2012-13 Staff Presentation


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  • http://youtu.be/WxfZkMm3wcg
  • What makes teaching such a challenge?
  • One factor is that we must meet the individual needs of every student. Consider the diversity of those needs on our campus.
  • As I mentioned to you last March…we have a tremendous challenge.
  • Don’t tell, but there are easier places to work. Be proud of the fact that you work with a population that truly needs you. You are difference makers!
  • We can not get away from data…but we do not need to be “data driven.” In fact, being “data driven” is not in our best interest. Instead, we need to be data “conscious” – aware of how our students are doing – using it to develop strategies for a “whole-child” approach to teaching/learning.
  • We saw improvement in ALL categories – both proficiency and growth!
  • We need to be encouraged by our progress…celebrate our success…and be determined to move forward. 50 feet at a time.
  • While data is a critical piece of school improvement, so many of our students are missing any sense of connectedness to our school, or our curriculum. Creating those connections is a critical if we have any hope of engaging them in the learning process.
  • Start small. Focus on those kids in your connections class. Be open-minded (don’t pre-judge). Be a staunch advocate for those kids.
  • Consider core values that can serve as a focal point for encouraging positive behavior, building connections and establishing school community. I will be emphasizing the following during our presentation to students next week.
  • Threats, physical confrontations, fighting, and gang related activity are not allowed, and will not be tolerated.  
  • Do not use language that offends others...race, appearance, ability, etc.   Speak respectfully to both adults and peers.  Do not bully.
  • If  you have an issue or concern with another student, handle it appropriately, and privately...or seek the assistance of an adult.  Remember the need  for everyone to feel safe (core value #1).
  • Be in class on time and participate appropriately.  Own your actions, own your effort level and own your learning.
  • Model appropriate actions and behaviors and encourage others to do the same.  Be a positive difference-maker on our campus.
  • Sometimes… We need to be consistent – in a loving way. When it comes to correcting behaviors…utilize the “tough as we need to be” approach.
  • Don’t get stale. Our students need to know that we are still learning. We need to be willing to try new ideas, new lessons, new approaches to truly engage our students.
  • http://youtu.be/H1ni1lQBEXg
  • 2012-13 Staff Presentation

    1. 1. empower. achieve. lead. welcome back! willis junior high school 2012-13
    2. 2. why?
    3. 3. dataconscious…
    4. 4. reading proficiency grade seven 79 82* grade eight 64 65
    5. 5. math proficiencygrade seven 59 62grade eight 50 55
    6. 6. reading growthgrade seven 48 50grade eight 37 46
    7. 7. math growthgrade seven 51 54grade eight 44.5 51
    8. 8. overall growthbottom 25% 42 47
    9. 9. dataconscious… …but, student driven.
    10. 10. creating connections
    11. 11. core values
    12. 12. core value # 1willis is a place where everyonemust feel safe.
    13. 13. core value # 2willis is a place where everyonehas equal worth – and lots of it.
    14. 14. core value # 3willis is a place where we solveproblems peacefully.
    15. 15. core value # 4willis is a place where learning isa priority and time spent in classis important.
    16. 16. core value # 5willis is a place where doing littlethings can make a big difference.
    17. 17. do our students receive, andbelieve, this message?
    18. 18. …model the learning process…together.
    19. 19. thumbs up everybody…rock and roll!