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Wilson James Security Management Brochure

  1. 1. t h e ‘no comprom i s e ’ s e c u r i t y pa rt n e r
  2. 2. The industry’s highest quality security servicesWhen it comes to protecting your business, the stakesare high. There’s a constant risk of losing information,assets or revenues through fire, theft or fraud. Andsecurity breaches can result in negative publicity andirreparable brand damage.Wilson James can protect youWilson James delivers the industry’s highest qualitysecurity services based on one key element: investmentin people. Through fair pay, excellent training,management support and a maximum 48-hourworking week, we ensure our teams are keen,attentive, competent and dedicated to minimisingrisk across your business.As well as redefining service quality, Wilson Jamesdelivers excellent value for money. We can helpidentify inefficiencies in your current security provision,re-engineer costly working practices, and suggestinnovative technology solutions that reduce yourstaff overheads.Through our unique approach, Wilson James isdelivering great results for industry-leading customers.We have contract retention rates of more than 95percent, and unprecedented, low staff turnover ofless than 10 percent. Based on our performance andcommitment to quality, it’s no surprise that 100 percent “of Wilson James customers would recommend us. [Wilson James] is a first-class security company that continues to maintain high levels of client satisfaction with many prestigious, high-profile accounts. ” The company is committed to continual improvement in its systems and the service it provides, which helps to maintain it as a benchmark company for the sector NQA Inspector for the ACS.
  3. 3. “O u r s e r v i c e p o r t fo l i o ”Wilson James security servicesWilson James delivers the highest quality security and Wilson James has been aguarding services in the industry. Through consultancy, leader in innovation forwe assess your existing provision and design a solution our companythat is tailored to your specific needs. Client, LinklatersWe have experience of delivering security and guardingservices to clients in an array of settings, from corporateoffices and galleries, to airports, warehouses and datacentres. Key services in our portfolio include:• Security management• Security guarding• Remote and on-site CCTV and alarm monitoringWilson James front-of-house servicesThrough excellent training and working conditions,Wilson James brings you the most effective, bestpresented front-of-house staff. Our offerings span:• Reception and concierge• Switchboard and helpdesk“• Chauffeurs and drivers• Mailroom and porterage ” The Wilson James reception team consistently more than fulfil their responsibilities. It is to their credit that there are so many compliments and notes of thanks from members of staff Client, BG Group Wilson James value-added services: At Wilson James, we strive to offer customers the best-value security provision in the industry. To achieve this, we take an in-depth look at your existing security services and identify key areas of inefficiency. We then suggest innovative working practices and technologies that automate routine tasks, improve security and reduce staffing overheads. Specifically, we increase efficiency and value through our suite of Wilson James value-added services, which include: • Service re-engineering and consultancy • Risk assessment and auditing • Electronic counter measures/bug sweeping • Protection for executives delivering excellence at every level
  4. 4. S e t t i n g n ew s t a n d a rd s fo r s e c u ri t y p rov i s i o nLeaders in trainingWilson James is committed to delivering the highestquality security and front-of-house services in theindustry. To achieve this, we offer you training thatconsistently exceeds industry standards. The result isa team of attentive, high quality, fully-skilled security“staff that deliver consistently excellent service toyour business. ” Wilson James has long proven itself to be fully committed to developing its staff at all levels Course Director, The People Develoment TeamAnnual Technical Refresher training for every memberof the team ensures knowledge is kept fully up-to-date. Excellent pay and working conditionsAnd, uniquely to Wilson James, all staff participate in Wilson James employees receive good rates of pay andour Customer Experience Day training which promises we remain the only company in the industry to workyour visitors a warm and professional welcome. a maximum 48 hours a week in accordance with the Working Time Regulations. Part of our core philosophy is to offer a good work:life balance, which helps to increase job satisfaction and minimise employee churn, ensuring the best possible security solution. Effective contract management Wilson James Business Services Managers are rarely expected to manage more than eight contracts each. With time to focus on the strategic direction of your contract, and supported by Customer Service “ Managers, they ensure every team member is inspired and motivated to achieve the best possible results. The first thing that hits you is the quality of Security Officer that Wilson James employs. The working hours are great and ” the teamwork between all shift members is something I haven’t experienced before Steve Povey, Security & Support Manager.
  5. 5. Adding valueWe lead the way in the application of new technologies anddeliver a range of added value services that can help youmanage your premises more efficiently and cost-effectively.The purpose of these services is to:• Implement innovative technology solutions to “ reduce manpower requirements• Maximise the effectiveness of on-site employees, based on improved working conditions, increased motivation and better management• Extend the role of Security Officers to value-added Our manager is strongly supported by his tasks such as monitoring health and safety• Provide security training innovations that improve management team at Wilson James and is “ knowledge and skills effectively part of our team. This contract ” represents a solid, long-term relationship Wilson James employs a highly that continues to offer new and creative professional management team who opportunities for service enhancement Client, Electronic Artsare genuinely passionate about quality. ” We have formed an exceptional Wilson James: Driving the security industry forward partnership (and) this is reflected in Stuart Lowden, MD, and other members of theour decision to reappoint Wilson James Wilson James board, are working tirelessly to drive up standards across the security industry. As Client, Linklaters contributors to a number of key industry bodies, they are lobbying for better working conditions, better training and better pay, both for the benefit of employees and clients. Writing in Risk Magazine, Terry O’Neil of The Security Watchdog says: “There is only one man capable of trying to lead this industry to a better future and that is Stuart Lowden. [Stuart] has tried to set the industry on a new course post-licensing by embracing the terms of the Working Time Regulations for his staff. Why don’t some of the major companies follow that lead?”Award-winning health and safety practices Exceeding industry standards We are accredited to all relevant ISO standards forAt Wilson James, our health and safety record is among security guarding, quality management and environmentalthe best in the industry, ensuring we can protect your site working, positioning us to deliver the best services toand people effectively. We have an excellent track record your business. We have also been an Investor in Peoplewith a reportable accident rate currently of 0.26% per since 2003, are an NSI Gold company and have been the100,000 hours worked. first to receive the NSI Contract Quality Marque standard. driving industry innovation
  6. 6. A seamless transition to Wilson James“ Wilson James anticipates and listens to us as their client and really went ” beyond the call of duty to support the set-up of the contract Client, Rio TintoIf you choose to work with Wilson James, we willprotect your business from the very first days ofyour new contract.Critically, we will provide a dedicated MobilisationManager to ensure a smooth, on-time transition “ The mobilisation team was extremely knowledgeable in TUPE regulations and was also sensitive and compassionate tofrom your previous provider. What’s more, we individuals’ concerns. The wholeare experts when it comes to integrating and process was extremely well managed ”re-motivating employees based on the TUPEprocess, ensuring we never lose critical staff or and our security operations were notknowledge during contract set-up. impaired at all. Overall a successfulFollowing initial staff training to keep morale and trouble-free transferhigh during changeover, we ensure you receiveconsistently excellent, uninterrupted services Client, PricewaterhouseCoopersthrough ongoing staff motivation. We alsooperate a Staff Welfare and DevelopmentProgramme which is a tool for regulardialogue with staff.Before the transition, we develop and deliver adetailed mobilisation plan. This is then used as theagenda for weekly report meetings, ensuring that allkey transition milestones take place seamlessly, ontime and on budget.
  7. 7. D e l i ve ri n g ex c e l l e n t c o n t ra c t p e r fo r m a n c eWilson James strives to deliver excellent performancethroughout every stage of the contract lifecycle, based on: Frequent performance reviews These take the form of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly meetings, as well as ad-hoc communications. Performance reviews are used to increase service levels by implementing best practices, addressing changing needs and measuring achievements against key performance indicators. Leading service level agreements (SLAs) Before the contract begins, we sign a comprehensive SLA. “ This covers issues such as timekeeping, attendance, training and response times. We will agree the relevant key performance indicators with you up front, and monitor them throughout the contract lifecycle. In Wilson James I have a partner ” Service benchmarking At Wilson James, we benchmark every aspect of our that supports me unequivocally in service to support continual service improvement, striving to achieve excellence in from service delivery best practice and pay, to benefits, productivity and performance. all that we do Client, Carillion 24/7 support We have managers and mobile night support teams on duty 24/7, enabling us to react quickly to service requests outside office hours. These teams are backed up by a national, 24-hour communications centre which holds British Security detailed escalation plans for each of our customers in the event of an unplanned incident. Industry Association (BSIA) membership Access to the Wilson James bench team Because Wilson James is a member of the BSIA, To ensure we can react swiftly to the ever-changing needs you can be sure that we are financially sound and of our customers, we have a bench team of fully-trained that our people and processes comply with or Security Officers. Typical duties of the bench team exceed all relevant industry standards. Above all, include emergency cover in response to an on-site you can be sure you are working with a security incident or ad-hoc support for planned internal or provider that is committed to excellence across external events. all areas of service delivery.Next steps…To find out how Wilson James can help you optimise security provision and minimise business risk,contact 01628 535600, email security@wilsonjames.co.uk, or visit www.wilsonjames.co.uk/security putting knowledge into practice
  8. 8. Work:life balance Quality Value for money Service re-engineering Training and development Front-of-house Focussed on serviceIntegrated solutions ConsultancyTechnology innovatorsContactDarwin House 21 Whitefriars Street Osprey House Centrex HouseBourne Park London Pacific Quays 1 Simpson ParkwayCores End Road EC4Y 8JJ Broadway Kirkton CampusBourne End Salford LivingstonBuckinghamshire Manchester West LothianSL8 5AS M50 2UE EH54 7BHTel: 01628 535600 Tel: 0207 353 4171 Tel: 0161 877 6999 Tel: 01506 497895Fax: 01628 535601 Fax: 0207 353 4169 Fax: 0161 877 9669 Fax: 01506 497896email:security@wilsonjames.co.ukwww.wilsonjames.co.uk new ways of t h i n k i n g , n e w way s o f w o r k i n g