Purchasing Future Trends 2013 and Beyond Bill Kohnen


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Purchasing Future Trends. In the next 5 years more changes will occur to how Purchasing takes place than in hte previous 100 years. As presented by Purchasing thought Leader Bill Kohnen to various Professinal Forums and discussions.

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Purchasing Future Trends 2013 and Beyond Bill Kohnen

  1. 1. Purchasing and Supply in on the verge of a big shift.
  2. 2.  Coming shifts are beyond recent develops of globalizations, LCC Sourcing, Introduction of operational systems (SAP, Oracle), Introduction of new tools (tablets, smart phones. Adoption not necessarily expensive so Fortune 100 has no advantage. In fact maybe at a disadvantage. Traditional Purchasing organizations and jobs will transform more in the next 5 years than the previous 100 years
  3. 3.  Everything becomes a commodity Syndicated Commerce ◦ World class tools and supply chains for all sizes of organizations Everyone is a Buyer and Seller – ◦ Purchasing contributes directly to revenue generation as well as cost savings Big Data will ◦ smooth planning cycles – end of “Bullwhip Effect” ◦ Create relevance to offers to Buyers that create more specific value Creating better Purchasing customer experience will be key to drive savings Procure to pay operations will be totally automated. The word foreign is losing its meaning (Borrowed from United Airlines)
  4. 4.  In every job whether operational or strategic be ready to, explain current process and present how to revolutionize it. Start to understand use of “Big Data” and „Syndicated Commerce” Do not be afraid to be part of transformation of process – become process owner and manager Becoming a subject matter expert Commodity Manager will be a high reward job.
  5. 5.  Much more Strategic view with ability to contribute directly to revenue generation Strong IT understanding on a systems level with ability to deliver systems that match “internal customers needs. Truly global view and experience Soft Skills more important
  6. 6.  Being an expert with excel, access, worksheets etc. Focus on cost savings. Purchasing centric individual quantitative measures of how many transactions and how fast. Blaming other departments for inability to deliver better results You must sit at your desk and process transaction. (Better to get rid of your desk altogether)