11,000 sq miles of 1-foot leaf-off orthoimagery per year• Cost model is split: $28/sq mile for counties $12/sq mile for state = $40 total per square mile• Relevance? MI in effect procured orthos by licensing software•
  8. 8. Michigan and BME“We are moving IT (and imagery) into the realm of a commodity that local governments can purchase through a state license like they do with many other commodities (road salt, desktop computers, ArcGIS licenses)”Source:
  9. 9. Future NAIP Issues• $30 million in 2010• FSA is having a harder time supporting the full cost of the program• Considering cost recovery options• Less frequent coverage? Lower resolution?• What can you do? Share success stories.
  10. 10. So What?• Do you like NAIP?• More choices means you need to think carefully about the quality and accuracy you need to do your job• The emergence of licensed orthos, in order to save up-front costs??• You thought you had a hard time explaining “why not Google/Bing?” before!
  11. 11. Questions? Jim Lacy Associate State CartographerWisconsin State Cartographer’s Office (608) 262-6850