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WLE / EAT Breakfast Discussion


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WLE/EAT hosted event at the EAT Forum on thinking and potential contributions to the launch of a new Commission on Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture - How to feed 10 billion within our environmental limits?

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WLE / EAT Breakfast Discussion

  1. 1. Wake Up, Smell the Coffee! Breakfast with Cracking (not Scrambled) Solutions for Feeding 10B! Jupiter Room: 7 – 830a.m Welcome. Grab your breakfast. We begin at 07:05!
  2. 2. Welcome • WLE + EAT Commission • Agenda: Your ideas & feedback!  Presentations (⁓20m)  Q&A  Table discussion: Research Q, Gaps/barriers, Scale (⁓20m)  Plenary discussion (⁓25m)  Coffee raffle, summary • Quick introductions…
  3. 3. Our context • Why this Commission? Why CGIAR?  Developing / emerging economies • Bring ‘on the ground’ success stories together with enabling environment needs  Policies, institutions, incentives
  4. 4. Making Agriculture fit for Purpose
  5. 5. ©Shutterstock 1. Commit & act on healthy diets 2. Produce quality food 3. Make agriculture regenerative 4. Spare half for nature, share the rest 5. Halve food loss & waste. The next 100 yearsX
  6. 6. Moving forwards Izabella Koziell, WLE • Data on impacts is clear cut • But transitions are slow and difficult • Complex • Costly • Inertia • Vested interests • Habits and behaviors • We know ‘it’s time act’ • And we need to speed this up
  7. 7. Capturing sediment in the Ethiopian drylands
  8. 8. Ensuring irrigation schemes include women in Tajikistan
  9. 9. New technology aiding soil restoration in Sub- Saharan Africa
  10. 10. Scaling solar-powered irrigation In India
  11. 11. Where there is muck there is brass
  12. 12. Alleviating drought impacts with real-time data
  13. 13. Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification • Finding the ‘best bets’ to support action • Next steps… Find creative and applied leaders Create the framework Deliver critical evidence on what works • Tools, technologies, techniques • Policy and institutional incentives • Pathways to transition
  14. 14. Breakfast brainstorm ⁓20 mins Eat and greet Discuss Qs in pairs/table Note down the best ideas
  15. 15. Discussion ⁓25 mins • Core debates to be addressed or avoided? • Knowledge gaps to transition? • Focus - scale and scope? Advice and questions
  16. 16. Coffee raffle Next steps Thank you!