2013-2014 Consolidated Funding Application


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New York State has opened up the 2013-2014 funding rounds, the CFA will remain the primary portal to access state agency resources, including resources for community development, direct assistance to business, waterfront revitalization, energy and environmental improvements, sustainability, workforce development, agricultural economic development, and low-cost financing.

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2013-2014 Consolidated Funding Application

  1. 1. Consolidated FundingApplicationFunding Opportunities
  2. 2. Consolidated FundingApplication As part of Governor Cuomo’s efforts to improveNew York’s business climate and expandeconomic growth, the Governor also created theConsolidated Funding Application (CFA). The CFA has been designed to give economicdevelopment project applicants expedited andstreamlined access to a combined pool of grantfunds and tax credits from dozens of existingprograms. The CFA is a modern and easy-to-use onlineapplication that allows businesses and municipalentities to apply for multiple agency fundingsources through a single, we-based application.
  3. 3. Consolidated FundingApplication In the 2013-14 funding rounds, the CFA will remain theprimary portal to access state agency resources,including resources for community development, directassistance to business, waterfront revitalization, energyand environmental improvements, sustainability,workforce development, agricultural economicdevelopment, and low-cost financing. State agencies and authorities making resourcesavailable in the CFA include: Empire StateDevelopment; NYS Canal Corporation; NYS EnergyResearch and Development Authority; NY PowerAuthority; Environmental Facilities Corporation; Homesand Community Renewal; Department of Labor; Parks,Recreation and Historic Preservation; Department ofState; New York Power Authority; Agriculture andMarkets; Department of Environment Conservation; andthe Council on the Arts.
  4. 4. Consolidated FundingApplication Following is a summary of some ofthe funding opportunities in this year’sConsolidated Funding ApplicationAll applications are due by 4:00 p.m.on Monday, August 12th
  5. 5. Empire State DevelopmentGrant Funds $152 M total funding through the Regional Council CapitalFund and the Urban and Community Development ProgramFunding is for: Economic Development Projects Create or retain jobs Reduce or eliminate un-and under-employment Increase business or economic activity Land and equipment acquisition or leasing Acquisition of existing business or assets Demo and environmental remediation New construction/renovation/leasehold improvements Acquisition of FF&E Soft project costs Planning related to a capital project
  6. 6. Excelsior Jobs Program Up to $70 M is available to targeted industriesFunding is for: Creation and maintenance of new jobs Significant financial investment
  7. 7. NYS Business Incubator andInnovation Hot Spot SupportProgram ESD offers $1.25 M total funding to support businessincubators with operating grantsFunding is for: Start-up companies in the Hot Spot Benefits for a 5 year period Fixed minimum tax or deduction of operations income and credit orrefund for sales tax on related goods and services Applicants must already be designated as NYS Business Incubatorand have a program that has been in existence for at least threeyears
  8. 8. ESD Strategic Planning andFeasibility Studies ESD offers up to $1 M total funding through the Urban andCommunity Development ProgramFunding is for: Projects stimulating development of communities and urban areas Working capital grants of up to $100,000 are available, and a 50%match is required.
  9. 9. Market New York Up to $10 M is availableFunding is for: NY focused projects bolstering tourism via two paths” regionaltourism marketing competition and tourism facility
  10. 10. ESD Technical Assistance andTraining Grants – OpportunityAgenda Projects Up to $1 M is available for this programFunding is for: Provides working capital grants of up to $100,000 for technicalassistance to local businesses and training Career development opportunities for local workers.
  11. 11. New York State Council on theArts – Arts, Culture and HeritageProjects Up to $4 M is availableFunding is for: The study and presentation of performing and fine arts Surveys and capital investments to spur participation of the arts Encourage public interest in cultural heritage of the state Promote tourism via supporting arts and cultural projects.
  12. 12. Community DevelopmentBlock Grant Up to $25 M is available through this federally fundedprogram administered by the NYS Office of CommunityRenewalFunding is for: Community development needs Jobs Housing Public infrastructure and facilities.
  13. 13. Urban Initiatives Program Up to $2 M is availableFunding is for: Financial/technical resources for restoration and improvement ofhousing commercial areas and public/community facilities in urbanneighborhoods
  14. 14. Rural Area RevitalizationProjects Up to $1.5 M is availableFunding is for: Financial/technical resources for restoration and improvement of commercial areas and public/community facilities in rural areas ofthe state
  15. 15. New York Main Street and NewYork Main Street TechnicalAssistance Up to $2.2 M and $200,000 is available, respectivelyFunding is for: Main Street and downtown revitalization efforts, particularly withrespect to the economic development and housing opportunities indowntown mixed-use commercial districts
  16. 16. Office of Parks, Recreation &Historic Preservation –Environmental Protection FundMunicipal Grant Program Up to $15.5 M is availableFunding is for: Acquisition, planning, development and improvement of parks,historic properties, and heritage areas in NYS.
  17. 17. Office of Parks, Recreation &Historic Preservation –Recreational Trails Up to $2.8 M is availableFunding is for: Development and maintenance of recreational trails for bothmotorized and non-motorized recreational trail
  18. 18. New York State Departmentof Health – Division ofNutrition – Child and Adult CareFood ProgramFunding is for: help providers serve nutritious and safely prepared meals to childrenand adults in day care settings.
  19. 19. New York Department of State –Local Waterfront RevitalizationProgram Up to $12 M is availableFunding is for: Projects intended to revitalize communities and waterfronts,including regional land use Community development and resource Environmental issues or opportunities.
  20. 20. Canalway Grants Program Up to $1 M is availableFunding is for: Projects that preserve and rehabilitate canal infrastructure Enhance recreational opportunities for water based and lad sideusers Promote tourism Economic development and revitalization of the canal corridor
  21. 21. NYS Energy Research andDevelopment Authority Up to $50 M is available to businesses through the existingfacilities and new construction programs.Funding is for: Increase energy Save money Use renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  22. 22. New York Power AuthorityReCharge New York Up to 910 Megawatts are availableFunding is for: businesses and not for profits to retain or create jobs throughallocations of lower cost electricity.
  23. 23. New York State DEC/EFCWastewater InfrastructureEngineering Planning Grant Up to $2 M is availableFunding is for: initial planning of eligible Clean Water State Revolving Fund waterquality projects.
  24. 24. Environmental InvestmentProgram Up to $1 M is availableFunding is for: help business capture economic benefits from pollution prevention,waste reduction, re-use and recycling via capital technical assistance and research and development grants.
  25. 25. Environmental FacilitiesCorporation – GreenInnovation Grant Program Up to $10.4 M is availableFunding is for: Projects that improve water quality and demonstrate greenstormwater infrastructure
  26. 26. NYS Energy Research andDevelopment Authority –Cleaner, Greener CommunitiesProgram, Phase II ImplementationGrants Up to $30 M is availableFunding is for: Implementation of innovative community-based projects Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Creating more resilient, sustainable communities Positioning NYS to prepare for a cleaner future.
  27. 27. Department of State – LocalGovernment Efficiency Program Up to $4 M is availableFunding is for: Assisting with reduction of municipal expenditures Limit growth in property taxes Increase efficiencies in local service delivery Reorganization, functional or service delivery consolidation Charter revisions with functional consolidation Cooperative service agreements Establishment of regional service delivery mechanisms.
  28. 28. Department of State –Community Services Block Grant Up to $750,000 is availableFunding is for: Assistance with job training Job skills development Job placement and retention Financial and civic literacy and ESOL.
  29. 29. Department of Labor –Workforce Development Up to $5 M is availableFunding is for: Upgrading of occupational skills and training of employed and long-term unemployed workers to enhance hiring and workforce skills
  30. 30. NYS Higher Education ServicesCorporation (HESC) CollegeAccess Challenge Grant Up to $200,000 is availableFunding is for: Fostering partnerships with governments and philanthropicorganizations for projects aimed to increase the number of lowincome students who are prepared to enter and succeed inpostsecondary education.
  31. 31. New York State AmeriCorpsProgram Up to $1.5 M is availableFunding is for: organizations that will recruit individuals to serve as AmeriCorpsmembers.
  32. 32. Supplemental NutritionAssistance Program (SNAP)Opportunities – Employment andTraining Up to $3 M is availableFunding is for: Job preparation Retention services to permit recipients of SNAP benefits to obtainand maintain employment.
  33. 33. Federal IndustrialDevelopment Bond Cap Up to $350 M is availableFunding is for: Facilitating lower cost tax exempt bond financing for qualifiedprojects by authorized state and local government issuers.
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