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Doing business in Berlin

Tips for startups and digital companies to do business in Berlin. November 2015

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Doing business in Berlin

  1. 1. Doing business in Berlin
  2. 2. Berlin
  3. 3. the basics and homework
  4. 4. language English is enough • translated website and profiles • maybe German for B2B or long term vision • German for B2C • landing pages could be in German, but don’t create expectations about something you can’t do
  5. 5. resources learn at home as much as possible • read: Silicon Allee, Berlin Valley, the Hundert, Berlin Startup Guide • contact: event organizers • to be: coworking spaces • corporate accelerators: new trend
  6. 6. prejudices it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you do is the key • door to South America is partially true, not important • Spanish is not used, but there are many expats • Spanish Startup scene is not known • Spain is Barcelona • Madrid was Real Madrid, now Google Campus
  7. 7. business culture
  8. 8. security build trust to have success • SCHUFA (maintaining good credit) • insurances for everything • think “inside the box”: it makes things easy • anything new must be “in the system,” if not: short circuit
  9. 9. efficacy respect the time of others and also yours • get to the point: e.g. what’s your best success • they will ask you why, including when you offer free things • honest feedback: you’ll get it, and sometimes it hurts • ask yourself how you add value to others
  10. 10. meetings not very polite but effective • 20 minutes is enough • clear objectives: agenda may not be needed • fast answers: do you get it or not • 1st meeting: not difficult, 20min max • 2nd meeting: you need to show something new • decisions are made
  11. 11. digital market in Germany real market, not Silicon Valley • pros: solid ecommerce, startup2startup market • pros-cons: good online marketing, coupons, street actions… • cons: datenschutz, inconsistent use of social networks, small mobile market, many merchandise returns in ecommerce industrializing startups
  12. 12. Berlin
  13. 13. who’s here and who’s not the German economy is not here… • big companies didn’t used to be here, now more are coming or at least are paying attention to what’s happening here. • less and less support from the city: also there are institutions
  14. 14. who’s here and who’s not … the startup scene is here • accelerators and investors are here • there’s talent: it’s not easy to attract and it’s really complicated to keep in your project • there are more interns than recommended • programmers and CTOs are really demanded
  15. 15. lifestyle good quality of life but the weather… • cheap but not as much as in the past • cozy, fun: depends on your lifestyle • more people coming and many emerging opportunities • it’s easy to start but it gets more complicated over time: house, language, bureaucracy
  16. 16. small barriers starting in a new place requires effort • finding a house is not easy • bureaucracy exists: you start from scratch and you’ll do in a month what you’ve done in your lifetime • taxes are high (but things work)
  17. 17. future
  18. 18. the future is not clear the city is maturing… • and many may feel that it’s losing its spirit • it should be the city of something... but, it’s a good time to be here the next 2 years will be exciting
  19. 19. the truth
  20. 20. @theBizTour MADRID EUROPE BERLIN Wilhelm Lappe