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Sap Solman Imptools Metodology V2.0


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Sap Solman Imptools Metodology V2.0

  1. 1. SAP Solution Manager Atos Origin Middle East Implementation Tools Methodology ERP Overview Wenceslao Lacaze
  2. 2. Author Bio & Version Version Change Date 1.0 Original 10/06/2008 2.0 Webpage Link 23/06/2008 My name is Wenceslao Lacaze and I’ve been working as a SAP basis Administrator and Solution Manager Consultant for the last 8 years. I’m a Techno-Functional SAP Solution Manager Subject Matter Expert (SME), I Design, Build and Implement the product using “Run Sap” Methodology. I have developed a very extended experience with medium and large scaled SAP installations in several multinational environments. I am based in Argentina, but work all around the World. I work directly for clients or via an agency. I do speak Spanish, Italian and English fluently. You can contact me at: Email: - ttp:// You can found more papers at : Wenceslao Lacaze
  3. 3. AcceleratedSAP Methodology Wenceslao Lacaze
  4. 4. AcceleratedSAP – Proven Methodology Wenceslao Lacaze
  5. 5. SAP Safeguarding for Implementation Wenceslao Lacaze
  6. 6. SAP Implementation Roadmap Wenceslao Lacaze
  7. 7. Asap Implementation at the Glance Wenceslao Lacaze
  8. 8. SAP Business Maps Visualize Business Process Wenceslao Lacaze
  9. 9. Implementation Business Content Wenceslao Lacaze
  10. 10. Implementation Toolset The Sap Implementation Tools (separate applications), support AcceleratedSAP ASAP, and provide a delivery mechanism to deploy key content components from SAP such as the Business Maps, Roadmaps and Implementation Content in Customer Projects. Wenceslao Lacaze
  11. 11. SAP Business Case Builder Wenceslao Lacaze
  12. 12. SAP Solution Composer Wenceslao Lacaze
  13. 13. SAP Solution Manager in Implementation Wenceslao Lacaze
  14. 14. SAP Implementation Guide Wenceslao Lacaze
  15. 15. SAP Business Configuration Sets (BCSets) Wenceslao Lacaze
  16. 16. SAP Test Workbench Wenceslao Lacaze
  17. 17. SAP Legacy System Migration workbench Wenceslao Lacaze
  18. 18. SAP Solution Manager in Operations Wenceslao Lacaze
  19. 19. SAP AcceleratedSAP Wenceslao Lacaze
  20. 20. RUN SAP Methodology • RUN SAP METHODOLOGY Wenceslao Lacaze