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Announcements for February 26 - March 3


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Click forward to view the announcements and upcoming events for the church.

Published in: Spiritual
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Announcements for February 26 - March 3

  1. 1. Announcements and Activities February 26 – March 3, 2012
  2. 2. Our Ministerial StaffRev. Glenn Grant Rev. Jason Atkinson Pastor Minister of Music
  3. 3. Celebration Choir Rehearsal Wednesday, Feb. 29 7:45 PMThe Celebration Choir is open to all members of our church and we would love to have you join us!
  4. 4. Youth Creative Arts and Puppet TeamsRehearsals are being held as a part of the Sunday Night Live series held on each Sunday at 6 PM.
  5. 5. Sunday Night Live for Youth (Grades 7-12)Bible Study ActivitiesDrama Team Puppet Team Ministry Sundays at 6 PM Fellowship Hall
  6. 6. Music Makers Practice Sunday, March 4 5:30 PMMusic Makers enjoy singing, playing instruments, and other fun activities.Open to children from birth through 6th grade.
  7. 7. Senior Adults MeetingMonday, March 511:30 AMAll seniors age 55 and above are invited.
  8. 8. Deacon’s MeetingWednesday March 7 8:00 PM
  9. 9. Gifts in Honor or Memory OfGift in memory of Stefanie Barnes by Ronald and Ann BarnesGift in memory of Kathleen Parker, mother of Peggy Cox.
  10. 10. Church Weekly ReportSunday,February 19, 2012Offering - $3,674.00Sunday School - 94
  11. 11. Deacon of the WeekJimmy Strickland738-6422
  12. 12. Happy Birthday!Louise BrittLani IveyTryston EdwardsWanda IveyEric Edwards
  13. 13. Happy Anniversary!Rev. and Mrs. Jason Atkinson
  14. 14. Nursery WorkersFebruary 26 –Leslie and Carl FullerMarch 4–Barbara and Bruce Mullis
  15. 15. Children’s Church WorkersFebruary 26 –Rhonda Bruce and Jimmie Kaye BrittMarch 4 –Bobbie and Bruce Pittman
  16. 16. Food DriveThe RAs are collecting canned foods and non-perishable items to help families in need.Please support this ministry!
  17. 17. Save the Date – VBSMonday, July 16 –Friday, July 20Supper at 5:30Classes from 6:30 – 9 PM**More info to come regarding workers,etc.
  18. 18. The McNeills – In ConcertSunday, March 46:00 PMA love offering will be collected.Everyone is invited!
  19. 19. The Master’s Men – In ConcertSunday, May 66:00 PMA love offering will be collected.Everyone is invited!
  20. 20. Visit Us Online!