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Nyk and yang ming reuse containers thanks to apcs platform


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Nyk and yang ming reuse containers thanks to apcs platform

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Nyk and yang ming reuse containers thanks to apcs platform

  1. 1. ne ws.e xpre sst racking.o rg http://news.expresstracking.o rg/2013/12/nyk-and-yang-ming-reuse-co ntainers-thanks-to -apcs-platfo rm/ NYK and Yang Ming reuse containers thanks to APCS platform December 5, 2013 · by leo wo ng · in News · Edit NYK and Yang Ming are the latest shipping companies to adopt the Container Re-Use Module. T hey will be joined next month by Hamburg Süd and Hapag-Lloyd Benelux. NYK Benelux and Yang Ming have recently started to participate in the Container Re-Use Module, a collaborative solution that permits more ef f icient use of containers thanks to interaction between shipping companies. Once an import container has been delivered, the transporter can use a simple web application to ask f or the same container to be used f or an export booking with the same shipping company. T he administration procedure is the same f or all shipping companies. T he MSC, Turkon Line and OOCL shipping companies were early adopters of the system. T hey will be f ollowed in December by Hamburg Süd and Hapag-Lloyd Benelux. APCS (Antwerp Port Community System) was set up several years ago to bring order into the IT applications developed by companies in the port. Applications that are potentially relevant to the entire port community are made available to everybody by APCS. With the new module APCS not only of f ers a saf e container release system but has also created an ef f icient solution that provides signif icant sustainability gains, as the technology cuts out many “empty” kilometres in trips to and f rom empty container depots. Note: provide a third part YANG MING Tracking and NYK Line Tracking system, hope this service can help you track your container.