Course Lecture Video Repository - Business & Functional Requirements


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Course Lecture Video Repository - Business & Functional Requirements

  1. 1. Course Lecture Video RepositoryBusiness & Functional Requirements
  2. 2. Repository System Overview• As mentioned in the introduction, the Repository consists of four subsystems:  College Course Registration System  Student Subsystem  Instructor Subsystem  Application Administrator Subsystem
  3. 3. Complete System• The following use case diagram on the project Web site displays the basic functions of all four subsystems.• Clicking the link below will display the diagram in a new tab in your browser.• Diagram link: Complete System – Use Case Diagram.
  4. 4. Course Registration System• Every college will have a local course registration system of its own, independent of any outside system.• This will work independently of the Repository, but a Web service will be added to the college’s registration system to interface with the Repository so that any changes to the course and registration information are kept updated and synchronized with the Repository data.• Link: Course Registration System – Use Case Diagram.
  5. 5. Course Registration System Characteristics• The educational institution’s own course registration system must first do two things before the students and instructors can use the Repository:  Upload all running classes for the current semester.  Upload all user information of students taking the courses and instructors teaching them.
  6. 6. Activate Repository Account• All users must first activate their Repository account before they can start using it.• Both students and instructors will be authenticated when first activating their accounts by confirming the information the new user enters in with the registration data saved in the Repository.
  7. 7. Student Subsystem• Students of the college or university would each access the recorded videos of their class lectures.• The basic functions the student carries out are displayed in the use case diagram below.• Link: Student Subsystem - Use Case Diagram.
  8. 8. Student User Characteristics• The student would first select the class they would like to view a lecture for.• For each lecture, the student has two options:  View the streaming video embedded on a Web page.  Download the video file to their local computer.
  9. 9. Instructor Subsystem• The instructors would upload the recorded videos of their lectures to the Repository site to be viewed by the students later.• Again, the basic functions the student carries out are displayed in the use case diagram below.• Link: Instructor Subsystem – Use Case Diagram.
  10. 10. Instructor User Characteristics• The instructor first uploads the video lectures to the Repository.• After the videos have been uploaded, the instructors can maintain the lecture video collection by deleting or updating the videos already there.
  11. 11. Application Administrator Subsystem• The company hosting the Repository site will need an application administrator to administer the site through a file server connected to the Repository system.• The administrator would make any changes to the Web site and database necessary to upgrade and maintain the Repository.• Link: Application Administrator Subsystem – Use Case Diagram.
  12. 12. Application Administrator User Characteristics• The main procedures the Application Administrator carries out are:  Administer the Repository database and web site.  Upgrade the Repository database.  Further develop and upgrade the Repository Web application.  Monitor the performance of both the database and Web application.
  13. 13. Scope• The Application Administrator Subsystem & Course Registration System are out of scope for this project.• As a result, they have not been fully developed. Only their basic functions are outlined.• Only the Student & Instructor subsystems are in- scope for this project & have been developed in detail. This is the minimum required for the Repository to function.
  14. 14. Next Presentation• The next presentation is the System Architecture for the Repository system.• Each of the subsystems just outlined are explained in context to how they operate in the system as a whole.• Next slide show presentation: System Architecture.• Project site details: Business & Functional Requirements.