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Four Phases of Customer Development


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Four Phases of Customer Development

  1. 1. Customer Discovery Road Map<br />State Hypotheses<br />Product Hypothesis<br />Customer & Problem Hypothesis<br />Competitive Hypothesis<br />Market Type Hypothesis<br />Demand Creation Hypothesis<br />State Hypotheses<br />Friendly First Contacts<br />“Problem” Presentation<br />Market Knowledge<br />Customer Understanding<br />Test “Product” Hypothesis<br />First Reality Check<br />“Product” Presentation<br />1st Advisory Board<br />Second Reality Check<br />Yet More Customer Visits<br />Verify<br />Verify the Problem<br />Verify the Product<br />Iterate or Exit<br />Verify the Business Model<br />
  2. 2. Customer Validation Road Map<br />Get Ready to Sell<br />Articulate a Value Proposition<br />Prelim Sales & Collateral Material<br />Hire a “Sales Closer”<br />Prelim Sales Roadmap<br />Prelim Distribution Channel<br />Align Execs<br />Competitive Hypothesis<br />Sell to “Earlyvangelists”<br />Contact Earlyvangelists<br />Sell to Earlyvangelists <br />Sell to Channel Partners<br />Refine Sales Roadmap<br />Refine Channel Roadmap<br />Develop Positioning<br />Product Positioning<br />Company Positioning<br />Present to Analysts & Inflencers<br />Verify the Product<br />Verify the Sales Roadmap<br />Verify the Business Model<br />Verify the Channel Roadmap<br />Iterate or Exit<br />Verify<br />
  3. 3. Customer Creation Road Map<br />Market Type Questionnaire<br />Choose Market Type<br />Select PR Agency<br />Positioning Audits<br />Select Demand Creation Strategy<br />Agree on Demand Creation Measurements<br />Choose 1st Year Objectives<br />Match Positioning to Market Type<br />Iterate or Exit<br />Get Ready<br />Select Launch Type<br />Select Customer Audiences<br />Understand Message Context<br />Craft the Messages<br />Select the Messengers<br />Understand the Media<br />Measure Success<br />Position<br />Launch<br />Create Demand<br />
  4. 4. Company Building Road Map<br />Mainstream Customers<br />Earlyvangelists to Mainstream Customers<br />Manage Sales Growth by Market Type<br />Mgmt & Culture Issues<br />Review Management<br />Develop “Mission-Centric” Culture<br />Functional Departments<br />Set Department Mission Statement<br />Set Department Roles by Market Type<br />Fast Response Departments<br />Implement Mission-centric Management<br />Create an “Information Culture”<br />Build a “Leadership Culture”<br />