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Application Tips for Master's applicants


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Helpful tips for applicants including Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Tips for Master's applicants

  1. 1. The Online Graduate Application Tips for Master’s Applicants
  2. 2. Selecting a Program Use these filters to refine your search. Click this icon to select a program.
  3. 3. Adding and Deleting a Program Click this icon to add a program. Click this icon to delete a program.
  4. 4. Research/Teaching Assistantships (Personal Information Quadrant – Other Information Section) IMPORTANT: Please note that Research/Teaching assistantships and department fellowships are reserved for PhD students and are not available to Master’s students within the Viterbi School of Engineering.
  5. 5. Academic History Quadrant – Colleges Attended Section If you are an International applicant, this link will provide you with information on what degree-related documents you are required to submit. The Transcript Cover Page helps make sure the transcript gets attached to the proper application. If necessary, it can be submitted without the USC ID number. Transcript submission details (both mailed and digital) can be found here. Transcripts for Exchange Programs Transcripts for exchange program schools do not need to be provided if they were no more than a year long. However, exchange schools should also not be listed in the Schools Attended section as that automatically triggers a transcript request.
  6. 6. Academic History Quadrant – Colleges Attended Section If your school is not found, click on “Can’t find your school?” and continuing filling in the information. EARNED/EARNING MULTIPLE DEGREES FROM THE SAME UNIVERSITY List degrees from newest to oldest (i.e. list a Master’s degree before a Bachelor’s degree). This is particularly important if your current program is still in progress. ATTACHING SCANNED OFFICAL TRANSCRIPTS Because only one document can be submitted per college, all documents (i.e. transcripts for multiple degrees, native language and English translations, degree certificates, etc.) must all be put together as one document. The easiest way is to create one PDF document.
  7. 7. Academic History Quadrant – GPA Entries Section If you do not have this information, leave this section blank. Enter the GPA in the format used by the issuing school. Do not convert it to the U.S. 4.0 scale.
  8. 8. Academic History Quadrant – Standardized Tests Section IMPORTANT Self-reporting test scores is optional. Do not hold off on submitting the application because you are waiting for test scores. This section remains active after the application has been submitted. Applicants are encouraged to log back into the application to add test scores once they have them. All test scores must also be submitted electronically to USC by the testing agency.
  9. 9. Supporting Information Quadrant – Documents Section INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS Although required for formal admission, these documents can be submitted after the application deadline. However, we recommend submitting them through the Graduate Admission Ask a Question form ( before receiving an admission decision to avoid I-20 processing delays. There is no required format for the CV/Résumé.
  10. 10. Program Materials Quadrant – Documents Section There is no required format or length for the Personal Statement. These remain active even after the application has been submitted. They can be used for submitting corrected or updated documents including personal statements and CV/résumés.
  11. 11. Program Materials Quadrant – Recommendations Section Enter your message to the recommender here. The date you enter here sets the amount of time the recommender has to submit their letter. NOTE: If your recommender did not receive the request and has checked their Junk/Clutter folders, you will need to contact the online application help group by clicking on the Contact Us link in the lower left corner of the online application. NOTE: This section remains active after the application has been submitted. Recommenders will still be able to submit their letters so do not hold off submitting the application because you are waiting for letters. Also, you can log back into the application to check on letter submission, send reminders and even send additional recommendation requests.
  12. 12. Program Materials Quadrant – Questions Section Some programs have the option of being an online student. This is where you let USC know whether you plan on being an on-campus or online student. Select No if you want to be an on-campus student. If you are going to be an on-campus student, only answer this question and then click on Save My Responses at the bottom of the page.
  13. 13. For more assistance, visit our FAQ page at