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Samsung as FD-SOI Source Offers IC Device Buyer Improved Total Cost and Performance


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For Buyers of devices the announcement that Samsung as well as ST will be a source for FD SOI really opens up opportunity for lower cost better performance devices with the backing of two world class suppliers. Also what is brilliant is Samsung is leveraging manufacturing capacity built mainly for Apple which should make them extremely competitive and give them a nice margin so they will be really interested in supporting FD SOI. Should also have a big impact on substrate suppliers.

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Samsung as FD-SOI Source Offers IC Device Buyer Improved Total Cost and Performance

  1. 1. STMicroelectronics - Samsung 28nm FD-SOI Agreement May 2014
  2. 2. Introduction • An extended strategic collaboration between Samsung and STMicroelectronics • Samsung is licensing 28nm FD-SOI • Samsung foundry provides a full spectrum of 28nm offerings • To offer a dual high-volume fab option for ST products • Strengthens FD-SOI industry deployment • Offers customers choice and security of supply • Full design compatibility Samsung – ST • Accelerates adoption in the targeted market
  3. 3. FD-SOI Benefits vs Bulk CMOS 3 Faster Cooler Simpler End-user devices run cooler and last longer Puts more powerful devices in the hands of the end user Much simpler manufacturing process Transistors at max frequencies are up to 30% faster than bulk CMOS, enabling faster processors Transistors are significantly more power efficient than bulk CMOS devices with lower leakage and much wider range of operation points down to lower voltages Extensive use of existing fab infrastructure Design porting from bulk is simple and fast
  4. 4. Extending the 28nm lifetime • 28nm will be the longest process generation with the highest volume manufacturing • FD-SOI extends the lifetime of 28nm by offering improved power and performance rivaling those from existing 20nm technologies (which come with much higher costs) • FD-SOI allows use of essentially the same fab equipment and following the same design rules as 28nm Bulk technology • FD-SOI also significantly reduces the process complexity
  5. 5. Target Markets FD-SOI is very well suited for cost-sensitive markets requiring power efficiency and performance • Networking Infrastructure • Consumer Multimedia • Smartphones • Internet of Things • Automotive
  6. 6. Design support ready • Samsung is licensing the 28nm FD-SOI design platform (Process Design Kit (PDK), foundation libraries, advanced IP, design flow) • Samsung and ST will support common 28nm FD-SOI library and IP • The PDK is available now so customers can design immediately.
  7. 7. Extended IP offer for 28nm FD-SOI 7 Standard cells 8T / 12T RVT /LVT Poly bias: 0,4,10,16nm Low power: Isolation, Level shifters Memories Low voltage Single port / Dual port ROM Ultra-high speed SRAM Specific Process monitoring Analog IPs Antifuse memories IOs PLLs, V/T sensors, eSwitch Advanced IPs ADC / /DAC Frequency synthesizer High speed links (USBPHY, HDMI, MPHY, DPHY, …) Oscillators Memory interfaces (DDR3/4, LPDDR, …) Sensors (process, thermal, voltage) Very-High speed links (PCIex3, SATA3, UDB3) Voltage regulators Vbias generators Available through 3rd party distributors
  8. 8. Demonstrated Reduced Design Effort for Full 28nm SoC Porting • Same design flow as for 32/28nm LP • Same tools used • Same design cycle time • True concurrent engineering • FD-SOI product received before bulk version • Direct mapping of IPs + ECO • Script based • Faster than rerunning synthesis • Floorplan reuse CPU Dual Cortex A9 +40% in speed > 3X at low V GPU SGX544 MP1 +20% at nom V Power reduction HD camera IP +30% in speed LPDDR2 533Mhz -15% in power PLLs Up to 4.6GHz -15% in power
  9. 9. Manufacturing ready • FD-SOI is qualified for volume production at ST’s Crolles facility today • The Samsung 28nm FD-SOI process will be qualified in early 2015 for volume production • Process in ST and Samsung fabs will be fully compatible
  10. 10. Summary • An extended strategic collaboration between Samsung and STMicroelectronics • Samsung is licensing 28nm FD-SOI • Strengthens FD-SOI industry deployment